Kingdoms Live, Massive Online Multiplayer Role Playing Game! Android Game App Review

App Name: Kingdoms Live by Storm8

Official Developer Website:

Description: Start as a peasant and battle your way up to become the ruler of the mightiest kingdom in the Kingdoms Liveâ„¢ world in this Massively Multiplayer Online Role playing game. Battle live with over 1.7 million players.

How it works: The first time you open this app you have to select a race and class for your character, after this is done you begin questing right away. Anyone who's ever played a MMORPG knows that questing is a vital part to gain experience and therefore level up, but so is battling. Challenge players by their level, race and class (Note: No, you can't abuse, if you are level 6 you'll fight level 6 players or higher). In the screen you have a dock at the top that gives the player information about his character (Life/Mana/Spirit), also shows the character experience, level, gold and a timer below the gold coin (this timer will appear when you buy land and when the timer reaches 0 you get +x quantity of gold, it all depends on which land you buy.) accessing the various part of the game is easily done through the Menu key, options include: Home (Where you control your character, check the bank and check your Land), Quests (Quests menu), Battle (This is where you challenge other players), Armory (This is where you buy your weapons, armor and spells), Land (Where you buy or sell land) and Recruit (Build your own Army, why not?) The Home screen gives the player many options to increase skills, pay for mana/life recovery, buy Legend Points (used to buy Money, Mana, Change your name and Add members), access the Vault (this is like a bank), visit the Priest (she'll restore your health for some gold), see your land and army and access the Help screen and settings screen. During Quests you get the opportunity to buy new weapons/armour or loot new weapons/armour. Below the Home screen (scroll up) you'll see a News Feed, this will show you a history of what you've been doing in the game. Battling is pretty easy.. Just pick a name from the list and await the result, you will get a screen with the details about the battle (how many hits given and how many hits received.) The settings menu is very limited, it only allows the player to turn sound On/Off, allows the user to login to Storm8 servers and Manage your Blocked List.

Opinion: This game is really good. I installed the game to see what it had to offer and I can't stop playing now. There's something about it that makes you want to keep gaining experience and reaching new levels. (Note: Be careful with Mana, the 3 minutes wait may seem like 30 minutes)

Ratings :

  • Speed (4.5/5) - Very responsive app. Speed makes it fun to use since you can switch fast between quests and battles.
  • Features (4/5) - Very complete MMORPG. I'd really like to see in the future more add ons in terms of weaponry and maybe even pets (WOW-like) (These should be helpful in battles.)
  • Theme (4/5) - Well although this is a game, it's not a graphical game. It has some nice backgrounds and sounds but you deal mostly with written actions.
  • Overall (4/5) - Very good game. It can become addictive after a few plays (specially if you get challenged for battles, who doesn't like to beat someone else's ....?)

Pro: Very intuitive UI. Nice 3D backgrounds. It is a very easy to understand app with all the available options one click away.

Cons: Lack of settings tweaks (like screen brightness). No Landscape mode. I would really like to see more 3D backgrounds.

Conclusion: This is a very fun and time-consuming game (time flies when you are connected to this game.) Level your character up and buy awesome armor, weapons and spells. When you have a higher level try the Bounties option in the Battle Field and show your skills to high levelled players while fighting for money.

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