Exclusive: Interview with the makers of Xscope Browser for Android

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Today we are interviewing Dr. Sui, is a senior scientist at a small startup company in Orlando. He has extensive experience on crafting CAD/CAM software as well as distributed web applications and databases.He is the creator of the ever so popular XScope Browser and we get a chance to talk to him about his application and android.

Tell Android Fans a Little about XScope

xScope is a web and file browser that delivers a unique mobile experience to users. It features tabbed browsing, downloading of most media files (including YouTube videos), sharing screenshot and files, and killing of tasks. It is designed and coded from scratch to achieve highest performance and best mobile user experiences.

What got you started developing Android Applications? How did you come up with the idea to develop?

Android 2.0 debuted in November last year with the Motorola Droid. I was the first customer at local BestBuy for the Droid. However, the lack of multi-touch support of its stock browser had lead many to believe that the android 2.0 is not a multi-touch capable operating system. I wanted to develop a browser prototype to show that the android 2.0 does support multi-touch and it is definitely no inferior than others mobile systems.

Xscope is getting recognition, are you surprised by the popularity?
I am surprised that the big players with much greater resources have failed to deliver a superior browser at this moment.

Has Google ever asked you to change something with xscope?

I have never received any message from Google, other than a free seeding phone notice.

How did you come up with the name Xscope?

Zooming is probably one of the most important functions in mobile browsing due to the fact that the screen of a phone is much smaller than that of a computers. xScope gives users three ways to zoom: multi-touch pinch to zoom, double tap zoom and a unique one finger pin-zoom where you tap first to pin point you zoom spot and then drag left or right to zoom out or in. The letter 'x' means arbitrary, 'Scope' is a see through zooming device.

What do you think sets Xscope apart from other browsers on the market?

The fact that xScope browser is in top list of best selling apps says a lot. Users endorse a product with their money while tons of free competitors around.

With Skyfire just announced this week and Fennec Firefox on the way how do you plan to keep up with the new Competition ?

I will keep on being innovative and hardworking to set the bar higher and higher.

Do you think android is being flooded with Browsers applications?

I think the competition of browsers on android system is very healthy.

Tell us why you Android users would want to pick Xscope over other browsers in the market?

1. Speed: XScope beats all others major browsers for Sunspider javascript benchmark.
2. Effectiveness: best tab management and accessing to major functions with 1 or 2 clicks.
3. Convenience: the seamlessly integrated file explorer and task killer can be very handy.
4. Customer Support: users questions are always answered and suggestions are always being welcomed and even implemented shortly after in many cases.

What new features can you share with android users that will be coming to Xscope?

Plug-in support and total customization of GUI.

Have you been working on a new version for Android 2.2?


Are you thinking of doing other apps in the future?

Yes. Possibly a better virtual keyboard input method.

What do find is the easiest thing about developing for android compared to other Mobile OS's?

The java syntax and great online documents and forums.

What can be the most frustrating part of developing on the android OS & How does all the differences in versions affect your programming?

None so far. Android has made progressive improvement with each updates. It is a great system to work with.

What would you like to see in future Android OS versions or Changes?

JIT compiler and flash support.

What is your opinion on the Android Market? positive and negative?

Neutral to slightly negative. Biggest complain: it has no good mechanism to interact with users.

What kind of Android Phone do you use personally?

Motorola Droid.

What new phone from Android has you the most excited?


Besides Your Own Apps, which apps do you use most on your Android Phone?

Sight Read, Trap, and ShootMe