Google Is Currently Posting Job Openings For Glass Engineers On LinkedIn

Despite Google Glass exiting the Explorer program, we’re still continuing to hear about its forward momentum, as we should be since Google has ever intention of keeping things going. Something that was made apparent by the leadership change to Tony Fadell, and with recent news about Google taking Glass and finding it a new focus […]

Google Glass Could Be Looking At More Of An Enterprise Approach For Future Growth

Google Glass had its time of capturing the public’s attention and arousing some excitement over the next generation of technology and connectivity. Google Glass wasn’t just about consumers though, many businesses bought into the Glass Explorer program as well to get their hands on a unit(s)and get started with developing some sort of way to […]

Sony’s SmartEyeGlass Now Has A Companion App Downloadable From The Play Store

Sony have been knowing for cementing their position in various markets. From the days of portable music through to TV’s, gaming and smartphones, the company had done very well in positioning itself, regardless of the competition. Following on from this, Glass-based wearables definitely seems the next industry Sony are intent on taking on. We have […]

The Visual Search App For Glass ‘CamFind’ Finally Available To Download

Over the last week, there has been a lot of talk about Google Glass, its apparent demise and it’s rising again from the ashes. In short, the headline was ‘Glass has Graduated’. Not much actually changed from the end-user perspective in this respect, but in terms of Glass’s own story, one chapter had closed and […]

Nest CEO Tony Fadell Reportedly Wants To Completely Redesign Google Glass

By now you may already know that Google Glass has graduated out of the Google X labs and moved into its own division recently, which is part of the move that ended the explorer program after two years of public testing and development to get the project off the ground. Nest’s CEO Tony Fadell will […]

Facebook Messenger Comes To Google Glass As ‘Fessenger’ App

You may not be able to buy yourself a pair of the Google Glass explorer edition specs anymore, but that doesn’t mean development has stopped for the units that are already out there and still connected. A new Glassware application has surfaced for the head worn wearables today called Fessenger, which is essentially Facebook Messenger […]

Google Says that Google Glass is Changing its Direction Towards Enterprise Use

Just like many other companies, it is that time of year for Google to giving out its earnings call.  Google had some impressive numbers, as usual, but one area they discussed in detail was their Google Glass project.  Google, while not abandoning the project – even though they canceled the Explorer Program – was going […]

Google’s CFO Says Google Glass Needed To Reset Their Strategy

Google Glass is no doubt an awesome product for the potential that it offers, and there are still plenty of supporters for the wearable tech and we can’t wait to see what Google has planned for it next. That isn’t to say that Google Glass didn’t have its fair share of hurdles or speed bumps. […]

Google Will Be Ending The Google Glass Explorer Program On January 19th

Google’s Glass Explorers program began two and a half years ago(technically)when they introduced the wearable glasses at Google I/O back in June of 2012. It has been a long run with the augmented reality specs and what a ride it has been to see and share all the different experiences people have captured with Google […]

Every Little Helps As Tesco Launch Their Google Glass App

Every little helps…If you live in the UK then this will sound more familiar than if you live elsewhere. That is because, this has for just about forever been Tesco’s slogan. For those that are unfamiliar with Tesco, it is relatively safe to say that they are the UK’s biggest supermarket. Asda has come a […]

Google Glass Isn’t Dead, It’s A Prototype

What do you get if you combine a dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of storage and a 2,100mAh battery? Throw in a number of sensors, a touchpad and a 5MP camera, mount the components onto a head-frame and you are somewhere close to Google Glass, but you’ll need a sprinkling of magic fairy dust, […]

Google Glass Will Take A Trip To The International Space Station Next Week

Google’s Glass project has come a long way these past two years with software upgrades and new uses found by companies that see fit for the device. After being on earth for so long, Google Glass will soon go beyond the earth’s atmosphere as soon as next week. In partnership with Kentucky Space LLC, the […]