Asus VivoWatch to Be Sold in Watch Stores Alongside Regular Watches

  With the newest smart watch from Asus, the Asus VivoWatch, the Taiwanese company is taking a rather interesting sales approach. The current norm with smart watches is to be carried and sold in retail stores as a gadget or smartphone accessory. Asus is viewing their watch a bit differently from the competition, and is […]

Xiaomi Expects to Edge Closer to Internet Giant Status in 2015

Xiaomi, the super star of emerging handset makers, has aimed to become an Internet giant since it launched its first smartphone in August 2011. Since this launch Xiaomi’s growth has been nothing short of impressive, in four years it has become one of the 5 largest smartphone vendors in the world and the largest in […]

ZTE Claims 21% U.S. Market Share In Pre-Paid Handsets

Chinese telecommunications equipment and systems manufacturer ZTE’s foray into consumer electronics could best be described as being a bit rocky. Even in their home base of China, they’ve seen upstarts like Xiaomi, OPPO, Gionee and the likes, go far beyond what they have been able to achieve, both in terms of market share as well […]

Silent Circle Looking Forward To New And Emerging Security-Driven Market

By now, you should be familiar with Silent Circle. This familiarity will be due to the unique approach the company has taken towards smartphone manufacturing and their operating system, PrivatOS. Silent Circle was half of the original team behind last year’s surprise hit, the Blackphone. The other half of the enterprise came from Geeksphone and the […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Rumor Shows A 5.5mm Thickness And Galaxy S6 Design Language

Samsung’s current generation Galaxy Tab S models are amongst the best Android-based tablets available on the market today. They have two standout features – they are thin, at just 6.6mm thick, and both the 8.4-inch and 10.5-inch models use a Super AMOLED display with a very high resolution and the usual typical AMOLED proper blacks […]

ARM Talk Cortex-A72’s Improvements to Cortex-A57

Yesterday at the ARM Holdings annual Tech Day, the business detailed their new Cortex-A72 reference design process core. The A72 is structurally similar to the current high end Cortex-A57 design, as used in the Snapdragon 810 and Exynos 7420, but with a number of important revisions and optimizations. The A72 has been designed with the 14nm […]

Samsung’s Gear VR For Galaxy S6 And S6 Edge Pre-Orders Start on April 24th

Virtual reality seems to be all the rage these days. All sorts of companies, big and small – from large corporate giants like Samsung to small tech-startups like Oculus are all investing time, money and energy in designing, developing and eventually manufacturing and marketing virtual-reality products. When the smartphone became mainstream just a few years […]

Qualcomm Reduce Expectations for The Rest Of 2015 Because Of Slower Snapdragon Sales

Qualcomm have announced to investors that they are reducing their expectations for the second second half of 2015 because of slower sales of their Snapdragon processor line up. This news, whilst unfortunate for Qualcomm in the short term, should not be entirely unexpected for two reasons. The first is that Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 processor is […]

Samsung To Invest $23 Billion In Semiconductor Facility Near Seoul, South Korea

Samsung Electronics has had an interesting few days. After a topsy-turvy year which saw them lose market share in their highly profitable smartphone business around the world, to Apple at the higher end and to Chinese and Indian upstarts like Xiaomi and Micromax at the entry-level in those regions, they finally seemed to be on […]

Huawei: We Did Not Infringe On ZTE’s Camera Patents

Earlier today we reported on ZTE taking legal action against Huawei. ZTE’s reasoning for taking Huawei straight to court was for claimed patent infringements. According to ZTE, Huawei had infringed on two patents that are based around the camera functionality. While only one handset is believed to be infringing the patents, that being Honor X2, […]