On No, FroYo Forgot Some Things!


Bad bad Froyo and Google, you forgot a few things. A few minor or major things, depends on who you are and how you look at it. I am going to go over a few of those things, some things that are wishful thinking, maybe they are there but didn't get shown? Take a look and see if you agree.

This is the biggest in my opinion. It sucks to know that I tell my wife of all these cool Froyo things and she sits there wondering when she will get past 1.6 so that she can have a the youtube widget, she loves the youtube widget. There are as many 1.6 and 1.5 users as there are 2.1. And its not like you can say it isn't possible, Cyanogen has done it, he has working builds of 2.1 on the G1, It has limited features, some live wall papers don't work and the 3d launcher doesn't work, but crap, I don't even user the 3d launcher!


App Piracy Protection
Maybe this will get announced on launch day of the market, but right now its an issue for devs, you can download their apps from places for free. Its just not fair to them. Fix this?

OTA Rollouts
How and when will they roll out and when they do, will it take 2 weeks? 2 weeks for Droid, 1 for Nexus and 1 or 2 for Incredible, plus other 2.1 phones that may get this update, what about the ones that they skip 2.1 and go straight to 2.2? Thats a lot of roll outs, how will it all work, Verizon and their roll out provider can barely keep up and have delayed a few times during the 2.1 update. It was a rumor that Google would take over this, but no announcement at the keynote.

Battery Life
This was mentioned a few days ago, They said if you are not getting a full day of battery life, something is wrong! Well what can I do, because I get 6-8 hrs when I heavily use it and I do qualify as a heavy user! I make 1 call a day, but I text, I email and I get constant twitter updates! My accounts are always syncing, maybe I should turn that down a notch? Not sure, they didn't address it! What can we do?


The New Market
The new market while being cool, is a modified version of AppBrain the website. We should get an app on the desktop. AppBrain is great, but this is Google we are talking about, not a 3rd party dev team. It should be better. I am excited, but just sort of excited. It could be better, one of the reasons Apple is doing well is iTunes (I hate it, others love it), its an interface you can access from the desktop and it works well. Maybe they are prepping for Chrome OS and the cloud, but some things still need to be something we can add to a desktop.

Codecs For Video
So we want to watch AVI files! We do! Thats how you get them, AVI, we want it. Hopefully the new company Global IP will gives us that, maybe it wasn't ready and will be pushed as a small OTA update when its ready, or maybe thats why we are waiting til June to get our 2.2 update, but either way, give me AVI and give it to me now.

Photo Caller ID
Who is calling, NOT SURE, their photo is still just that small BLURRY picture, weird, when I took it it wasn't blurry, it was crisp. Whats going on with that? iPhone has a BIG picture display, fills the screen when someone calls, where is that for us? Figured that would be a 2.2 release, maybe it is, no one got a call during any demos so its hard to say but I want it and I know Chris (site owner) wants it bad!


Droid Camera
I hope this is another that is fixed but not announced, I push the gold button and then wait. And wait, and wait and I hear the clicking of the camera starting and I wait, and wait and then there it is, but by then I already clicked back of home figuring that I had other things going and needed to fix it and I have to press the camera button again, and its a long process, I usually end up entering the app drawer and clicking the camera icon and it starts right up. Please say this got fixed?


Tethering Woes
So it appears that we ran into a problem, in all the tethering excitement we seem to have forgotten, how will it be done, well it seems that it will be done by the providers, Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, etc etc etc, they can charge what they want is the latest rumor. Expect to pay another 30 bucks (guesstimate) if you want this.