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App Name: Dungeon Hunter by Gameloft

Description: When the darkness awoke, evil flooded over the land of Gothicus. Dispel the darkness in your realm, uncover your memory about terrible events and fight the evil queen who tyrannizes the kingdom… the queen you loved. Dungeon Hunter is a 3D epic quest set in a dark fantasy world, in the tradition of the most successful action RPGs.


How it works: Using the directional pad you move all around a dungeon, you can use the botton opposite the directional pad on the right as a sword button, there is also another button with a more powerful sword attack and a third button with lightning on it that is a magic attack from your fairy companion.

Opinion: Its a cool dungeon crawler type game, you kill beasts and get gold from treasure chests and barrels you break and then you can buy things at the market. You also can collect weapons and items of things to wear from the things you kill. The lightning comes in HANDY often, so keep it charged and ready to use. I like this game and will also play it more often.

Ratings :


· Speed (4/5) The game has a good pace, I like it a lot

· Features (5/5) You can equip different items as you level up and you buy better weapons, really cool and it fits the game perfectly

· Theme (4/5) – It has a good dungeon feel, pretty sweet graphics


· Overall (4/5) – Great game, fun feel.


  • 3D graphics
  • Fun Game play
  • Easy to learn
  • Good game for those who like dungeon crawlers
  • Choice of 3 playable characters


  • You get a lot of items and aren't sure whats more powerful than anything else

Conclusion: Its another cool game, fun to play, 3D, it feels good and is easy to play as well. I am a fan of this game. I hope gameloft keeps pumping games out like this and ups the market

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