How Hugo Barra Plans to Expand Xiaomi into India

It seems that we write more about Hugo Barra now than when he was with Google only a year ago, before he defected to Xiaomi.  It appears that it what was Google’s loss was really Xiaomi’s gain and a good move for Hugo – Xiaomi was founded in 2010 and has already become China’s largest […]

Xiaomi Higher-Ups Welcome Google to the 4:3 Screen Party

Think of the phone, tablet, or camera (if you’re like me and read news on a smart camera, that is) and the screen you’re seeing this written (or typed, technically) on.  The screen is probably a 16 by 9 (sometimes written as 16:9) aspect ration.  This means that the screen is noticeably longer than it […]

The Meizu MX4 Could Turn Into An Even Sweeter Deal Thanks To A Price Cut

The Meizu MX4 is already known as a very VFM (value for money) affair by the tech community, in and outside of China. At just 1799 Yuan, or roughly US$290, the MX4 offers some serious hardware. This includes the MediaTek MT6595 SoC, which is by far the most powerful chipset that Taiwan’s MediaTek has produced. […]

HTC Desire Eye launches in India

  On Friday, 17th October, HTC announced that it would be selling the HTC Desire Eye in India starting from late November. The device will be sold exclusively on Amazon India and pricing for it will be revealed before its availability on the market. As the name might suggest, the HTC Desire Eye is named […]

Google Faces Challenges Growing Mobile Ads In Developing Countries

Google is making money hand over fist, but there are problems they are facing in the mobile ad space. Revenues are still growing and probably won’t stop anytime soon. Last quarter, Google reported revenues of $16.52 billion, which is a 20 percent increase year-over-year. This was actually just under analysts’ projection, but no one is […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Available in India on October 17

The arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 keeps getting closer – it was revealed at the IFA Berlin in early September, but no pricing or availability was announced, which is par for the course.  Last week, Samsung sent out a map of the world (see below), showing just when and where the Galaxy Note […]

The Meizu MX4 Headed to Malaysia in October for $322 (RM 1048)

The Chinese manufacturer, Meizu, is slowly starting to send out its newest flagship, the MX4, now to Malaysia by the end of the month.  It is selling like a wildfire spreading across China and has become very popular, as well it should for its combination of quality materials and specs for a very reasonable price. […]

Google Announces 2014-2015 Dates for Student Centered Open Source Code Programs

Each year Google facilitates contests and mentorships to help students from all over the world gain valuable experience in the field of open source code development. Google has recently revealed some of the information regarding their upcoming Code-In and Summer of Code events. The Code-In will begin this upcoming December and last until mid- January. […]

Lenovo A8-50 Tablet Now Available in India With 8-Inch HD and Voice Calling

People talk about how many different models of devices that Samsung releases on a yearly basis – smartphones and tablets – Lenovo may actually have them beat.  The U.S. does not receive any of their smartphones and probably half the tablets they produce.  The A8-50 tablet with 3G is one such device – this line […]

Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro With 6-inch QHD Display Launched in India

  I for one cannot wait until Lenovo finally takes the reins of Motorola – it seems like Lenovo is hesitating to bring its smartphones to the U.S. until the transition of Motorola to Lenovo takes place – and this means that we are missing out on experiencing some pretty remarkable smartphones.  Nobody wants to […]