Review: Foxy Ring, Controller Your Ringtone, You Are The Boss


Description: Never have your ringtone going off too loud, at the wrong place or during your well-deserved sleep. FoxyRing periodically auto-adjusts your volume settings based on the ambient background noise.

How it works: You can calibrate the phone to adjust it to the area you are in, it also has a sleep time function, VERY nice in case you forget to turn off your ringtones before bed. You can also change your ringtone based on location, pretty cool

FoxyRing is an application for your Android phone that manages your ringtones, in order to make it smarter than before.


  • Have your phone analyze from time to time the ambient noise and adjust the ringer volume. It works pretty well, even in your pocket or bag, and has been highly optimized to have a very minimal impact on the battery usage.
  • You can also define sleeping hours, don't be disturbed anymore during the night because of spam text message or "friends" that call you very late. It is automagically managed by FoxyRing, you will not have to worry about turning off/on the ringer again!
  • Ever thought about having different ringtone depending of where you are ? Or to silent your phone while being at work ? FoxyRing can assist you in this task, when at work, configure FoxyRing to not use your Britney Spears ringtone, but the Mozart one which sound more serious for your co-workers! Want your phone to vibrate only, or just be silent when visiting your grand-mother? FoxyRing can do that.
  • Battery usage has been highly optimized. Please read the help for further details.
  • FoxyRing includes a widget to make your phone silent. But this one is different, it is smarter: you define for how long you want your phone to be silent (ie 2 hours), and once the time is elapsed, FoxyRing will restore your ringtone.
  • The user interface has been thought to be the easiest and the more intuitive possible. You should not cross complicated menus or options. Please see the screenshots at the end of the page.

Highly optimized, FoxyRing will almost not harm your battery. You can define the interval between analysis to fit your own needs.

Opinion: This is like a free version of locale with out the plugins, it could be a bit better, the satellite doesn't always pick up for me at work and it was a bit sketchy, to be honest I WAS indoors, so who knows.



  • I like how you can change ringtone by location
  • I lik e how you can silence your phone upon getting work, or a quiet function automatically
  • Easy to use
  • Calibrating is pretty sweet
  • It uses GPS for tracking where you are


  • Doesn't always seems to know where you are

Conclusion: This is a really cool app because its FREE and it does some very nice things. More than I would expect it to do. Like I said before, if you just want an app to silence or vibrate upon entering locations or just want a dif ringtone depending on where you are, this is for you, great app for just that