Springpad, save and access Anything you want to Remember: Android App Review


App Name: Springpad by Springpartners, Inc.

Description: Springpad makes it easy to save ideas and information you want to remember.

How it works: You can a quick note to keep an idea or thought fresh at your fingertips.  Also, it gives the options from scan barcodes or add photos.  You can also search nearby to see nearby businesses to add also.  On the main app screen clicking on the 'my stuff' tab offers being able to see your own stuff or if you have other friends stuff also.  So you can interlink ideas between people.  It also has a search feature to find tasks, businesses, products or movies.  You can go to www.springpadit.com to view your stuff and to be to add to it.


Opinion: I think this app works very well.   The ability of add things either via phone app or website is a plus in case I don't have immediate access to my phone but want to remember something for later.  The nearby search and the option to view friends stuff is a great feature.  I was able to find a few things to add to my stuff with these options.

Ratings :

  • Speed (4/5) –   Movement between screens was smooth.
  • Features (3/5) –  The features are pretty good but could use some improvement.
  • Theme (4/5) – Nice and simple.
  • Overall (3.5/5) – The app allows to work seamlessly with multiple options adding whatever you need fairly quickly.  However I still think it needs more expansion of its features.


  • Various options like barcode scanning searching friend's things.
  • Interaction between website and app.


  • missing home widget
  • The 'Search nearby' option only does businesses.   Adding more 'cloud' options to search for other things would be a plus.

Conclusion: This is a decent app that works easily to add just what you want.  With some necessary updates it will be a great app to use daily.