Tablet Comparisons: Google Nexus 9 vs LG G Pad 10.1

Introduction We have a good one for you today – the HTC made Nexus 9 versus the LG G Pad 10.1 – HTC versus LG, two rivals in the smartphone world going at it in the tablet category.  Both tablets feel solid and have a soft rubber grip on the backing making them easy to […]

Tablet Comparison: Google Nexus 9 vs Apple iPad Air 2

Introduction We got a good one for you today – anytime an Android device goes up against an Apple device, it is a good comparison.  This type of comparison gives us a chance to see just how well the Google Nexus 9 with pure Android 5.0 stands up against an Apple device with iOS 8.1. […]

Tablet Comparisons: Nexus 9 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5

Introduction It is always an interesting comparison whenever a Nexus device is in the mix – in this case, we have the newest Nexus 9 tablet (made by HTC) up against the number one Android tablet maker, Samsung and their Galaxy Tab S 10.5.  In the Nexus 9 corner, we have a well-built, rather minimalistic […]

Tablet Comparisons: Google Nexus 9 vs Google Nexus 7 (2013)

Introduction What a comparison we have for you here – the Nexus 7 versus the new Nexus 9… and this is a true ‘comparison,’ not necessarily which one is better – because as we will discover on this journey, both tablets are about the best you can get in their respective size category.  Both tablets […]

Samsung SM-T2558: Is it a Smartphone or a 7-inch Tablet or a Phablet

Leave it to Samsung to launch a strange device – perhaps the first really true Phablet.  This 7-inch, SM-T2558, device finally blurs the borders of a large smartphone or a small tablet.  Going through TENNA (Chinese version of FCC), they added a Samsung SM-T2558 to its database and not only provided us with some pretty […]

Galaxy Tab 3.0 Seems Rather Blue in Latest Leak

Our favorite leakster Evleaks is at it again. He was the first to reveal the Galaxy Tab 3.0 in its brand new blue color scheme. The Tab looks pretty svelte with the new paint-job. As you can see above Samsung decided to go with a nice muted blue. Now if only they could mute the garishness […]

Tablet Wars: Google Nexus 7 VS ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity TF700

It’s that time again. Time to put two great tablets up against each other. Today we have two ASUS-made tablets going at it. One with Stock Android, and one with a 1080p display. It’s the Nexus 7 vs the Transformer Pad Infinity, both on Jelly Bean but different versions of Jelly Bean. Both have quad-core […]

Tablet Wars: Google Nexus 10 VS Sony Xperia Tablet S

Well it’s time yet again to throw two great tablets into a Tablet War. This time we’ve got the Google Nexus 10 (manufactured by Samsung) going up against the Sony Xperia Tablet S. The Nexus 10 is running on a dual-core Exynos processor and the Xperia Tablet S is running on the popular and powerful […]

Tablet Wars: Google Nexus 10 VS ASUS Transformer Pad TF300

Welcome back to another edition of tablet wars. This is where we pin two of the high-end tablets against each other. We don’t keep it to just Android either. We’ve done the iPad and iPad Mini as well as the Microsoft Surface Tablets. Today we have the Google Nexus 10, with all it’s pixels going […]

Tablet Wars: Google Nexus 10 VS Apple iPad Mini

Here we go with another Tablet war. This time we are putting the best of Google up against the not-so-great of Apple. It’s the Nexus 10 in one corner and the iPad Mini in the other. Now you know how we do these things. We compare their specs then talk about each device individually with […]

Tablet Wars: Google Nexus 7 vs Microsoft Surface RT

Hello and welcome to yet another tablet war where we pit two touchscreen devices against each other to see which one is worth your hard earned dollars and which one is best avoided at all costs. This time around we have the Nexus 7 and the Surface RT, the first ARM based device running Windows […]

Tablet Wars: Google Nexus 10 VS Amazon Kindle Fire HD

Welcome to another Tablet War, where we pit two tablets against each other in bloody combat, to see which one comes out on top! Okay, so, maybe it’s not quite as glamorous as that but, we present with what you need to know before the jumping the gun on a tablet purchase. These two are […]

Tablet Wars: Google Nexus 10 VS ASUS Transformer Pad 700

Gather round folks and behold he latest in a line of fights between great Android tablets. Who’s going to come out on top and who’s going home to their mommy?! For this round we’ve got the latest from Google, the Nexus 10 and the most advanced offering from ASUS in the form of the Transformer […]

Tablet Wars: Google Nexus 10 VS Microsoft Surface RT

It’s that time again folks, where we pit two devices against each other and see which one of them comes out on top. This time around we have a couple of tablets that represent a lot about their respective platforms, you could say that these are the flag-bearers for Android and for Microsoft. For the […]

Tablet Wars: Google Nexus 7 vs Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7′

Once again, we’re gathered here to see two contenders go head to head to see which tablet is going to come out victorious. This time around we’ve got two fairly evenly matched contenders that should be able to trade blows with each other no problem. When they’re as evenly matched as this who’s going to […]