Motorola Might Open Up An Assembly Plant In India Soon

We’ve been talking about the Indian smartphone market quite frequently lately. That is the second biggest smartphone market in the world, and it’s growth-rate is quite staggering. Analysts say that the Indian smartphone market is where the Chinese market was a couple of days ago, which means that its development is off the charts. A […]

Avago And Broadcom Chipmakers To Merge

The semiconductor industry is one of opposites. On the one side, chipmakers are striving to build smaller and smaller components and on the other, chip companies, especially chip manufacturers, seem to be striving to combine their businesses. To deal with reaching for smaller chips first, this is related to power consumption and heat output. The […]

Does Samsung’s ‘Project Valley’ Have A Foldable Display?

Samsung Engineers have been burning the midnight oil in trying to create a smartphone with a foldable display – the type that you can possibly roll up like a dollar bill. The project apparently carries the codename – Project Valley (or V) and will reportedly, come with dual screens. Samsung has already secured numerous patents […]

Xiaomi’s Careful Supply Chain Management Keeps Prices Low

Compared with many other device manufacturers, Xiaomi has an interesting business model. The traditional mobile ‘phone manufacturer is interested in a combination of increasing or at least maintaining market share whilst selling individual boxes of a given product at a high enough margin in order to turn a profit for shareholders. The same is true […]

Rumor: OnePlus June 1st Announcement Is For One Price Cut

While most of the news doing the rounds today is Google based, there has been a number of OnePlus announcements also coming through. This morning has already seen OnePlus release Hydrogen OS as well as announce that they are planning to try to take back their hashtag ‘Never Settle’ from Verizon. However, the biggest news […]

OnePlus Unveil And Release Beta Hydrogen OS

OnePlus has been back in the news quite frequently recently. This seems to be due to the company preparing for the next stages in their evolution. For instance, it was only a couple of days ago when the news broke that OnePlus has announced that something will be happening on June 1st. It is not […]

Sony Confirms Flagships Will Continue Using 1080p

Let’s face it.  It’s hard to differentiate yourself in the smartphone space.  Even when manufacturers want to be different, they are met with the same negative accusations, tagging them as some sort of copycat, or unmotivated to match growing expectations. Sony is one of those rare companies that really stand out.  Actively producing updated flagships […]

Sony Doesn’t Consider Xiaomi And YU To Be Competition

Sony India’s head of product marketing for Xperia devices division, Mr. Mukesh Srivastava has categorically rejected any idea that brands like Xiaomi and Micromax could even be considered competition by the Japanese giant in the smartphone space. “We are not looking to compete with brands like YU or Xiaomi. Our devices will come in the […]

Xiaomi And B2X Broker European Aftersales Deal

We have written about the Chinese Internet company, Xiaomi, and their gradual spread across the world before. Although known as a device manufacturer, Xiaomi are an Internet company: their smartphones and tablet are sold at a very small margin, around two percent, because they derive most of their money from their software businesses. However, Xiaomi […]

Q1 Report: Smartphone Sales Up 19%; Android Slips Marginally

Connecticut-based information technology research and advisory firm, Gartner has released a new report which claims that smartphone sales to end-users grew 19% worldwide with 336 million units sold in Q1, 2015. This was mainly a result of high growth in emerging markets, which witnessed a 40% increase is smartphone sales, compared to Q1, 2014. The […]

Xiaomi Mi Store Opens For Business June 1st

Xiaomi certainly is an ambitious company. Being as young as they are (comparatively speaking) and achieving as much as they have (comparatively speaking), in the short time they have, does not seem to have phased the company at all. In fact, by all observations, it seems their success is simply gearing them to move even […]

Samsung Awarded Patents For New Purse Case And Gear Fit

Although the next couple of days at Google’s I/O event will help define and to explain the future of android on a macro scale, the rest of the news is still coming through helping to explain the more micro changes users can expect within android over the near future. In particular, there have been quite […]

Patent Hints At Possible Roadmap For Samsung’s Gear VR

With smart wearables poised to become more mainstream in coming years, Samsung looked to wrest the first-mover advantage by introducing the Gear VR headset last year, for its Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge handsets. Earlier this year, the Korean giant also announced a slightly modified version of the headset for it Galaxy S6 and […]

Sharp Showcase 2,100 fps Slow Motion Video Playback

Sharp has showcased three new Android smartphones with a stunning-sounded ability for slow motion video at 2,100 fps, designed to show a much smoother slow motion effect. We have seen slow motion video from a number of devices but none have approached this number of frame rates. However, the three new devices – the Sharp […]

Google to Spend $20 Million Easing Disability

  Google has become a company known for many, many things and while search and Android have been at the core of the company’s success over the last decade or so, Google is also keen to push the envelope in a lot of areas. Google Glass perhaps isn’t the best example, but Google isn’t shy to […]

e-Celsius Pill Tracks Core Temperature Using Samsung’s SAMI

Samsung is an all-encompassing company. While some people might just see them as the company who made their current smartphone or the latest TV unit they picked up recently, Samsung is a much more versatile company. In fact, it is sometimes difficult to know where to categorize Samsung beyond ‘manufacturer’. The company manufactures just about […]

Oppo Plans To Start Manufacturing Devices In India Soon

India is the second biggest smartphone market in the world, and many manufacturers are trying to succeed over there. A lot of smartphone OEMs have entered the Indian market in the last year or so, and many more are coming it seems. The Indian government has started a ‘Make in India’ initiative a while back, […]