Featured: Top 10 Best Cases for the HTC One M9

There’s no doubt that the HTC One M9 is a beautiful device. It really is. But metal does scratch easily. So you’re going to want to cover that thing up if you want to keep it looking good. There are a ton of cases available right now for the HTC One M9. But which ones […]

Featured Review: Xiaomi Mi Band

Last summer, Xiaomi released the Mi Band, a fitness tracker that garnered headlines for its price more than anything else. It’s been a little tricky getting hold of one thanks to the fact that Xiaomi devices aren’t exactly that easy to get hold of outside of China, but the folks at MobileFun UK have them […]

Featured Review: CHOETECH 15W Quickcharge 2.0 Wall Charger

Micro USB cables have been a blessing ever since Android phones started using them many years ago.  This is the case for a number of reasons but probably most so because it’s super easy to replace any one that gets lost or broken.  Not all chargers are created equal, however, and some definitely aren’t intended […]

Featured Review: CHOETECH 4-Port USB Quickcharge 2.0 Car Charger

Hopping in the car after a long day of work or school only to find that your phone is nearly dead?  That 10 percent left on your battery might get you home if you’re lucky, but playing music on your drive will almost certainly be too much for it to handle.  Thankfully you’ve got a […]

Featured Review: Scosche BoomBOTTLE Bluetooth Speaker

  Scosche’s BoomBOTTLE is a pretty interesting Bluetooth speaker. It’s basically set up like a water bottle and meant to bring you about 10 hours of amazing sounding audio. It also includes a nice heavy-duty carabiner  so you can attach it to other items and places. It’s about a $100, so let’s see how well […]

Featured Review: LoopPay – The New Way To Pay At Retail

Way back in the ancient days of Fall 2013 Will Graylin & George Wallner started a Kickstarter for a product called LoopPay.  This product advertised itself as the new way to pay electronically at retail, letting you store all of your debit, credit and loyalty cards on one easy to use wallet app and pay for […]

Featured: Top 8 Best Cases for the LG G Flex 2

  The LG G Flex 2 isn’t quite out yet, but we should be seeing it launching on a few US carriers in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, plenty of case manufacturers have announced their own cases and they are now available. So let’s take a look at about 10 great cases for the LG […]

Featured Review: Inateck BP2001 Bluetooth Speaker

There are so many Bluetooth speakers out there these days that it can be really difficult to choose not only something that sounds good, but one that doesn’t break the bank. Then there are the different types of speakers out there. Do you want a super-portable one? A waterproof one? One that doubles as a […]

Featured Review: Divoom Voombox-Party Bluetooth Speaker

A Bluetooth speaker that has NFC, and is water-proof and shock proof, is definitely a speaker to check out. And that’s what the Divoom Voombox-party speaker is. Divoom’s Voombox-party speaker is a nice sized speaker that outputs a ton of sound (and it sounds great), but it’s also got NFC for pairing, and is water […]

Featured Review: Cool Stream Car Chat+

Many of the newer cars to come out in the last few years have Bluetooth, and even 4G LTE support. But what if your car doesn’t have Bluetooth capabilities? You feel like you’re in the dark ages, right? I know how you feel. My 2009 Chevy Aveo doesn’t have Bluetooth. But it does have a […]

Featured Review: XY Find It Bluetooth Smart Beacon

Don’t you hate it when you lose your keys?  How about your wallet, pet or something else important?  What if you could get a little tracking beacon that kept track of objects for you, alerted you when they get left somewhere and help you find it in the process?  That’s the promise behind the XY […]

Featured: Top 10 Accessories for March 2015

Each month we do a top 10 accessories list. Some of these are new accessories, some are old and are ones we just stumbled upon recently (making them new to us). We try to keep this one full of universal accessories, meaning they will work for any smartphone you have. As we already do top […]

Featured Review: Xiaomi Mi Headphones

Xiaomi is more than just a phone manufacturer. They also make other products, like power banks, and headphones. At their San Francisco event a little over a week ago, they sent us home with a review unit of the Xiaomi Mi Headphones. These headphones cost $109, so not the super cheap that you usually expect […]

Featured Review: Puregear Powerbank 10,000mAh

As devices increase in performance, we also see devices coming with bigger battery capacities. That said, batteries can only get so big and regardless of the mAh of your built-in battery, sometimes it is just not enough juice to get you through the day. If that sounds like a common problem then this is where […]

Featured Review: Sennheiser HD 439 Over Ear Headphones

Sennheiser makes a wide range of amazing sound products, including the HD line of headphones. There are a number of levels to the HD line, with 400 series being some of the more affordable options that they offer. That doesn’t mean these cans aren’t worth your time, though. The Sennheiser HD 439 headphones are mid-range […]

Featured Review: RHA T10 In-Ear Headphones

If you’re a big music listener, you’ve probably fantasized over an expensive or good-looking pair of headphones in the past. I’ve been there, and while I have the luxury of listening to full-size headphones while typing away all day, many simply can’t take their full-size headphones with them on the commute to work or don’t want […]

Featured Review: Xiaomi Mi Power Bank

Anyone that travels probably loves power banks like this small 10,400mAh one that Xiaomi has here. It makes it easy to charge up your smartphones and tablets without being stuck next to a wall outlet all day. Xiaomi gave us their Mi Power Bank at their San Francisco event last week to take a look […]