Analysts Suggest The LG G4 Might Not See Better Sales Than What Was Achieved By The LG G3

Korean consumer durables giant LG’s new flagship smartphone, expected to be officially released as the LG G4 later this month, was ‘accidentally’ leaked last week, when one of their site designers allegedly published an under-construction page pertaining to the device on their official site (it has since been pulled). Although the page contained many incorrect […]

Samsung Galaxy S6 & Galaxy S6 Edge Review: The Next Big Thing is Back

Without a doubt, Samsung has been the market leader for Android for a few years. For a while it seemed like Samsung was just going to sit in their own ways. But we learned in Barcelona that’s not true. Samsung is great when it comes to marketing their device. And that’s a big reason for […]

Phone Comparisons: Samsung Galaxy Note Edge vs Samsung Galaxy S6

Introduction Do we have another good one for you today – the mighty Samsung Galaxy Note Edge goes up against the new Samsung Galaxy S6, and this decision will be as tough as they come…does the phablet, curved edge and S-Pen abilities of the Note Edge outweigh the better specifications of the Galaxy S6.  When […]

CyanogenMod 12.1 Nightlies, Based On Android 5.1 Are Now Available

This week has been a massive week for those who use or follow Cyanogen. At the start of the week the news broke that Cyanogen OS 12, the commercial variant of Cyanogen’s offering was finally live and the OTA was beginning to roll out to OnePlus One devices. This is Cyanogen’s take on Android 5.0 […]

Featured Review: Incipio Ghost 220 Qi Wireless Charging Pad

Now that Samsung has decided to add wireless charging into their devices without needing to get another back plate. Qi wireless chargers are beginning to get really popular. We even saw Ikea announce some new furniture with wireless charging – that I personally can’t wait to get! Incipio sent over a slew of Qi wireless […]

Case of the Week: Poetic Leather Flip Case for the Google Nexus 6

Are you looking for a nice tasteful case for your Google Nexus 6? Well look no further than this leather flip case from Poetic. Poetic makes some really great cases, and right now they have this leather flip case available and it comes in at just $13 with Amazon Prime shipping. It’s a flip faux […]

Sony Launches Entry Level Xperia E4g Dual With LTE In India

In February this year, Sony had launched the fourth generation of their entry level Xperia E, predictably dubbed the Xperia E4 along with it’s dual SIM variant, the Xperia E4 Dual. But disappointingly for most would-be buyers, it did not have LTE connectivity unlike a lot of its competitors in the same price range. So […]

Featured Review: Speck Candy Shell Case for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

We’re going through the cases we have here for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge and reviewing them one by one. Next up is Speck’s Candy Shell case for the Galaxy S6 Edge. We have it in gray and green, pictures of both are down below. It’s a pretty simple case, it’s a hard […]

Gold Platinum Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Selling for the Bargain Price of $8,000

Smart devices were once expensive for a number of different reasons than today.  When smartphones were new components were much more difficult to manufacture, especially in larger quantities, and the elements making up those components were likely all more expensive too.  As smartphones became more prominent prices dropped, and you can now get a completely […]

Oppo R7 Shows Up In Video And Images Again Touting Its Edge-To-Edge Display

We’re seeing quite a few ‘bezel-free’ devices launched lately. This doesn’t necessarily means they don’t have any bezel on them, because they do, but their side bezels are incredibly thin, almost non-existent. A Chinese company, Letv, has announced a line of flagship devices recently which sport such thin bezels. Same can be said of Huawei’s […]

New Leak Seemingly Confirms LG G4 Will Be Powered By The Snapdragon 808 SoC

Samsung, HTC and Huawei have already announced their flagship devices for 2015, there are quite a few smartphone manufacturers who still haven’t done that though. LG is definitely one of those OEMs, this Korean tech giant will announce their LG G4 flagship on April 28. The company has already sent out invites for the launch […]