Fido and Android: Never to Be?

May 26, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

Well it seems Canadian carriers have finally started to catch onto the Android craze. Well, all except for Fido.

Fido has been my personal preference lately when it comes to rates in Canada, especially given their FidoDollars reward program. With my huge balance of $7, I had hoped to someday put the points towards a new Android device.However, it seems that Fido does not even understand the platform. Last night I inquired about the future availability of Android devices offered through Fido. Here was their reply:

Thank you for visiting Fido’s Web site and allowing us the opportunity to assist you.

Fido has confirmed in March 2010 that it will not be carrying the Android device in handset line-up. The  device is only available on-line through Google.

In the case of Nexus One, the device has been validated to ensure it runs properly on Fido’s network.  However, we are unable to offer technical assistance since this is not a Fido certified device.

For information regarding the latest handsets, we invite you to check back regularly on


Marie representative

Fido Solutions inc.

1 888 481-3436

So to the interpretation of the representatives of Fido, Android devices are made only by Google. I am impressed that they were aware of the Nexus One, and that they did network testing on the device. However, this may be data that has been passed over from their parent company, Rogers Wireless.

Given Fido’s current business model, offering cheap cell phones with short / no contracts, the Android platform is too expensive to adopt. The big three carriers in Canada (Rogers, TELUS and Bell) have business models that involve selling expensive and fancy phones with expensive plans. Most of the new phones require you to sign data contracts as well. Fido, along with other carriers such as SOLO, Virgin Mobile and Koodo, focus on providing the customer with a basic phone and cheap contracts. As quoted in their About section:

  • It’s all about care
  • At Fido, our goal is to be the savings company that cares.

    So can we expect the latest and greatest from Fido? Probably not. However, from experience, they have no problem adopting your currently-owned Android device onto their network.