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Description -  Get the #1 PDF viewer on the Market.

RepliGo Reader is from Cerience Corporation and they are so right with that statement.  It is available in the Market for 3.99.

How It Works -    To get to your documents you have a few options.  If you have a document to view from a email you can click  it to download.  RepliGo Reader will open and load the document.  Depending on the size it should take a few seconds to a few minutes to load.  You can also look up documents off your SD card straight from RepliGo Reader, then select them and load them that way also. I tested it on some light PDFs that were around 50 KB to a bigger document at 1.3 MB.   They all rendered well, though the larger document was a bit fuzzy zoomed in (but I think that is based on the document not on RepliGo since the other docs zoomed in rendered very well.)  Once it is up it will give up a wide view of the document called Page View.

The app version 2.1 offers some new enhancements like double tapping for zoom and multi touch/pinch to zoom for phones that have OS 2.0 and higher.  If it is a multi page document it will show pages individually in Page View or you can choose Reading View which will make the document fit to screen.  I was reading a short screenplay from a group I belong to so the Reading view that worked very well for that purpose.  For some larger documents like maps  it may only use the Page view.  You can use the find feature to search specifics words in a document.  It also allows for bookmarks and also has a Goto page feature.

Opinion -   I have tried a few others and I would get repeated problems regarding memory and load issues. Some of those apps were free but one is a paid app and its more spendy than this one.  So, price wise for PDF viewers, RepliGo Reader is one of the least spendy ones that gives the best quality. I believe them when they say it's the #1 PDF viewer.

Ratings -

  • Speed (5/5) Loads pretty quick.  Bigger will, of course, take a little longer as well more graphic heavy documents.
  • Features (4/5) Does what the app says offering Page and Reading views.  Full Screen would be a plus as would ability to view word documents.
  • Themes (4/5) Not really a factor but the simplistic helps so it doesn't get in the way.
  • Overall (4/5) This app performs and gives you exactly what you are looking for in a PDF viewer.


  • Consistently loads every PDF I have come across big or small.
  • Able to get document attachments straight from email.
  • Decent price for PDF Viewer.
  • Alternate views for different types of documents.


  • Only a PDF viewer (word documents would be nice too.)

Conclusion--  This app is a keeper. It is smooth and effortless.  Great option for viewing important documents while you go through your day and not having rely on a desktop/laptop to get them.

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