Chroma Circuit: An Adobe Air App


App Name: Chrome Circuit By BowlerHatGames

Description: Its a puzzle game, you have to get the colors to match


How it works: You swipe your finger left or right and the little piece move so that the colors can match up and you advance.

Opinion: I was not sure how Air would act on my phone, its a moto droid and its 2.1. I was worried it would be slow or just not working, to my surprise, I loaded the air pre release and it did nothing, I verified that it was installed and after I did I was able to get these review copies of games and found that they are REALLY fast on the Droid. I can not wait for JIT on 2.2 and see how much more it pushes limits. This will be really cool. It already is

Ratings :


· Speed (5/5) So fast and fluid, just amazing.

· Features (4/5) Just the one mode now, but another one is coming.

· Theme (5/5) – its a well designed app, has a great theme, just very good looking, one of the best Android games I have seen by way of UI


· Overall (4/5) – This app is soo cool and I can't wait for everyone to be able to get their hands on it, so fun. So fun.


  • Its really fast
  • Its fun
  • Quite addicting


  • Not enough modes, yet

Conclusion: This app is not out yet, but when it is, you need to look for it, I think Adobe Air will change how most people on Android play games, its a really fun one, it works really well and will get better and better. I am excited.

Screen Shots: