Super Tumble, maddening physics game : Android Game App Review


Possible Title: Super Tumbler, Super Fun, Super Addicting!

App Name: Super Tumbler by Camel Games


Description: Addictive, sometimes maddening physics game! Fantastic graphics! Fun for all ages and all genders! Remove the blocks to get the star safely onto the platform. Come on, lots of different kinds of blocks and levels are waiting to challenge you.

How it works: Although simple point of the game, to get the gold star on the mechanical platform with two legs touching the platform, it's not always simple to get it resting there where it should be. You touch the various obstacles to get the star on to the platform.

Opinion: I love this game, it is very fun and just like the description says, it is very addicting. I am by no means a student of physics and engineering but this game sure makes me feel like I understand the play of the game. There are not that many games out there that have me playing my phone in bed, desperate to try and advance to the next level just to see what wicked trap the developer has in store.


Ratings :

  • Speed (5/5) –   Very smooth and nice looking interface that didn't lag at all
  • Features (1/5) –  No real features aside from the game
  • Theme (5/5) – Theme is very consistent from method of play through to the menu
  • Overall (4/5) – Not very engaging, but a great game for puzzle solving and time killing


-Beautiful graphics


-Responsive and fast

-Very fun



-No extra features (i.e. no option to change the look of the game)

-Can get repetitive

Conclusion: A beautiful and challenging puzzle game that is more fun than math or calculated moves, but a game of chance. A must play for all users who want to mess around with physics in a beautiful atmosphere without having to pay too much mental effort in playing. Great for just playing for fun or in an attempt to kill time, it really is fun and addicting.


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