Rumor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 815 Is Reportedly Confirmed By Qualcomm As Not Real

It has been an interesting few months for Qualcomm and their Snapdragon range of processors. There is no doubt that the Snapdragon processors are currently the most popular processors on the market, with manufacturers lining up to make sure their device contains one of their processors. However, Qualcomm have seemed to have ran into a […]

LG Announce LG G3’s Now Purchased In The U.S. Come With Free VR Headset

Virtual reality is all the rage at the moment. Over the last few months there has been a massive surge in activity when it comes to virtual reality. Of course, Google kicked things off with their Cardboard option and this was followed towards the end of the year by Samsung and their highly reported Gear […]

Samsung Nabs Former Coca-Cola Ad Exec to Spearhead New Global Mobile Marketing

Samsung was in bad shape after the less than enthusiastic reception of their Galaxy S5 flagship last year and needed a new device that would help make people forget that image.  They experienced a few quarters in a row where profits dropped – something that embarrassed them before the entire world…a position that Samsung was […]

Despite Growth, LG’s Target Stock Price Takes a Price Drop

LG has met with great success in the past few years. While they may not be launching a fleet of Bowing 747 aircraft to deliver their upcoming LG G4 flagship device, which is set to be announced on the 28th of April this year, they are still expected to make a solid showing in the […]

Xiaomi Makes Kernel Source Code For The Mi3, Mi4 And Mi Note Publicly Available

The release of kernel source codes is important for manufacturers, developers and the public alike. They are important for manufacturers as they allow manufacturers to abide by the terms of the open source nature of android. All android manufacturers who make use of a Linux based solution are expected to release their source code as […]

Analyst: Meizu Did Really Well In Q1 2015; Sales Numbers Revealed

Meizu, much like Xiaomi, makes really well-built, powerful and yet affordable devices. This China-based smartphone OEM released quite a few compelling devices the last 6 months, and it seems like it’s paying off for them. We’ve seen some number at the beginning of this year, and the company is doing really well, they’re constantly increasing […]

Rumor: Sony Xperia Z4 Outed Via GFXBench Website

It’s a widespread rumor that Sony are preparing a new flagship smartphone model, the Xperia Z4, and we’ve seen leaked specifications and rumors for the last few weeks. We have now seen a previously unheard of Sony device, the E6553, going through the GFXBench suite of tests and in the process, revealing a good deal […]