The Hockey News, Just in time for the Playoffs : Android App Review


Springtime.  As the frozen tundra of my homeland thaws and the landscape turns white to green,  we Canadians gather to celebrate our most cherished of annual events….the NHL Playoffs.  We are caught up in a two month whirlwind of hockey fever that makes every night a critical struggle for playoff survival.  As you can imagine, with the stakes so high, every detail is essential.  Luckily, the newly released app from The Hockey News makes keeping track of all those details easier than ever.

This app gives you access to as much hockey information as you can possibly handle.   A jam packed and customizable homepage lets you scroll through scores, headlines, columns, blog posts, as well as feature articles.

All in all, this app packs a ton of information into a tight and easy to use package.  The first thing I noticed while playing around with this app is that it is very quick and responsive.  Navigating is effortless and there is very little waiting for refreshes or page loads.  Click on a story and it pops up almost instantly.  The layout is very user friendly and despite the overload of information that this app provides, all of it is easy to find and right at your fingertips.

Team stats would be a nice addition and it would be great if there was some sort of notification system for scores. The live scoring is delayed by a few minutes but the app auto refreshes so there's no need to keep clicking the refresh button over and over again when your on the road and your team just went into overtime.  Other than those minor issues, this app is a must have for hockey fans and does everything short of bringing back the Jets!


– TONS of information

– Super easy to navigate

– Faster and more responsive than most news and information apps that I've dealt with.


– Live scoring is delayed by a few minutes

– No notification system for scores

– Team stats would be nice as well as the ability to sort injuries and transactions by team

So what are you waiting for? Go check it out for yourselves and enjoy the rest playoffs!