Energy Bar Keeps You More Aware Of Your Battery In A Unique Way

Battery power. No feature is more critical to Smartphone, tablet, and computer users than having a reliable battery. But, let’s face it. Sometimes there just isn’t much more you can do other than the basic few things to help keep your battery in good shape. Those things are, typically, lower the display brightness, turn down […]

Chrome Apps for Android Are A Good Concept But Possibly A Bad Idea

If you are a user of Google’s products, it is probably pretty likely that you use Google Chrome for your web browser. This robust browser experience is a joy to use that many a user swear by. Google stands behind Chrome so much that they have even gone so far as to create their own OS based […]

Experience Your Life in High-Definition with Epiphany Eyewear

Struck with a desire to “redefine reality and enhance humanity through interactive immersive technologies,” the creative team at Vergence Labs designed Epiphany Eyewear – a sexy, yet sophisticated pair of smart glasses capable of producing and storing up to 8 hours of high-definition video from a first-person perspective. Rather than design a pair of glasses […]

New Chrome OS camera update adds Google+ photo syncing, YouTube uploading

Google has added some huge features to its official Chrome OS camera app, according to a new Google+ post Tuesday afternoon by developer and Google guru/fanboy François Beaufort.  The boatload of new features appears to very exciting, which is good news for all Chrome OS users out there. According to Beaufort, the camera app’s new features include video recording, […]