Samsung Behold II will not be Upgraded Past 1.6 says Samsung?

samsung official tweet

In a response to the community of Behold II owners who have been fighting to get the Android 2.1 update they were promised last year, Samsung Mobile USA has issued their "official" statement. In their official tweet they provided a link to a post they created "detailing" the upgrade for the BH II.

The post found here on android spin, states that the only upgrade coming will be to 1.6 and that the phone is not upgradable beyond that version.

Will this be a devastating blow to Behold II owners? Will it only fuel their fire? Will it have adverse affects on Samsung and T-Mobile by diminishing their user-base and hurting their reputation? All of this remains to be seen but initially I would say that it isn't over yet.

We will let you know as soon as the latest developments arrive.