Homerun Battle 3D, Let's Play Ball : Android App Review


Homerun Battle 3D


"HOMERUN BATTLE 3D DOES! Play ONLINE match up & go head-to-head against the world's best BASEBALL SLUGGERS. Winner of Best Sports Game of 2009 from Best App Ever, IGN.com, and Touch Arcade."

Homerun Battle 3D is a fun little arcade-style home run battle game, as the name suggests. The game is developed by Com2uS and is also available on the iPhone, making cross-platform battles possible. There are 4 different game modes- Matchup, Arcade, Classic, and Training. The one you'll be playing most is Matchup, which is an online battle between you and you opponent.

The game is controlled by your phone's accelerometer. There is translucent overlay that shows you where you'll be hitting the ball. Simply tap the screen to swing. Pretty soon you'll be hitting home runs like it's nobody's business.


The items shop is fun to use and rewarding. Everything you can buy there with the money that you get form winning matches will benefit you. From bats to shirts, each and every item is stylized in a way that can suit just about everyone. The shop is easy to use and works perfectly.

My Opinion: I love Homerun Battle 3D and will be keeping it on my phone. The gameplay, while being slightly repetitive is fun and addicting. The points and money that you get for winning will make you never want to put this one down. The ability to buy new shoes, helmets, shirts, pants, bats, etc. for your character is great. Oh and by the way, this game looks great too. It uses OpenGL graphics and everything looks the way it should. However, the one complaint I have is that the textures could look a little prettier.



  • great looking 3D graphics
  • a variety of game modes
  • items shop
  • nearly flawless online play
  • customization options
  • cross-platform online play



  • items are expensive
  • $5 is a little bit scary to some
  • textures are blurry at times



If you've got $5 to spare and are looking for a fun game that you'll be keeping on your phone for a long time, I suggest you check out Homerun Battle 3D today. The game works perfectly and is easy to play. You won't be disappointed.