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App Name: aCar by Armond Avanes

Description: This app helps you keep your car in tip top shape by letting you know when your oil was changed, tires rotated, gas filled, etc.

How it works: You input data and it spits it back out when you need the info.


Opinion: Its pretty cool and way better than writing the info down on the back of receipts, or worse, in the back of your mind. Seems like it would be REALLY helpful to someone on a road trip, but it can be for just about anyone that drives

Ratings :

· Speed (4/5) Its quick, no pauses or stalls at all


· Features (5/5) It seems it has all you need to remind you to change this or that on your car

· Theme (4/5)It looks good, it has a nice theme about it, stays the same all through out the app

· Overall (4/5) – Another app that I recommend getting, it just seems like a good idea if you have a car.



  • Helps you keep track of car needs
  • Never get in trouble with your parents/spouse again because of something you forgot!
  • Its fast, and right to the point
  • It remember what you need it to
  • It has PLENTY of options


  • The UI could be a LITTLE better

Conclusion: The app is a good app, it does what it says, its helpful. Its useful, you can use it daily and probably should.


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