Phone Widget, A Great DialPad for your Phone : Android App Review


App Name: Phone Widget by Maplekey Company

Price: US$1.00

Description: Make your phone a phone again. Put a dialpad on your home screen to make fast and easy calls and texts.


How it works: This is a very app simple that consists of a full screen size (4×4) dialer widget. It is actually a very useful dialer (specially for 1st gen Android devices which are known for their sluggishness, unless they're rooted of course.) The dialer includes two big buttons on the bottom, one to place the call and/or access the Call Log and one to send Text Messages.

Opinion: This is a very useful app. I was really satisfied with its performance when trying to make calls or accessing text messages. The only problem I had with the app was when trying to access the Call Log that it tried to read a MMI code (???). I really wish I could customize the widget a little bit (fonts, backgrounds, etc.)

Ratings :
Speed (4/5) –   This is a very fast and responsive dialer. Only problem I had was when trying to access Call Log (it tries to read a MMI code.)
Features (3/5) –  Even though this is meant to be a simple app, I would've really liked to have the options to change the font type or even add a custom background to the app.
Theme (3/5) – Stock theme is very useful because it has a clear background which allows it to look nice with any background. Still I wish it had some type of customization options.
Overall (3/5) – Whether you have performance problems with your stock Android device or  just want your smart-phone to look more like a phone I highly recommend this app. The dialer place calls really fast.


Pro: Very responsive. Clear background. Light number colors when not in use.

Cons: Can't keep delete key pressed or it will highlight your widget to be moved or deleted. No T9/Smart Dialer.

Conclusion: If you want to have a much better an easier access to your dialer right from your screen I highly recommend this app. Simple as it is, it is very useful and responsive and will make your Android a very reliable and fast phone.