Toss It … Android Game App Review


When I first heard of the app toss it, I thought it was a trash can app? Or maybe it was something else all together. However, I quickly learned it was a game, a game where you flip or "toss" trash into a garbage can, at first thought, the game sounds boring, really boring. But really how many people do that all day at work anyway, now its an app. It is a challenging game and its quite fun. It has leader boards and adds challenges with every turn.

The game has a free and paid version, the usual comes in the free version, a few ads and less levels. The paid has more levels and no ads of course. I have tried both and I would definitely got with the free version first and if you feel bound by it, go on to the paid version, it is worth it. Its roughly 2 dollars American.



    • Challenging Levels
    • It changes difficulty with every shot
    • Good Levels
    • Great Graphics


  • Too few of levels in both versions, but I am sure more will come
  • It can be a tad too challenging at times
I quite like the app, its not bad. Like I said go for the free version first and then if you really like it, get the paid app. It really is over all a good one. The graphics really do please the eye and are one of the better graphical games on the market. This really proves that more and more games are coming to android and they are getting much better.

Written By Staff Writer: Mike Corbett