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Light up, the name brings questions to the mind, what is it? Well I figured I would give it a go and I haven't been disappointed. The game play is quite simple yet it still provides a very fun atmosphere for on the go gamers. Well I started playing and it told me to complete a very easy mission, did it, went on, completed the next level and then it got harder, i actually had to think and thats a good thing. You don't want to be left too bored with a game. The idea of this game is that it gives you squares and you have to trace the squares with your finger to make it to the end square. Its almost like finding your way out of a maze and you have a path to follow. Just follow the path but you also have to light up all the squares to finish. It can get quite tricky.

I got a few levels in before quitting for the first time, I knew that I did not have the time to complete what they were going to be asking of me, it ramps up pretty fast and really makes you think. I also have an addictive personality when it comes to games like this, so I like to keep going and going and going and then before I know it, the night is over. This game definitely fuels the side of me that likes to keep playing, the puzzles are easy but tasking. Its a great game.
  • fun game
  • easy game play
  • easy design
  • the UI is very nice
  • it makes you want to play more
  • the goal and idea is easy to comprehend
  • its a different idea than other games in the market
  • needs more levels, what game doesn't
Over all, i recommend getting the game. There is a paid Version thats on sale right now (not sure til when) and a free "lite" version, so even if you don't have the cash, you can still play this great game. You can find the QR Code link at the bottom of the page (get barcode scanner to scan).

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