Android Game Review – Mystique Chapter 1: A Decent Thriller


Mystique Chapter 1: Foetus is, to sum it all up a demo with lower quality and a "cheap" feel. That's ok though because the successors are great. The thing is, however, you need to play this first chapter in order for the rest of the story. Without doing so, you'll be terribly lost. For instance, instead of being in 3D like in the 2nd chapter, the little girl in this chapter looks like a JPEG that was just slapped in there. This may seem harsh, but just take a look at the screenshots. The lack of detail in this causes users to lose interest and ruins the tension that is intended. (this is a horror type of game after all)

Name: Mystique. Chapter 1: Foetus


Description: You regain consciousness in what appears to be some sort of dark, abandoned bathroom. What is this place? Why don't you remember anything? You see blood marks on the walls? What's going on here?
Try to find the answers to these questions in the inaugural chapter of this terrifying first person, escape the room series – Mystique Ch 1: Foetus.
Play now…if you dare…

How it works: You play the game by moving around and interacting with objects. This is all done via the screen and trackball (if you want) and is good, but can get frustrating. It feels like one of those old mystery games that I used to play as a kid where you just point and click on objects. While the gameplay isn't very fluid, it is suspenseful at times.

Opinion: This is the kind of game that a lot of people will download, but it's not one that many will thoroughly enjoy. I felt that the controls were a bit clunky and the actual visual quality of the environment wasn't up to par.


3D graphics
can be suspenseful at times
good story

blurry textures
clunky controls

Conclusion: This is a game that most people should download if they're in for a good story, but don't expect to be thrilled unless you buy the other episodes.


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