HTC Begin Their One M9 UK TV Promotional Campaign With New Advert

If you were awaiting the arrival of the HTC One M9, prior to the official unveiling at MWC this year, then you may have been disappointing with the level of obvious differences between the latest flagship device and its predecessor, the HTC One M8. At least, that does seem to be the common consensus emerging […]

Samsung Starts it World Tour Push for new Galaxy S6 Series

Samsung is ‘pressing’ the pavement hard with it new Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge with a World Tour to show off the fruits of its hard labor and introduce to the world…in a big way, the merits of their new  Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge.  The World Tour will travel from city […]

Facebook Reveals Future Plans And Hints At Possible Release For Oculus Rift

Ever since the original Kickstarter announcement of the Oculus Rift gamers and media enthusiasts everywhere have been generally excited about the possibilities of actual virtual reality reaching consumers.  It was only a little over a decade ago that Disney Quest wowed patrons of the establishment with its cutting edge VR experiences.  These experiences, as well as […]

OnePlus Hints OxygenOS Is Unlikely To Be Released Tomorrow As Scheduled

Roughly, ten days ago, OnePlus excited a number of OnePlus One owners by making a specific announcement. That announcement was that their own homegrown OS, OxygenOS would be released on March 27th. As an added bonus, OnePlus also announced that the Cyanogen based alternative for the OnePlus One, CM 12S would also see its release […]

Next HTC Flagship to Feature Wireless Charging Built-In

After years of ramping processing power, camera and display quality up on phones it still doesn’t seem like the spec wars are anywhere near over.  As a general consensus it seems like people are caring less and less about actual processing power and are now moving towards more convenience related specs like waterproofing and wireless […]

Xiaomi To Announce A Product Aimed At Women On March 31st

Xiaomi is going to turn 5 years old on March 31st. The company has already teased all sorts of announcements yesterday, and has indirectly confirmed that the Mi Pad 2 tablet will make an appearance at the event. We were wondering what else this China-based company might announce at that event, and they’ve just released […]

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun Targets 80-100 Million Smartphone Sales in 2015

Xiaomi is the envy of many a company trying to get started in their own industry.  They were founded in 2010 and just sold 61 million smartphones last year through online sales, and that is three times as many phones as the year before.  So when Xiaomi’ CEO Lei Jun said that their goal is […]

How Fast Is Oppo’s VOOC Flash Charge Technology?

You’ve all probably heard of Oppo, a rather well-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer. Oppo has been around for quite some time now, and this company is known for their flagship N-series smartphones which sport a huge rotating camera sensor up top. This company also pays huge attention to design, and also develop their own Android-based skin, […]

Tablets Are Not In Motorola’s Game Plan According To President Rick Osterloh

Motorola has made great strides in the mobile business this last year, even if they haven’t toppled over the behemoth Samsung as the top Android manufacturer. There have been plenty of questions over the last few months about what some of Motorola’s plans for the future of their devices would be, including questions about the […]

RUMOR: Report Claims Samsung Is Showing Interest In Purchasing AMD

A new report out this afternoon originating from the South Korean media claims Samsung Electronics is potentially trying to purchase AMD, a global semiconductor company who makes processors for a wide variety of computer manufacturers and other devices. Samsung themselves produce their own in-house processors used in many of their handsets and other devices, and […]

Samsung Partners With SRI to Offer Iris Biometrics in Mobile Devices

Samsung never seemed to want to go the usual fingerprint-scanning route that its largest competitor, Apple, was using.  With Samsung, they always want to go the hi-tech route and seem to favor the human ‘eye’ as a means to their end…they were already using your eye as a means to stop scrolling or to pause a […]

HP Loses Beats Audio, Replaces It With Bang & Olufsen

If you’ve bought an HP laptop recently then there is a good chance that it had Beats audio built-in. Unfortunately for HP, Beats Electronics was bought by Apple last year. This obviously meaning that no other company would be allowed to have Beats audio on their devices, including HP. But there is no need to […]

Rumor: HTC Butterfly 3 To Arrive In Red, White And Blue Colors

Upleaks has Tweeted that the next generation HTC Butterfly model, the Butterfly 3, set to be released in three colors for the Japanese market, these being red, white and blue. This mirrors the HTC Butterfly 2, which was announced last August and came in similar red, white and blue colors. We’re expecting the Butterfly 3 […]