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App Name: LockBot by JackDoIt

Description: LockBot is a lock screen. You could customize yourself or download from the Theme Gallery

How it works: The app replaces the standard Android lock screen, no matter what version of Android you are running as it allows your lock screen to have the look of the iPhone's, Android Flan (2.1), or even the X10.


Opinion: I think that this app is great for all users because it allows Android to do what Android does best, allow the users to do with it as they please whether it be for power users or if you just want to give your phone a more personal flare. I really liked that it allowed my lock screen to emulate the lock screen of other phones based on their version of the Android OS. A really cool feature that I also enjoyed was that you can set up "playlists" in which it rotates the kind of lock screens you can have every time you lock and unlock your phone.


-Custom lock screen

– Custom wallpapers/themes


-Can use your own images from SD card

-Playlist lock screen rotation



-No way to disable the playlist

-The iPhone and X10 lock screens don't look flattering

-Occasionally disables the notification bar from dropping down


Conclusion: It is a great app that lets the user choose their personal style to a higher level than most apps allow Android to do, have a custom lock screen. With so much OS fragmentation out there, this can really help users feel like they have a shiny new toy until their carrier and/or manufacturer send them the new OS update. I also like the set themes that are made in order to work with the various lock screens, as some of them are really cool, but I would like to have my own wallpaper of choice of my background like the stock build. This app is a must have for users who want to try and spice things up with their phone or want to see how far they can really personalize their phone to fit their style with everything inside and outside of the Android OS. This review is on the free version of the app, so I encourage users to try it out before buying to make sure that it is your cup of tea as it is a little quirky.

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