MortPlayer Music, A good Daily Music Player : Android Music App Review

App Name: MortPlayer Music by

Price: Free

Description: Simple to use music player for all those who prefer folder structure over tags.

How it works: MortPlayer Music is a music player for android based on songs locations rather than tags. The first step when opening this app should be hitting the Menu Button and accesing the Folder Selection option on Preferences. Here you can set your main Music Folder (in my case /sdcard/Music). After that, in the main app screen you'll notice a message that reads ¨Reading folder data¨. After this is done you are good to enjoy all your music. The main controls are the standard controls you'd expect to see on a Music Player (Back, Stop, Play, Forward.) On the top of the screen you will see the cd cover with two buttons, one of each side, which are used to switch between folders. Below the cd cover notice the folder name. Below the main controls we have the playing song info (Artist, Song, Album) and below that we have the name of the song that follows the one playing (Very nice feature if you, like me, have a folder named Misc Songs.) Below the song info we have the playing status bar and the Repeat/Shuffle buttons (which offer a lot of different options for each one.) Among the extra features that come with this app we have:

  • Gestures: Swipe your finger on top of the album to scroll through them, or swipe on top of the song name and you'll change songs.
  • Sleep Timer: Want to listen to some music before sleep but are afraid of falling asleep and draining your battery because you left the Player on? Fear no more. Just open the Sleep Timer option and set at what time you want the player to stop playing music. (Here you can chose to stop the song abruptly or finish the last track.)
  • Screen Appearance: You can change the main screen appearance. Here you can chose between two options: Default or Car. The car option includes much bigger buttons which makes the app very easy to use while driving (if you use your Android headset as your default car music player.) You can also choose between 5 different colors for the app and a background image (you can chose a background image for Landscape and a different one for Portrait mode.)
  • Energy Saving: The app offer a few options dedicated to save battery life. This options include: Sleep in (choose time), Standby handling (want the screen to trun off, to be dimmed or to stay bright), and it also gives the user the option to disable the lock screen.

**Note: You can download add-ons for this app such as a widget. There's always a MortPlayer AudioBooks version available for download in the market. **

Opinion: This is a perfect Music Player replacement. Android, specially Vanilla UI users, have always had a poor music player if compared with other devices (iTunes anyone?) MortPlayer comes to change this. This app as a feature that might play wrong on the developer but still is a nice option, the option to turn on/off advertisements. (Really wish more apps had this setting.)

Ratings :

  • Speed (5/5) -  Very responsive app. Loads folders very fast.
  • Features (5/5) -  Includes the features that the stock music player are lacking.
  • Theme (4/5) - Very nice and intuitive UI. The Car theme is awesome and makes it easy to manage while driving.
  • Overall (5/5) -Awesome music player. The features that this app bring should've come with the stock music player.

Pro: Very nice UI. Folder based. Gestures.

Cons: To me, the app had anything I wanted and did everything it was supposed to fast and without issues. Still, having used the Cliq XT Connected Music Player I can say there's always room for improvement (Social Integration, Lyrics Integration.)

Conclusion: This app is a must have for anyone who uses their Android device has a daily music player (even if you don't, this app is going to make your Android musical experience better.)

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