Drop Box, Cloud storage that you never knew you had : Android App Review


App Name: Dropbox

Description: Syncs your info in the cloud from almost anywhere you have access to the web, phone, computer or website

How it works: It accesses a program that accesses your files on the cloud (internet storage)

Opinion: Drop box, ever used it, a month or so ago, I did not! I still may not use it all that some will, I don't think I am the target audience though, however, the owner of this site, android headlines did exchange files on drop box, we shared them, its a feature on dropbox that I find really cool. There are other things I have found to be cool as well. For one, it works with Linux! Yeah very cool. Two, it works with and has worked with android for 3 or so weeks now, it was in beta but now you can find it in the market.The last, it has a website, so upload from home, go to work, download from work. AWESOME!


  • Good UI, very simple and usable
  • Easy to use, just sign in and upload, or download
  • Smart way to manage things
  • Accessible


  • Can't delete from the android app
  • Still a little buggy, should have been beta a LITTLE longer

Conclusion: Its quite usable, its awesome really. Pretty fun and easy way to use the cloud to store things. And the best/worst part is, depending on how many friends you have that are also interested in this, you could have more space! It adds space when your friends accept your requests to join dropbox

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