Featured Review: Anker Ultra Slim Qi Wireless Charger

We were first introduced, really, to Qi Wireless Charging back with the Nexus 4. Sure there were a few other smartphones that had the capability, but the Nexus 4 really started to slowly make it mainstream. Now that the Samsung Galaxy S6 has it out of the box, it’s getting even more mainstream. There are […]

Featured: Top 10 Best Headphones for the LG G4

LG has decided to put their speaker for the G4 on the back of the device this time around. Not our favorite placement for a speaker, but it’s not too terrible. However, headphones can solve that issue. And we’ve rounded up our top 10 favorite headphones to use with the LG G4. So let’s check […]

Featured Review: Verus Iron Shield For The Galaxy S6

If you’re still on the hunt for the perfect case to compliment your Samsung Galaxy S6, we have another case review for you to check out. This is one is another case from Verus who we reviewed the Iron Bumper from earlier on in the week, and like that particular case this one comes along […]

Featured Review: Livescribe 3 Smartpen, Bridging the Gap Between Physical and Digital

Over the years many people have changed the way they communicate and write drastically.  Communication has moved from phone calls and conference room meetings to text messages and Hangouts.  Many people don’t carry around a pen any longer but tend to use the note-taking app found on their favorite phone or tablet instead.  This digital […]

Featured: Top 10 Best Cases for the LG G4

The LG G4 is nearly here, we’ve already gotten pre-orders started over on Sprint and other carriers should be starting up soon as well. Now it’s time to find a nice case for our new LG G4, right? What better place than our top 10 cases for the LG G4 to get you started. Let’s […]

Featured Review: FlexiShield Dot HTC One M9 Case

The HTC One M9 might not be selling all that well for HTC, but it’s a great phone and with a decent camera, great speakers and a nice form factor the HTC One M9 is a device many people swear by. As such, it’s understandable that people want to take care of their investment. We’ve […]

Featured Review: Pelican ProGear Protector Case For The Galaxy S6

Similar to the case review from yesterday we have another case today from Pelican ProGear. This time around the case is a little less clunky since it’s part of Pelican’s Protector series, so it’s essentially a dual-layered case with a protective tough back for the outside and a softer rubberized material for the inside of […]

Featured Review: HTC One M9 Olixar FlexiShield Case

When a new Android smartphone is launched there are a lot of case options available to keep your device protected. However, not everyone is in the mood or market for something fairly expensive or super-duper amazing. Which is why it’s nice to see cases like this from Olixar available. This is the FlexiShield case for […]

Featured Review: Pelican ProGear Voyager Case For The Galaxy S6

The common conundrum for many users today when it comes to smartphones, is throwing a case on it to protect it from drops and other everyday damage. This can be especially true with something like the Galaxy S6 which has a very sleek design with premium glass and metal construction. After all, you paid quite […]

Featured Review: Verus Iron Bumper Case For The Galaxy S6

Samsung really came around with the design of the Galaxy S6, utilizing everything they’ve learned about phone design and what the customer is looking for at this point and taking that and running with it. The end result is a combination of sleek look glass and a nicely finished metal which really amps up the […]

Featured Review: Verus Crystal Mixx Case for the Galaxy S6

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is a beautiful device. Many don’t want to put a case on it because it just looks so nice, but what if you drop it. Yeah, you’re going to want a case. Luckily there are some cases out there that show off the sexiness of the Galaxy S6 still. One of […]

Featured Review: Encase 5.5 Inch Rotating Universal Phone Case

If you are planning on picking up a new device anytime soon, then you will also need to consider whether or not to pick up a new case for your device. In recent times, there seems to be two distinct trends occurring with newer smartphones. The first is that they are getting incrementally bigger. In […]

Featured Review: Choetech Solar Charger

Have you ever found yourself in a place with a dead phone or tablet and no way to charge it?  There’s plenty of solutions for this including power banks and replaceable batteries if your device supports that sort of thing, but both of those solutions have one common caveat that could result in a repeat […]

Incipio Announces their Line of Cases for the LG G4 – Starting at $19.99

The LG G4 isn’t quite available yet, looks like it should be available around the end of May or early June. Incipio has announced a slew of cases for the LG G4, which are available right now for pre-order. They consist of all of their popular lines including the NGP, Dual Pro, Dual Pro Shine, Octane […]

Featured Review: Fonesalesman QiStone+ and WoodPuck Bamboo

Fonesalesman is not the first name that I’d think of when it comes to Wireless Chargers, but then again “Qi” is hardly what you’d think of, either. Fonesalesman is a somewhat misleading name as they don’t actually sell phones at all, in fact they specialize in Qi chargers and receivers for all sorts of popular […]

Featured Review: BRAVEN BRV-HD Bluetooth Speaker

Portable speakers are a big deal these days. Not to mention, Bluetooth speakers are proving to be increasingly popular too. While speakers on smartphone are becoming increasingly better, they still do not offer the external sound quality one would like. Therefore, Bluetooth portable speakers in particular, are literally, all the rage right now. A speaker […]

Featured Review: Inateck BK1002 Bluetooth Keyboard

A Bluetooth keyboard can be an invaluable accessory for those on the move, or those just looking to use something other than a laptop to get work done. Assuming that the majority of what you need to get done on the road is a lot of typing, then throwing a Bluetooth keyboard in your bag is […]