Linshof’s Unusual i8 Smartphone Cancelled Before It Even Got Started

Three weeks ago, Tom covered the Linshof i8 smartphone from a German manufacturer known for producing inexpensive desktop machines. The i8 was based around a 5.0-inch screen described as “full HD resolution,” which we take to mean 1080p. The processor was an unknown octa core design with a maximum clock speed of 2.1 GHz and […]

Featured Review: HTC RE Camera

We’ve been saying for a while that these smartphone OEMs are going to need to branch out and put out other products in other categories. Which Samsung, Sony and LG already have that as Samsung makes just about anything you can think of. Sony does TV’s, cameras, and a ton of other things, and LG […]

Google Announce NVIDIA And Marvell Processors Will Also Be Available For Project Ara

Project Ara is a wonderful proposition. The idea that you can literally build your own smartphone will bring a whole new level of customization to the table. However, the additional benefit of Google’s modular smartphone is that you do not have to stick with your original built smartphone. You don’t like something, no problem, switch […]

Moto X 2014 32GB Availability Announced, Exclusive to Flipkart

Exclusive devices aren’t anything new, and to Motorola customers in India you’ve known for some time now that the place to get your favorite phones is Flipkart. The online shopping giant in India has scored yet another exclusive from Motorola, this time a larger storage variant of Motorola’s 2014 flagship, the second generation Moto X. […]

Phone Comparisons: HTC Desire 820 vs Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Introduction We have a good one for you today – the new HTC Desire 820 versus the new Samsung Galaxy Alpha.  This is like the ultimate smartphone for teenagers versus a possible smartphone for the adult’s boardroom.  Both devices look nice in their own way, as the Desire 820 is a plastic, colorful fun phone […]

Accessory Review: SIM Card Adapters By Sharpe Innovations

Sometimes the simplest things in life are the most necessary ones. Every phone inevitably uses a different size SIM card, and it’s more difficult than it should be to just get your old SIM card into your new phone half the time because of this. What you need in this situation is a set of […]

Moto G (2014) Reportedly Receiving Android 5.0.1 Lollipop Update Now

As the obsession with Android’s new operating system, Android 5.0 (Lollipop) continues, the news keeps rolling in. The latest news is that Lollipop has begun rolling out to another device. This time, it seems it is the turn of the Motorola Moto G second generation (2014). Interestingly, this Lollipop update for the Moto G 2014 edition […]

Samsung Galaxy S6 Gets Imported to India for R&D Testing Purposes

This is the time of year where rumors start flying for the next iteration of devices.  While many won’t even receive their new phones for another week when Christmas comes around there are plenty speculating and hoping that the next iteration of their favorite smartphone is everything they ever wanted.  Samsung usually launches its Galaxy […]

Phone Comparisons: HTC Desire 820 vs Samsung Galaxy S5

Introduction We have another good one for you today – the new HTC Desire 820 versus the Samsung Galaxy S5.  The HTC Desire 820 follows in its big brother’s, HTC One, footsteps with its basic design only out of plastic, not aluminum.  But like the Samsung Galaxy S5, which is also made out of plastic, […]

$30 Android Smartphones Are Here To Stay And Will Help Drive Internet Use

A budget Android device can mean many things and there is a compromise between many different factors, including the screen size and resolution, processor, memory, storage, camera and software on the device. Mid and high end handsets have mid to high end processors, screens, memory chips and camera modules, which give users a better experience. […]

Featured Review: Amazon Fire TV Stick

The battle for your living room, and more importantly your HDMI ports on your TV is really heating up. Last year we saw the Chromecast come out and have massive success. In fact, it’s still selling very well. Since the Chromecast was announced, Roku has seen their market share in streaming go down. Prior to […]

Gresso Announced Three New Luxury Android Handsets

Most of us can’t afford any sort of luxury phones that are offered out there, but for those of you who can, there are companies like the one we’ll cover in this article. Gresso is a Swiss company which has been around for a while now and already has a significant number of devices out […]