3 (Cubed) Music Player, Listening In Style : Android Music App Review

App Name: 3 Music Player

Description: It plays music in a different way, it has themes and styles and tons of options. Very unique to say the least

How it works: It plays music, you can press menu and it will give you many options from getting album art to changing how its displayed.

Opinion: This music player is very unique, I prefer the 3 or cubed mode because it cycles through your music by putting it on a virtual cube and letting you navigate your way through it, second choice would be flow, very cool way to organize music. There is even a mode called BORING that, well its boring. You can change how those things look as well, its pretty cool. I like the fact that it finds my album art with out me spending hours to find it.

I also like how the other app that he has (concerts) will link with this one and when the concerts button is pressed it will tell you when a specific artist from your play list will be playing a venue near by you. Its really cool and very smart. A smooth app really.

The most recent addition to the app is a fave, if the phone its sleep mode the music still plays and when its turned back on with the power button you can still access the music, its really cool. Its still in beta though so you have to be patient, its kind of a hack that is being worked on.

Ratings :

· Speed (4/5) - Its fast and fluid, the app works really well and a lot of time was spent on this, its obvious. Very cool stuff.

· Features (5/5) - There are so many features and the last update integrated more. Its great, the features are what really make this app

· Theme (5/5)< -It has a good theme, it carries through out the whole app and is very clean, no problems

· Overall (4.5/5) -This app should replace your stock app, just no question, its a great app really. Do yourself a favor and go download this for free its an awesome app.


  • Its a fun app.
  • It is a good replacement for stock
  • It plays music with the best
  • It finds your album art


  • Only real problem is that some things are still beta, they will be worked on though

Conclusion: Such a good app. Such a good stock replacement and the fact that it syncs with his other app is great, go download this asap if you are looking for a good music replacement or a better music app.

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