Speed View, Advanced GPS Speedometer : Android App Review


App Name: Speed View (Free Version) by CodeSector

Description: Advanced GPS speedometer. Features Compass, speed graph, HUD (mirrored) mode, speed warning, display units, top speed and distance traveled.

How it works: This is a very easy to use app, yet useful enough to be kept. As described, it uses the phone’s GPS location to calculate speed and distance traveled. Besides this main features, the app gives the user the compass direction in which they are heading, a speed graph, as well as a very useful HUD option and an Orientation option. It also allows the user to set maximum speed limits for Urban Areas, Highways and Freeways. If the user goes over the limit specified the application will give the user a warning telling that he’s speeding.

Opinion: I really enjoyed using this application. I was very surprised by the speed accuracy. The featured I liked the most was the HUD, which allowed me to put my cellphone on my car’s dash and see my speed reflected in the front glass. It’s also great if you want to calculate driving distances since you can turn the app on, drive a specific distance and check the distance traveled.This application is very versatile that it can not only be used for driving, but for cycling as well.It has similar functionality to a cycling GPS. Users can track speed, distance, and time traveled.”

Ratings :

  • Speed (4/5) – Very responsive app but might take a few seconds to find GPS Satellites when opening the app (specially if going through a tunnel).
  • Features (4/5) – Would be 5, but still waiting for the no ads version.
  • Theme (3/5) -Simple look with a very nice feel. Not too much eye candy, not too sober. It has a very nice balance (the dark backgrounds works perfect in this kind of app). Still, I must say that the compass look reminded me to a Soldier’s Compass (I don’t know why).
  • Overall (4/5) – Very nice app, would be better if it had no ads (although they only show on portrait mode).

Pro: Accurate speed, distance and compass direction. Amazing HUD feature.

Cons: Might take a while to load GPS satellites on first start. Ads.

Conclusion: This is a very easy to use app with a very intuitive UI. Try the HUD at night and be amazed by its functionality.

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Hand holding phone with Android Headlines logo Tomorrow's Tech, Today's News