Armored Strike, Be The Last Tank Standing: Android Game App Review

App Name:
Armored Strike by Requiem Software Labs
Description:Get behind the turret and lock your sites on your enemies, this is going to be an epic battle! You will have to use every ounce of your skill to destroy the cunning tank commanders that are out to destroy you. Take refuge behind a tree, radio for supplies, call in air support. Battle human, computer and networked opponents across 3 different terrains with multiple wind conditions.

Master any of sixteen weapons in seven different sets. If you have no other choice you may be forced to deploy the nuclear option.

How it works:

When the  game menu comes up on the screen, you can choose "play game", "settings", "help" and more games. When you enter the "play game" setting, you get a submenu that includes: Play game, Game lobby (online multiplayer) and tutorial. Choosing Play game will start a local game. Once you start you get the "number of players" screen asking you how many players you would like to be in the game. You must have at least 2 players in order to play a local game. You can also choose the difficultly level of the Bot by changing the computer color next to your tank. Your options are easy, intermediate, and hard (green, yellow or red computer). Armored Strike also offers ten tank colors and eight terrain options. The terrains are: mountains, desert, plains, artic, jungle, volcano, canyons and urban. Not sure which terrain you would like to use? Choose the random option and let the game choose for you. Terrain damage is also an option in this game. Once you have all the options out of the way, let the tank war begin! First screen of the actual game is your weapon shop where you get your weapons of mass destruction. You start with 200 dollars so spend your funds wisely. Once your are done at the  weapon shop, your Heads Up Display includes your fuel, fire, angle and power which can be accessed via the trackball or touchscreen. There is also a zoom bar on the bottom of the screen to see where your opponents are. Armored Strike has paratroopers that assist you along the way with powerups to keep you alive in the game. The tank who reaches the paratroopers first gets the power up. As you can see there's a lot of strategy involved here. Your mission, if you choose to accept is to be the last tank standing.



With all the customizations in this game, its a win win. Android games are getting extremely popular including android in it of itself. The graphics are awesome. Setting the angles with the wind blowing will take some getting used to but the intensity of this title is very evident. I like when the paratroopers drop in because you want to waste all of you fuel just to get to them. Online multi-player is fantastic and you can even chat with the guys and gals that you are playing with. This one is a sure download. Enjoy!


  • Speed (4/5) – The game runs very smooth. The touchscreen is very responsive. The trackball is great as well.
  • Features (4/5) – The online multiplayer is a treat. The game's graphics are extremely well done.
  • Theme (4/5) – Once in a while a war game come along that you must pick up; this is the one!
  • Overall (4/5) – The game is jam packed with customizations, it will keep you entertained when you are commuting or even idle.

Pro: A great array of weapons to choose from. Great Multiplayer.

Cons: None.

Conclusion: This is a great title for anyone to enjoy. If you have an android device, you want this one!