Featured Review: Incipio DualPro Shine Case for the LG G4

Incipio has a few lines of cases which are made for all of the smartphones that they make cases for. One of the older lines is the DualPro line, which also has a DualPro Shine model. We’ve seen this one countless times and it never gets old. It’s pretty much the same as the DualPro […]

Featured Review: Fitbit Surge

The Fitbit Surge is Fitbit’s latest fitness tracker, pairing together features from their previous trackers with GPS, a heart rate sensor, and a watch, making it their most advanced activity tracker to date. Having used other wearables to track fitness before like the Moto 360 and the Razer Nabu X, the Fitbit Surge definitely feels […]

Featured Review: Aukey Turbo Wall Charger

It’s no secret, that Quick Charge is one of my favorite new pieces of technology right now. Being able to charge your phone quicker than you could in recent years, is definitely something to get excited about. Especially with these phone batteries getting bigger and bigger. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800-series processors all support Quick Charge 2.0, […]

Featured Review: Sony SmartBand Talk

Last year was the year that we saw Sony enter the wearable technology space in earnest with the Sony SmartBand, the Sony SmartBand Talk and of course, the Sony SmartWatch 3. As I found out reviewing the original SWR110 SmartBand last year, Sony’s approach to fitness tracking was more of a low-key, more relaxed one. […]

Featured: Top 10 Best Quick Charge Certified Accessories

Over the past year, we’ve seen more devices coming out with Quick Charge enabled, as well as more accessories coming out that support Quick Charge. Not only do we have simple wall chargers that can charge your phone quickly, like the Turbo Charger from Motorola, but we also have 5-port hubs from the likes of […]

Featured Review: OnePlus One Flexishield Gel Case

The OnePlus One is one of the most popular smartphones of the last year. Of course, the sales of the device do not contend with those from Samsung, HTC and the likes. However, as this was the company’s first major release and from what was essentially an unknown startup, the success of the One cannot […]

Featured Review: TYLT RIBBN Car Charger

Over the past year or two, we’ve reviewed quite a few accessories from TYLT, including wireless chargers, different cases, and even stickers to enable Qi Wireless charging on the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4. But today we have a car charger. However, it’s not just any car charger, it’s TYLT’s RIBBN car charger. So what […]

Featured Review: Huawei TalkBand B2

Huawei held their first proper U.S. device launch this month which saw the release of their mid-range version of their P8 flagship device, in the form of the Huawei P8 Lite. Along with the P8 Lite, Huawei also took the opportunity to launch their latest fitness tracker/Bluetooth headset in the U.S., the TalkBand B2. As […]

Case of the Day: Caseology Envoy Series for the Galaxy S6

We’ve seen some pretty interesting cases for the Galaxy S6 and other smartphones over the past few weeks. Today, we have one from Caseology that gives your Galaxy S6 a leather back. It’s the Envoy Series. Which is available in a slew of colors as well as carbon fiber. For the PU Leather we have […]

Featured Review: Xiaomi Yi Action Camera

As a whole Xiaomi is a company that specializes in making the products you want for a price that’s considerably less than you thought.  This mentality started with their smartphones, which usually retail for hundreds of dollars less than bigger guys like Apple and Samsung, but feature nearly the same specs, features and build quality. […]

Case of the Day: Verus Thor for the LG G4

The LG G4 has been available for a short time now, after being announced back on April 28th. While it does come in leather, a lot of carriers are stocking the plastic-backed models more. Likely because they think they will sell more than the leather LG G4’s. If you have a plastic-backed LG G4, you’ll […]

Featured Review: Incipio DualPro CF for the LG G4

Once we get a new smartphone in the house, one of the things we like to do is get our hands on some new cases and check them out. That way we can recommend to our readers what are some of the best cases for the LG G4, and not recommend cases that are really […]

Featured Review: Impossible Project Instant Lab

It’s 2015, and it has never been easier to take a good photo with the phone in your pocket, share it with millions of people, pass it around your friends and family and do whatever you want with that image. All of this is great, and devices like the LG G4 and its full manual […]

Featured: Top 10 Accessories for June 2015

Each month we put together a list of accessories that work with most devices. Some of these may be old items, some may be new. But they are all pretty unique and ones that we think you’ll love. Samsung Wireless Charging Pad This is the wireless charging pad that retailers like Best Buy, were giving […]

Featured Review: Neo Smartpen N2

As technology continues its onward march, there are a number of new products coming to the limelight which emphasize how technology is changing the way we do things compared to before. These are the ‘smart things’ and resemble items we know, but are different as capable of doing much more than the older analog versions […]

Featured Review: Grain Audio PWS.01 Bluetooth Speaker

  Bluetooth speakers are increasingly growing in their popularity. While this is partly due to an increase in the number of consumers who see the value in Bluetooth accessories, this is also due to the variance of Bluetooth speakers that is becoming available. In fact, it now seems that whatever your budget is, there is […]

Featured Review: aLLreLi’s Wallet Folio for the Galaxy S6

Along with the many other cases that aLLreLi has for the Galaxy S6, there is also the Folio kickstand case. This case is more of a traditional folio case from aLLreLi. Inside you have the plastic case to hold in the Galaxy S6, which also folds out so you can use it as a kick […]