Featured Review: Second Look At The LG G4

For many people, the LG G4 was the surprise device of this year. The latest device in the G-range may have followed in the shadow of the release of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, but that does not mean LG were happy to let Samsung take all the glory. The LG G4 comes […]

Featured Review: Mlais M7

Mlais has really been pumping out the phones lately, with each one featuring something unique about it over others.  This is great for consumers as it gives them great variety and choice in their mobile phone purchasing decisions, all while keeping the price down to a reasonable level for many customers out there.  Mlais M7 […]

Turquoise – The New Hue for LG G4 And Xperia Z4 In Vietnam

Usually smartphone buyers find themselves purchasing a black smartphone with either silver or grey tones. Occasionally one thinks of buying a white device or a limited edition of a particular handset, but mostly it’s the same stuff around. To provide the users with a color choice, companies have started coming up with the colored smartphones and […]

Featured Review: Samsung Galaxy S6 Active

When Samsung announced the Galaxy S4 Active two years ago – along with the Galaxy S4 Zoom and S4 Mini – many of us wondered who would buy the Galaxy S4 Active. Evidently enough people did buy it, seeing as AT&T and Samsung have done a Galaxy S5 Active and Galaxy S6 Active now. This […]

Featured Review: Yu Yureka – Cyanogen’s Eureka!

The world of inexpensive smartphones seems to change nearly every week, with some manufacturer dropping a new device that continues to push the boundaries of what we thought were possible at low-end price points.  The $150 range is full of these sorts of devices, from the speed of the Lenovo K3 Note to the build quality […]

Featured Review: Huawei P8 Lite

Huawei is one of the companies who has been making big waves outside of the U.S. This is of course, thanks to their ability to offer decent spec devices, at a lower cost than most of the other bigger names. Well, like so many Asian companies, the goal of late seems to be getting into […]

Featured Review: Samsung Galaxy S6 – Second Look

Samsung is famous for their Galaxy S lineup, each year coming out with another iteration that has more features and a slightly new design to entice buyers to upgrade to the newest model or switch from another OEM. This year Samsung changed up the design by using premium metal and glass materials for the body, […]

Featured Review: Xiaomi Mi 4i

Xiaomi was founded in 2010, and it’s just amazing to see how much they’ve grown in just under 5 years. Xiaomi is arguably the most talked about smartphone maker in China, of course hiring former-Googler Hugo Barra definitely helped there. Recently, a number of smartphone manufacturers have started a major push into India. As industry […]

Featured Review: Mlais M4 Note

Mlais isn’t a household name quite yet, but they are feverishly working towards that goal with every device release.  As a relatively new smartphone manufacturer from China they have plenty of competition, both from established brands and from new and expanding ones from their homeland of Shenzhen.  Mlais makes a number of different kind of phones, […]

Featured Review: Meizu M2 Note

Here at Android Headlines we cover every bit of Android. Whether that’s in the US market, the European market or even in the Chinese market. Just recently we attended Meizu’s latest launch event for the M2 Note in Beijing. The M2 Note is their successor to the M1 Note which was announced last December, and […]

Featured Review: Lenovo K3 Note (K50-t5) – Budget With A Purpose

Budget phones are all over the market these days and that’s because we’ve finally hit a period of diminishing returns for most customers.  The days of how many cores a phone has, what GHz the processor is running at and other similar specs aren’t at the forefront of most people’s minds anymore, and that’s simply […]

Featured Review: Xiaomi Mi Note Pro

In China, Xiaomi is one of the bigger and more popular smartphone manufacturers. Not too long ago, Hugo Barra left Google to go work with Xiaomi. And since then, those in the US have been really interested about what Xiaomi is up too. Xiaomi has created some pretty interesting smartphones, and sell them, basically, at […]

Featured Review: Vodafone Smart prime 6

Background When we read “budget device,” most people think of a product designed to be built down to a price. Sometimes, this results in a smartphone or tablet with one or two deal breaking faults. Sometimes, it results in a device that significantly outperforms the expectations for the cost and a good example of this […]

Featured Review: LG G Stylo on Boost Mobile

LG’s G series has undergone quite an evolution since its humble beginnings in 2012 with the Optimus G.  Since then we’ve seen the buttons move to the back, laser auto focus taking a front-seat to the features list and bezels shrink like nobody’s business.  This general design language has creeped over to LG’s more budget-friendly phones […]

Featured Review: ZTE Nubia Z9 Mini

ZTE has been around the smartphone market for a number of years now, and when they announce a new flagship lineup plenty of people pay attention.  ZTE’s Nubia line of phones is their cream of the crop, and this year they’ve released not one or two, but three different SKEWs of the Nubia Z9.  This […]

Featured Review: No. 1 S6i – A Great Clone of a Great Phone

No. 1 is quite a versatile company.  It specializes in inexpensive devices that range the gamut from clones of popular devices to unique and original phones and smart devices.  They’ve sort of become a favorite among the crowd looking to save some serious cash on their next phone and don’t need the fastest phone on […]

Featured Review: Vodafone Smart first 6

Many modern smartphones are expensive. Each year, the established manufacturers release a flagship device that costs many hundreds of dollars. But many people are unable, or simply don’t want to spend so much on a smartphone. The flagship is often followed up by lesser models in the range with correspondingly lower specifications. At the bottom […]