Sniper Shot, Android App Review


I came across the app the other day just by chance, I found it kind of funny, its not really a game as much as it is something to do when you are bored, maybe shoot your friends, or people you see? I give it a "shot" (bad pun, sorry) and it wasn't half bad. Right now there are 6 guns to choose from and all have different scopes and act slightly different. You can turn sound or vibration on and off as well as taking the picture mode on and off. If you want you can share the pictures with your Friends on different social networks as well.


Now, they claim there is an easter egg somewhere in the game, but I have yet to find it. Not a REAL egg or an egg shaped object, but an Easter Egg is usually a surprise locked somewhere in the game that has to be accessed a certain way. I have yet to find it, but will report back when I do. This turned out to be a pretty good download. Its so funny taking head shots on friends!

  • good time waster
  • put together quite well
  • quite a few guns
  • it shows all the guns as different
  • it uses the real world
  • guns shots sound pretty good
  • Could use a few more guns
Over all this is a great time waster. Its not a bad app, there are some reviews on the market calling it boring or lame, but I think its alright. Definitely worth it for since it is a FREE download. So go get it in the market now, what are you waiting for, don't like having fun?

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