Featured: Top 10 Accessories for March 2015

Each month we do a top 10 accessories list. Some of these are new accessories, some are old and are ones we just stumbled upon recently (making them new to us). We try to keep this one full of universal accessories, meaning they will work for any smartphone you have. As we already do top […]

Featured Review: Xiaomi Mi Headphones

Xiaomi is more than just a phone manufacturer. They also make other products, like power banks, and headphones. At their San Francisco event a little over a week ago, they sent us home with a review unit of the Xiaomi Mi Headphones. These headphones cost $109, so not the super cheap that you usually expect […]

Featured Review: Puregear Powerbank 10,000mAh

As devices increase in performance, we also see devices coming with bigger battery capacities. That said, batteries can only get so big and regardless of the mAh of your built-in battery, sometimes it is just not enough juice to get you through the day. If that sounds like a common problem then this is where […]

Featured Review: Sennheiser HD 439 Over Ear Headphones

Sennheiser makes a wide range of amazing sound products, including the HD line of headphones. There are a number of levels to the HD line, with 400 series being some of the more affordable options that they offer. That doesn’t mean these cans aren’t worth your time, though. The Sennheiser HD 439 headphones are mid-range […]

Featured Review: RHA T10 In-Ear Headphones

If you’re a big music listener, you’ve probably fantasized over an expensive or good-looking pair of headphones in the past. I’ve been there, and while I have the luxury of listening to full-size headphones while typing away all day, many simply can’t take their full-size headphones with them on the commute to work or don’t want […]

Featured Review: Xiaomi Mi Power Bank

Anyone that travels probably loves power banks like this small 10,400mAh one that Xiaomi has here. It makes it easy to charge up your smartphones and tablets without being stuck next to a wall outlet all day. Xiaomi gave us their Mi Power Bank at their San Francisco event last week to take a look […]

Featured: Top 10 Best Battery Packs and Backup Batteries

One of the great things about not having a removable battery is that you can get one battery pack that will charge any device. While it’s not as convenient as just popping in a new battery, it does mean you don’t need a new battery every time you buy a new phone. We’ve got a […]

Featured: Top 10 Best Cases for the Google Nexus 9

The Google Nexus 9 is available now, and has been for a few months now. So it’s time to revisit our Top 10 Cases for the Nexus 9, as quite a few new ones have launched in the past 2-3 months. Below are 10+ cases (we may or may not have gotten carried away) that […]

Featured Review: Tylt Vu Car Wireless Charger

“Is Qi Wireless Charging a gimmick?” I hear this question all the time, in fact I heard it just this morning on Google+. It might still feel like a gimmick to a lot of people, but it really isn’t. The fact that you can put your phone into a dock in your car and not […]

Featured Review: Master & Dynamic ME03 Earphones

Earlier this year, I had the chance to review the Master & Dynamic MH40, one of the best-looking and best-sounding set of headphones I’d ever spent time with. For $399 this wasn’t so surprising, after all the New York based company made no qualms about offering a rich, warm sound in a pair of cans built […]

Featured: Top 10 Best Headphones – February 2015

Looking for a decent pair of headphones for your Android smartphone, tablet, or even Chromebook? Well we’ve got ya covered. We’ve listed about 10 headphones here that are great and definitely ones that you should check out. Beats Solo HD Headphones Beats is a kind of controversial product. Some people think it’s just a marketing […]

Featured Review: LuguLake Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Bluetooth speaker market is overloaded with options. It seems like every electronics company has a Bluetooth, or several, and there are loads of small companies overseas that just make speakers. Some sell them directly on Amazon or eBay and some stock them in retail stores. All of them are looking for something that sets […]

Featured Review: Inateck BTSP 10 Bluetooth Speaker

When it comes to Bluetooth portable speakers, there’s a definite compromise between portability, sound quality and volume. Larger speakers have the advantage when it comes to sound quality and volume but are less portable. Smaller speakers are much easier to carry around but often don’t sound as pleasing to the ear. What we’ve been seeing […]

Featured Review: Anker Dual-Port Car Charger (24W, 4.8A)

There’s a billion car chargers out there, maybe a bit more than that. But just about every company you can think of likely has a car charger or two that they sell. Anker has one, that we are taking a look at today. This is their dual-port USB Car charger. It can output up to […]

Featured: Top 10 Car Docks for Android

Looking for a car dock for your smartphone? Well we’ve got a bunch of car docks that work for multiple smartphones so that you don’t need a new one the next time you buy a new phone. Pretty slick right? Let’s check out some of our favorites. Alpatronix MX101 Universal Car Cradle Dock Station The […]

Featured: Top 10 Best Bluetooth Speakers – February 2015

Looking for a nice speaker for your desk, your house, or just to take to the beach? We’ve got you covered with a ton of great speakers available at a range of prices from $20 all the way up to $300 or more. Logitech UE Mini Boom This is another one of my favorite speakers. It’s […]

Featured: Top 10 Best Cases for the Sony Xperia Z3

The Sony Xperia Z3 is another one of my favorite phones from 2014. I know I have a lot of favorites, huh? If you bought a Xperia Z3, you are probably looking for a case or two for it, right? Well we’ve got a few listed below for you. Noot® Basics Ultra Slim Fit Smooth […]