Nokia In No Hurry To Sell HERE Maps

Nokia has been mentioned quite frequently lately. The Finnish company seems to have a lot going on at the moment, they’re trying to expand production and availability of their Android-powered N1 tablet, and they’ve purchased Alcatel-Lucent recently, though the deal won’t go through for another couple of months. After selling their Devices and Services business […]

Report: Microsoft And Chinese OEMs Interested In Blackberry

Years ago BlackBerry was one of the most respected companies in the mobile space. Their devices were a synonym for quality and were widely used by business consumers. This Canada-based company has lost its way though and has waited far too long in order to bring improvements to their operating system and smartphone line, which resulted […]

Qualcomm’s LTE Direct Could Reduce Dependency On Cell Towers

A new technology that is being trialed by Qualcomm in partnership with wireless carriers in Europe, can one day potentially make cellular towers obsolete. Known as LTE Direct, the feature will make it possible for devices enabled with the technology to bypass towers altogether and communicate directly with each other. The wireless technology reportedly has […]

German Automakers Jointly Bid For Nokia’s HERE Maps

There have been severe speculations and multiple rumors about the future of Nokia’s HERE unit that deals with maps and navigation, ever since Nokia made it amply clear that they are looking to offload the business. Several names have made the rounds as possible buyers, including Apple, Amazon, Alibaba, Baidu, Sirius XM, Tenecent, Facebook and […]

Rumor: HTC Reducing Component Orders By 30%

Competition and consumer tastes are fickle animals and of the smartphone manufacturers, HTC are very aware of this. In recent years, their flagship devices have varied from loved by the industry to almost being shunned. In many respects, 2012, the HTC One X was not the sales success that many believed it should have been. HTC […]

Lenovo Has Shipped 18.7 Million Handsets In Q4 2014

We haven’t heard that much from Lenovo in terms of new smartphones lately, but the company did release a number of devices during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) back in March, including the Vibe Shot handset which is rather interesting. The company has also introduced a number of mid-range offerings this year, including the Lenovo […]

OnePlus’ Hydrogen OS Event Invitations Are Interesting

OnePlus is a very interesting company. This China-based smartphone manufacturer has released one handset thus far, their flagship, the OnePlus One. This smartphone has been regarded as one of the best devices of last year, and was also really affordable when it launches, not to mention it ran Cyanogen’s software offering on top of Android. […]

ZTE Aims To Become A Top 3 Smartphone Vendor In The US In 2015

ZTE has been trying hard to shed off its image as a white box manufacturer of smartphones for carriers worldwide. While in theory, the company is one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world, the reality is, most of the company’s sales come from entry-level unbranded phones, launched on European carriers. It’s not that […]

Huawei Launches LiteOS, Designed To Unify Smart Devices

Huawei is without a doubt, one of the biggest Chinese smartphone manufacturers; founded in 1987, the company had never before seen the kind of growth it is experiencing today, as every day it gains more influence over markets across the globe. This exponential enlargement began thanks to the improvements Huawei has made over the years, to both its […]

Unknown OnePlus Device Looks To Have Been Benchmarked

There is little arguing with how popular the OnePlus One has become over the last year. The company behind the device, OnePlus, has developed quite a decent following and user base. In fact, for such a young company the community which has now been built around the OnePlus One is certainly impressive. As such, the […]

Subtle Changes Will Be Made By The New Samsung Chairman

Samsung makes a lot of different electronics, from TV’s and other Home Theater equipment to Home Appliances such as washing machines and microwave ovens. More recently, they took an approach at the mobile industry with smartphones, tablets and wearables with fair success, particularly in the Android world. Overall, it’s a very successful business and there […]

Samsung Preparing Lollipop Update For Galaxy A3, A5, A7

Samsung’s first popular metal-chassis device, the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, was something of an odd choice for consumers. Yes, it was beautifully made and yes, it used a cutting edge, 20nm Exynos screen. It was also very thin too but in other respects the device was somewhat limited, especially when it came to the battery capacity: […]

Xiaomi’s US Accessory Store Is Now Live

On May 15th Xiaomi announced its plans to test their online accessory outlet Mi Store with a brief sale in the UK starting May 19th at 1pm CEST; products can also be shipped to France and Germany. Apparently Europe is not the only market Xiaomi planned to test with a limited sale. On May 18th […]

Rumor: Some HTC 2014 Devices to Get Android 5.1 & Sense 7

Prolific Twitter leaker, LlabTooFeR, has posted up today a leaked, rumored, preliminary list of those HTC devices set to receive Android 5.1 Lollipop and the updated HTC Sense 7 interface, not unlike the HTC One M9. The list should not be a surprise to anybody familiar with HTC’s 2014 device list as the higher end […]

Snapdragon 810 and Helio X20 in Inconclusive Thermal Tests

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 810’s heat woes have been well documented over the year to date. The crux of the matter is that Qualcomm’s current flagship processor requires more cooling than the devices using it have been able to provide for it to deliver the site of performance that it should be capable of. The smartphones […]

Yota Launch Indiegogo Campaign To Bring YotaPhone 2 To U.S.

Over the last year, there has been many interesting and novel smartphones landing in the market. There was of course they debut smartphone from OnePlus, the OnePlus One that caused a stir and looked to shake up the market with its high spec, cheap price status. Then, more recently, there has been the allure of […]

Samsung Ships 10 Million Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Globally

Samsung announced the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge just in March this year and it has been available for purchase only since the 10th of last month including on all four major US carriers. Already, shipments for the two variants have apparently crossed 10 million, according to a “high ranking” Samsung official quoted […]