FeedSquares,One of the Best RSS Readers :Android App Review

May 25, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

App Name: FeedSquares | Rocket-in-Bottle

Description: FeedSquares in a great RSS reader, it connects to and syncs with your Google Reader account.

How it works: Just download the app, open it, enter your Google account information and it syncs up.

Opinion: I really like this app. The UI is nice and easy to read. As the name implies, each feed shows up on the home screen as it’s own square. Select that feed and you are taken to the articles from that feed. In the list of articles you get image thumbnails along with the article title. In the article itself FeedSquares displays the article images. The app is also fast and takes no time at all to sync. You can set the update frequency, change the UI from a light to a dark theme, share articles, and mark all as read. If your carrier permits, you can also compress the data to save bandwidth. It really is a good RSS reader. One which I will hang on to for sure.

Ratings :

Speed (5/5) No slow downs on this app runs smoothly and quickly.

Features (4/5) – Lots of features and options. The only complaints are that it doesn’t have a widget or alerts that I can find.

Theme (4/5) – Nice theme, not many options though. Gives light and dark backgrounds, but that is it.

Overall (4/5) -Great app would have 5/5 if the above issues were addressed.

Pro: Its fast, its easy to use, and it does what it says.

Cons: No widget, and no alert options, limited theming options.

Conclusion: All in all a good app and one that I am going to keep. A really good option for RSS feeds.

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