Intel Chips Rumored to be Powering Two New Lenovo Devices Launching Early 2015

It is no secret that recently Intel has struggled in the mobile chipset market. This is particularly in respect to smartphones as they just cannot seem to adopt a strong enough foothold in what is quickly becoming a crowded market. This is because companies like Qualcomm and MediaTek are making grounds quickly and getting their chips into mobile devices […]

Xiaomi: We Won’t Make An Appearance At CES In January

Xiaomi has been all over the news lately. This fast-growing Chinese smartphone manufacturer has had a great year as far as device sales go, the company sold about three times more devices than they did last year, which is a huge achievement. They have huge plans for the future and plan to expand to other […]

Secretive Xiaomi May Be Wholly Manager Owned

Xiaomi has gone from zero to hero in under five years, from forming in 2010 to becoming the third largest smartphone manufacturer in 2014. Their devices are good quality, well specced and extremely competitively priced: their rise is associated with being able to provide customers with a better device compared with their competitors for at […]

Coolpad Devices Apparently Contain An Intentional Hidden Backdoor Security Breach

Coolpad is one of those interesting Chinese OEMs who have been attracting a lot of attention so far this year. Although some users will still be new to the Chinese manufacturer, Coolpad are accredited with being China’s third largest manufacturer, as well as being noted as the sixth largest in the world. As such, they […]

Xiaomi Gains and Samsung Loses in China

Something that Mark Twain once said, “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated,” can certainly apply to all of the doom and gloom talk about Samsung.  This kind of chatter is usually started by jealousy – companies cannot stand it when another company is doing well… everybody loves the underdog, and everybody goes […]

Sony Adds AOSP Support For Xperia E3 And Xperia T3 Devices Today

When it comes AOSP development for their handsets, Sony has been much better about the whole thing lately. Although what we really want for our Sony devices is the official OTA update to Android 5.0 Lollipop, a nice consolation prize is that Sony has been adding in AOSP support this year for the lineup of […]

Motorola Launches New Holiday Savings Promotion Running Until December 23rd

If Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Green Monday were collectively not time enough for you to find the perfect Christmas gift for someone (or for yourself), then you might be interested in this news snippet. It seems Motorola have started another promotion and this one is not too bad. As long as you have some […]

Samsung Might Be Preparing To Take On Apple Pay With LoopPay

I guess we could all see this coming – Samsung is discussing a deal to form their own wireless mobile payment system to compete with rival Apple’s own Apple Pay, as well as Google’s Wallet. Through nobody from Samsung or LoopPay would say anything on record, it appears that Samsung is having discussions with a […]

OnePlus Release A teaser Ad For Tomorrow’s Announcement

OnePlus and their flagship killer have been all over the news recently. A lot of the news has been about the supposed fall out with their software company, Cyanogen. However over the last couple of hours and days the news has been somewhat different and more positive. You see, OnePlus recently announced that tomorrow (December […]

Rumor: The Next HTC One May Get Its Own Event After MWC

Another week, another HTC One rumor and this one is less encouraging for those of us eagerly awaiting the announcement of the next version, believed to be given the codename Hima. According to Upleaks Tweet, the One M8 successor device will be missing the big shows early in 2015 and instead receive its own event […]

Xiaomi’s CEO: We Changed Our Revenue Target For 2014

Xiaomi is one of the fastest growing smartphone manufacturers in the world. This company was founded in 2010, which makes it a relatively new company, and yet this Chinese smartphone manufacturer was able to sell almost 60 million devices this year, compared to 19 million they sold last year. Xiaomi has really optimistic plans for […]

Xiaomi Is Allowed To Sell Snapdragon-Powered Devices In India Until January 8

I don’t know if you recall, but New Delhi High Court ordered Xiaomi to stop importing and selling their handsets in India because they allegedly infringed on eight of Ericsson’s patents. Ericsson said that they tried contacting this Chinese OEM on several occasions, but never managed to get through to them, in other words, they […]