Featured Review: NUU Mobile X1 Smartphone

Normally, there is big anticipation and excitement around a review of a smartphone. What will it be like? How will it perform? Are the rumors all true? Well, this week we are taking a quick look at a largely unknown smartphone from probably, an equally unknown manufacturer. The manufacturer is NUU Mobile and the device […]

Featured Review: Zopo Magic ZP920

You’ve likely not heard of Zopo before unless you’re a resident of mainland China, where the Shenzhen-based company has been making and selling Android-powered smartphones since 2012.  Zopo has produced dozens of phones over the past three years or so and has generally lived up to the price they charge for their products.  While many […]

Featured Review: Asus Zenfone 2 (ZE551ML)

At CES in Las Vegas this year Asus announced the Zenfone 2, the followup to the successful line of Zenfone smartphones it produced last year.  The last time we were graced with the opportunity to review an Asus phone was back in October last year, and now it’s time to put Asus newest product to the […]

Featured Review: Huawei P8

For quite some time, Huawei has been releasing the Ascend P line of devices as flagship Android smartphones for everyone. They’re the best that Huawei has to offer, and unlike their competitors they’ve always been somewhat reasonably priced, especially when talking about a device to be bought outright, rather than signing a contract. This year, […]

Featured Review: Second Look At The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is arguably the best smartphone Samsung has ever made. Not to mention that unlike previous incarnations of the Galaxy S range of devices, Samsung made two this year – the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. Last month, when the two devices were released, we did review them both as a […]

Featured Review: LG G4

It’s LG’s fourth generation of what started as the Optimus G line, and then was shortened to just “G” with the LG G2 back in 2013. Speaking of the LG G2, that was the phone from LG that really caught a lot of us off-guard. Many of us hadn’t expected LG to make an amazing […]

Featured Review: Xiaomi Mi Note LTE Bamboo Edition

As a company Xiaomi hasn’t been around nearly as long as most of its biggest competitors.  Having just celebrated its fifth birthday a few weeks ago the company also celebrated a victory in China in 2014, having overtaken Samsung as the largest smartphone manufacturer selling phones in the country.  Xiaomi has gone from yet another […]

Featured Review: Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3

How many of you have heard of Alcatel before? Probably not too many of you. I hadn’t really heard of them until about a year ago. Alcatel OneTouch is owned by TCL, and they make some great mid-range and low-end smartphones. Mostly available unlocked or on T-Mobile’s network. Alcatel OneTouch announced a smartwatch back at […]

Featured Review: Elephone G1 – $70 of Pure Magic

Carrier subsidies are a very real problem in the mobile industry for a number of reasons.  Besides locking customers in for an average of two years with a phone that they may end up hating a couple of months down the road, it destroys any semblance of the value of smartphones as a whole.  Large […]

Samsung Galaxy S6 & Galaxy S6 Edge Review: The Next Big Thing is Back

Without a doubt, Samsung has been the market leader for Android for a few years. For a while it seemed like Samsung was just going to sit in their own ways. But we learned in Barcelona that’s not true. Samsung is great when it comes to marketing their device. And that’s a big reason for […]

Featured Review: Mlais M52 Red Note

It seems like every new Chinese phone is better than the last.  Here at Android Headlines we’ve begun to really specialize in reviewing the latest and greatest from China regardless of the price point, but the nature of the beast keeps the price point for these phones low and the specs bleeding edge for the […]

Featured Review: uleFone Be Pro

The world of Chinese manufacturers is incredibly competitive, always pushing the boundaries of what people thought was possible at a specific price range.  Companies like Samsung, LG and Apple all thrive on the sales of their high-end smartphones that cost over $500 and even well above the $1,000 mark in some cases.  Chinese manufacturers have […]

Featured Review: LG G Flex 2 (Sprint)

Back in late 2013, LG announced their first curved display smartphone, around the same time Samsung announced theirs. Which was the Galaxy Round. Needless to say, only one made it to the US, and only one made it to the second generation. That’d be the LG G Flex 2. At CES, LG took the wraps […]

Featured Review: HTC One M9

In Barcelona, HTC held their press conference for the HTC One M9. We entered the building basically knowing what to expect, given all the leaks we’ve seen of the device ahead of time. But HTC did still surprise us, as there was no HTC One M9 Plus at the event. So our attention was on […]

Featured Review: Elephone P5000 – Battery for Days

Elephone is known in China for their affordable phones with lots of community support.  Elephone takes a slightly different look at Android from most Chinese manufacturers in that it provides users with a mostly stock experience with only a few tweaks here and there.  The Elephone P5000 is the company’s latest mid-ranger from the company […]

Featured Review: Xiaomi Mi Note

Last week, I was in San Francisco at Xiaomi’s first US press event. It was more of a fireside chat, where Xiaomi was basically introducing the company to the US media. Android Headlines has been covering Xiaomi for quite some time, so a lot of the info that was shared at this event, we already […]

Featured Review: Meizu M1 Note – More Bang for Your Buck

2014 was a landmark year for Chinese manufacturer Meizu, who had traditionally only released one flagship phone per year.  Fall 2014 brought about two flagships from the growing company, and in December they announced a new budget-minded phone designed to usher in a new crowd of Meizu owners.  Meizu has traditionally focused on the higher-end spec race […]