Cyanogen Teases New Quick Contact Card in CyanogenMod

Last week, Cyanogen teased a new version of their messaging app, which will be coming out soon for both Cyanogen OS and CyanogenMod. Now they are teasing the Quick Contact Card which will be making its way to CyanogenMod soon. The reason for them teasing these features is to get feedback from their users, which […]

Android 5.1.1 Nightly Builds of OmniROM Released

OmniROM, one of the many big name custom ROM’s floating around the development scene has now added Android 5.1.1 support to their nightly builds. While they have been uploading builds of Android Lollipop for some time, naturally their users were anxiously waiting for Android 5.1.1 to make its way into their favorite custom ROM. The team […]

Oppo Announces Some Of The Changes In Color OS 2.1.0i

Android 5.0, known as Lollipop, has been one of the most anticipated updates the operating system has ever received, mainly because it was very different from the older versions representing a visual overhaul with the introduction of the Material Design language, including brighter colors and new animations that seem to expand the surface of the […]

Samsung Galaxy S6, and S6 Edge in Europe & Asia Get 2nd OTA

A second software update this week for Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge phones is being pushed to users in Europe and Asia. According to the update’s changelog, this one improves the “fingerprint recognition process,” brings some updates to Samsung’s apps, and improves compatibility with an unspecified list of hardware accessories. This 159.29MB update carrying the build number XXU1AOE3 comes after Samsung rolled […]

Root Your Samsung Galaxy S6 Safely Using PingPong Root

So, you love the beastly hardware included in the Samsung Galaxy S6, but you aren’t loving TouchWiz. You want to go with an alternative flavor of Android, but you don’t want to void your phone’s warranty. With the way Samsung locks down the S6 you’ve basically been left without a solution – that is, until […]

AH Customization: Paranoid Android And Oppo

It was a little quiet in the custom world this week with not too much (or at least anything too substantial coming down the wire). That said, one interesting news announcement came from Paranoid Android. Over the last few weeks and months, it has been a little up-in-the-air as to what was happening with Paranoid […]

Samsung Galaxy S6 receives improved build of Android 5.0.2 Lollipop

Many owners of the Samsung Galaxy S6 can expect to soon find a pleasant notification waiting for them on their phones. A user in Europe has reported receiving a system notification prompting him to install a new over-the-air (OTA) update for Android that purports to deliver a load of bug fixes, additions and/or enhancements to software […]

AH Customization: Android Wear On Tizen Devices Edges Closer And Other News

One of the major benefits of customization is the ability to take what you are given (beit a smartphone, tablet, wearable or even a car) and be able to adjust it to better represent you and your needs. While most customizations are sometimes thought of as a proof-of-concept or a badge-of-honor to simply prove that […]

CyanogenMod 12.1 Nightlies, Based On Android 5.1 Are Now Available

This week has been a massive week for those who use or follow Cyanogen. At the start of the week the news broke that Cyanogen OS 12, the commercial variant of Cyanogen’s offering was finally live and the OTA was beginning to roll out to OnePlus One devices. This is Cyanogen’s take on Android 5.0 […]

Cyanogen OS 12 For The OnePlus One Is Now Live And The OTA Has Begun

If you are a OnePlus One owner, then you probably have been quite frustrated with the wait that has never seemed to end, when it comes to Android 5.0 (Lollipop). In spite of owning, what is essentially a carrier-free device, the wait for Lollipop has taken a long time to reach the One. This is […]

How To Re-Root The OnePlus One After Installing OxygenOS

Late last Friday night, OnePlus finally released OxygenOS. This came in the form of a download which required the user to sideload and flash onto their OnePlus One. As a result, there was no OTA for OxygenOS. While a lot of people have since downloaded and installed the OnePlus Android 5.0 (Lollipop) flavor, there have […]

Android Customization Weekly: How To Install OxygenOS On Your OnePlus One

It may have been a long time coming but all that is irrelevant now. If you have been waiting on the OnePlus homegrown OS, OxygenOS, then the wait is over. OnePlus have now released the download which can be used to install OxygenOS on your device. This is a manual download only, meaning there is […]

AOKP Announce They Will Be Working On MIUI 7 With Xiaomi

There was a time in the custom world, where being one of the custom ROM or OS developers, assumed the meaning that you were anti-establishment. In effect, offering an alternative to the status quo of more official skins and OSes on devices. However, in more recent times, the bridge between an official ROM/OS and unofficial […]

Android Customization Weekly: Introduction To Icon Packs

One of the main reasons android is such a popular operating system is the system wide level of customization that is offered. If you own an android phone or tablet then there seems to be almost no limit to how much or what can be customized. This level customization grows even more when you start […]