Sony’s New Patent Could Monitor Your Face At All Times

The features that seem to be more prominent in mobile devices in recent times seem to be targeted towards health. Smartphones and smartwatches now include sensors that along with some others dedicated to locating users, can calculate how many steps users walk in a period of time as well as some other physical activities. Sony […]

Rumor: Samsung Preparing Galaxy J1 Ace

Earlier in the year, Samsung released the Samsung Galaxy J1 with a model designation of SM-J100. The Galaxy J1 is a lower end handset based around a 4.3-inch, 480 by 800 pixel display, a Spreadtrum dual core processor (based on the ARM Cortex-A7 core) backed up by 512 MB of RAM and a 5MP rear […]

comScore: Android Slight Decrease While Samsung Holds Firm

Each and every month the figures come out detailing the landscape that is the smartphone world. Like clockwork, the first week of the month always sees the results from one particular analyst firm, comScore come though. Well, as it is the first week of the month, like clockwork, the latest comScore report is now available. […]

ARCHOS Unveil 50d Helium Smartphone Priced At £99

When it comes to portable devices, smartphones and tablets, there are a number of manufacturers who first spring to mind. HTC, Samsung, LG and even more recently the likes of Xiaomi and Huawei. All offer big offerings, which come sporting big specs and typically big prices. Well, less so for the likes of Xiaomi and […]

Xiaomi vs Letv: Two Companies, Two Different Strategies

It can be said that one of the biggest motivators of innovation is competition. Apple wanted to build a better computer than Microsoft, so they created the Mac. Facebook felt that the social scene was stale, so they went head-to-head against MySpace and came out with the world’s largest social network. Great products have come […]

MediaTek Refuses To Comment On M&A Speculations With NVIDIA

According to a report carried by DigiTimes, Taiwanese chip maker MediaTek has refused to comment on multiple reports which claimed the company was contemplating a merger with American chip maker NVIDIA. In a filing with the Taiwan stock exchange, the company has denied being the source of a widely publicized report in the Chinese media, […]

AH How To Manually Update Your Droid Turbo To 5.1

Google updated Android 5.0 Lollipop to 5.1 Lollipop and included a number of bug fixes and performance improvements under the skin. Devices running the newer 5.1 version of Lollipop are noticeably more responsive than those running 5.0, which itself is more responsive than those devices running 4.4 Kit Kat. Motorola are usually one of the quicker […]

Samsung Introduces The Level U Bluetooth Earbuds

Samsung introduced its Level lineup of audio devices almost a year ago, the company uses premium designs and technology to go along with their mobile devices. It currently includes headphones like the wireless Level Over and Level On which include wired and wireless options and the Level In earbuds, plus two Bluetooth speakers, the Level […]

Rumor: Samsung To Provide NAND Chips For Apple

New rumors have came out suggesting Samsung is working with Apple to offer NAND flash memory chips for the upcoming iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. These smartphones will likely get announced in September but if these rumors prove to be true, Samsung will have a share, along with a number of other companies, to […]

OnePlus VR Headsets Available July 3rd In Limited Quantity

OnePlus news has been coming in thick and fast of late. Of course, much of this is to do with the next OnePlus flagship device, the OnePlus 2. While the specs announcements have been coming steadily, the real big news of the last week or so, was the official confirmation of when the OnePlus 2 […]

Sony Intros New Products With ‘First Flight’ Program

Sony is a massive company. One which has its hand in all kinds of products within the consumer electronics range. It’s interesting then to think about Sony starting up a crowdfunding program which seeks to grab support from the community of fans and enthusiasts of Sony products, because this isn’t typically something you see from […]

Rumor: Samsung Preparing To Sell More Device Components

Samsung make much more than the Galaxy Android smartphone; they also manufacturer smartphone and tablet components including industry-leading System-on-Chips (SoCs), memory chips and AMOLED panels. These particular components are amongst the best in the industry and as such, device manufacturers wishing to use Samsung parts have to pay a premium price. Of course, Samsung manufacture […]

Dutch Retailer Belsimpel Selling HTC One M9+

HTC announced the HTC One M9 earlier in the year a couple of hours before the Samsung Galaxy S6 announcement. Unfortunately, at the time the M9 was somewhat overshadowed by Samsung’s Galaxy S6. The M9 uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 System-on-Chip, which has been dogged by persistent rumors about the processor running very warm and giving […]

Official: Shou Zi Chew Is Xiaomi’s New CFO

Xiaomi is really full of announcement this year. This China-based company has been announcing new devices intensively since the beginning of this year, and quite recently they’ve teased their upcoming expansion to Brasil. Well, the company has announced the expansion yesterday, which makes Brasil the first country outside of Asia Xiaomi is officially selling their […]

Leaked Specifications Of Samsung Galaxy A8 Emerge

One of Samsung’s strategies has been to launch a wide range of devices covering every end of the specification range, from entry level devices to large screen and all manner of tablets with screens from 7.0-inch to over 12-inch and all sizes in-between. We’ve seen Samsung release the Galaxy A-series of devices, where the emphasis […]

Rumor: Microsoft To Abandon Windows Phone For Android

It is no secret that Microsoft is having trouble selling their Windows Phone…among other things. However, all of that may change if we are to believe leakster MSFTNerd’s Twitter account – Microsoft may instead offer an Android smartphone with particular Microsoft apps and services pre-loaded.  This makes a lot of sense as Microsoft could use […]

Manufacturers Plan To Help Disappointing 2015 Sales

2015’s crop of flagship smartphones has shown the world the best smartphone products from the leading manufacturers. We’ve seen brilliant design combined with better and better optics, higher resolution screens, more and more powerful 64-bit, multi-core processors, more and more system RAM and an increasing number of sensors. Unfortunately, sales of flagship devices have not […]