FitSync, Keeping You Fit And In Sync : Android App Review

App Name: FitSync by FitSync Corp.

Description: Free workouts, track your progress, compare and share with a world wide community.

How it works: The application requires a brief registration and a trial period, but after that you log in after downloading the application and can manage your workout on your phone and computer, and allow them to sync up with one another by inputting the data on either device.

Opinion: Being that I have a hard time finding myself at the gym, much less at a regular schedule, this app really helps in terms of remembering what workouts you would like to do. This also helps in figuring out what you probably should be doing, if you're like me and not always what it is you should be doing and how much of. And the really interesting thing is that if you're not sure how to do an exercise or feel like you should double check to see if you are doing it properly to avoid hurting yourself and get the most out of your work out, you can access demo videos!


-Speed: 3/5 -Tends to be a little sluggish when switching around from menu to menu

-Features: 5/5 -This app is packed full of features and content on the phone as well as on your computer

-Theme: 4/5 -The app feels a little dry as far easy on the eyes goes, but it's clean and not messy and very organized

-Overall: 5/5- Great for those wanting to workout or those just getting into the routine of things.


-Feature and content packed

-Very easy to access on phone just like on a computer

-Filled with lots of workouts and ways to keep track of them

-Allows user to compete and/or get ranked throughout all users in the "universe"


-Membership fee

-A little on the slow side

Conclusion: I think that this app knows about exercise and wants to make it easy for you to know as well, whether you are knew or a veteran at the gym. The app is easy to use, just a small bit of a learning curve as far as workouts go but once you get in the swing of things it's just routine. Great for bodybuilders or anyone who wants to see how they stack up to other users as far as their fitness regimens go. It also has demo videos to make sure you know what you're doing and has tons of features on the phone and computer as well as search for workouts or a particular workout you are looking for. I would recommend that all users try out the trial period before committing to the membership fee, but as far as workout applications it's one of the best ones that I've come across. It doesn't hide behind cute icons and hype in its description.

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