Featured Review: Aukey Quad-USB Port Car Charger

Aukey makes some great chargers. They have quite a few. We’re always running across deals on their multi-port wall and desktop chargers. They also have multi-port car chargers. Today we’re going to take a look at a car charger from Aukey that has four, count them, four USB ports. This charger puts out 48W/9.6A in […]

Quick Look: Incipio Octane Case for the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

We’re digging into the Galaxy Note Edge now and will be doing our full review in the next week or so. But in the meantime we have some more eye candy for you. Incipio was nice enough to send over a couple of their cases for the Galaxy Note Edge and right now we’re taking […]

Featured: Top 10 Best Bluetooth Speakers for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Need a nice speaker for your Samsung Galaxy Note 4? What about the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge? Well great news, there’s a ton out there that will work with EVERY Android smartphone pretty much ever made, as long as it has Bluetooth. Below are ten of our favorite Bluetooth Speakers that are available right now. […]

Featured Review: Mpow 3 In 1 Clip-On Fisheye, Wide Angle, And Macro Lenses

I like having a decent camera on my smartphone. I recently traded in my OnePlus One for an Xperia Z2 because the 20.7-megapixel camera that Sony packs into its flagship Xperia devices is one of the best cameras you can get in a phone. For all that, I understand that smartphone cameras have limitations, among […]

Featured Review: BACtrack Mobile And Vio Smartphone Breathalyzers

You can get a breathalyzer that fits in your pocket or even on your key ring, but do you have one for your phone? The BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer wants to be your be-all, end-all for portable breathalyzers. The BACtrack Mobile fits in your pocket and the smaller BACtrack Vio fits right on your keychain and […]

Case of the Day: Verus Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Wallet Case

This is a Precisely Designed Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Wallet Case [Domestic & International][EXCEPT Verizon Model]. Made with 100% Classic Smooth Vintage Style PU Leather in Accented Two Tone Colors. Build in Card Pockets to Conveniently Store IDs and Credit Cards. Safe, Secure Magnetic Closure with soft inner chamude texture. Imbedded Leather Casing for Additional Grip […]

Featured Review: SOL REPUBLIC Relays In-Ear Headphones

SOL REPUBLIC has a bunch of great headphones and speakers available right now. And they were kind enough to send us a review unit of their Relays headphones, which we have the black color here. It’s available in a ton of colors. These headphones are aimed at those that are looking for work out headphones, […]

Featured: Top 10 Best Cases for the Google Nexus 6

The Google Nexus 6 is one of the biggest phones of the year, quite literally. And it’s gonna get dropped. So you’ll want to pick up a case to protect your $700 investment, right? Well we’ve got a bunch of cases here that you’ll want to check out. Currently there’s not a huge selection of […]

Featured: Top 10 Best Bluetooth Speakers for the Google Nexus 6

The Google Nexus 6 does have front-facing speakers on board. But sometimes you want a bit more speaker for your phone for whatever you’re listening too. That’s where these Bluetooth speakers come in. Ultimate Ears BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker This is one of my all-time favorite speakers. I’ve had this for nearly a year and […]

Featured: Top 10 Best Bluetooth Speakers for the Google Nexus 9

While the Nexus 9 does have front-facing speakers, sometimes you want a bit more sound. Perhaps to be immersed in the game or movie you’re playing or watching. That’s where Bluetooth Speakers come in, and there’s a ton of great ones out there. Ultimate Ears BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker This is one of my all-time […]

Featured: Top 10 Best Battery Packs for the Moto X (2014)

The Moto X 2014 doesn’t have a removable battery, but it does have a pretty good sized battery that should get you through the day. Unless you’re a pretty heavy user. However, if you aren’t able to get through the day. There’s plenty of other battery packs here for you to check out. EasyAcc EasyAcc 10000mAh […]

Featured: Top 10 Best Headphones for the Google Nexus 6

The Google Nexus 6 isn’t quite yet available – even though it went up for pre-order for a quick second on Wednesday. But Let’s look at some headphones for the 6-inch Nexus 6. Beats Solo HD Headphones Beats is a kind of controversial product. Some people think it’s just a marketing thing, while others think […]

Top 10 Phone Accessories of the Month – November 2014

After you buy a new phone, what’s the next thing you look for? Accessories right? Like battery packs, headphones, speakers, chargers, cases, and more. Well in addition to the top 10 accessories we do for each device, we will also be doing a top 10 each month. Now these won’t be all new stuff (accessories […]

Samsung Introduce’s The Level Box Mini

Portable speakers have paved the way for a whole new way of listening to the music you have on your phone. They also come in handy if your CD player in you car is broken or you’re out participating in a recreational sport and want some awesome tunes to jam to. Whatever the activity may […]