Google Glass Helps Blind Dancer During Talent Audition

It seems that over the last few months (pretty much the entirety of 2015, actually), debate has surrounded one of Google’s more interesting projects, Google Glass. It all began when at the start of the year Glass graduated from the Google X labs and made its way to the next evolutionary stage within Google’s chain […]

Tony Fadell Says To Expect Some Google Glass News Soon

Back in February, Google put Nest’s Tony Fadell in charge of one of Google’s most popular Google X projects, Google Glass. Tony Fadell was the CEO of Nest, which had just been acquired by Google. Google also decided to shut down the Google Glass Explorer program after a long 2 years. Google Glass fans and technology […]

Google Files For A Smart Bluetooth Low-Energy Device With The FCC Called A4R-CAP1

Earlier this morning the CEO of Luxottica stated that the second version of Google Glass is coming, which only strengthens the notion that Google’s head-worn wearables are alive and well, even though this is mostly already known given that multiple businesses are still working with it, and that there have been multiple other instances in […]

Why The News Of Google Glass’ Death May Be Greatly Exaggerated

Google Glass is dead. Long live Google Glass. Or at least that’s what Google will have you believe. Amongst all the reports of Google possibly shelving their high-profile project and developers jumping ship to the Apple watch and other platforms, it’s hard to believe that it was only back in 2012, that Google Glass was introduced […]

Google Is Currently Posting Job Openings For Glass Engineers On LinkedIn

Despite Google Glass exiting the Explorer program, we’re still continuing to hear about its forward momentum, as we should be since Google has ever intention of keeping things going. Something that was made apparent by the leadership change to Tony Fadell, and with recent news about Google taking Glass and finding it a new focus […]

Google Glass Could Be Looking At More Of An Enterprise Approach For Future Growth

Google Glass had its time of capturing the public’s attention and arousing some excitement over the next generation of technology and connectivity. Google Glass wasn’t just about consumers though, many businesses bought into the Glass Explorer program as well to get their hands on a unit(s)and get started with developing some sort of way to […]

Sony’s SmartEyeGlass Now Has A Companion App Downloadable From The Play Store

Sony have been knowing for cementing their position in various markets. From the days of portable music through to TV’s, gaming and smartphones, the company had done very well in positioning itself, regardless of the competition. Following on from this, Glass-based wearables definitely seems the next industry Sony are intent on taking on. We have […]

The Visual Search App For Glass ‘CamFind’ Finally Available To Download

Over the last week, there has been a lot of talk about Google Glass, its apparent demise and it’s rising again from the ashes. In short, the headline was ‘Glass has Graduated’. Not much actually changed from the end-user perspective in this respect, but in terms of Glass’s own story, one chapter had closed and […]

Nest CEO Tony Fadell Reportedly Wants To Completely Redesign Google Glass

By now you may already know that Google Glass has graduated out of the Google X labs and moved into its own division recently, which is part of the move that ended the explorer program after two years of public testing and development to get the project off the ground. Nest’s CEO Tony Fadell will […]

Facebook Messenger Comes To Google Glass As ‘Fessenger’ App

You may not be able to buy yourself a pair of the Google Glass explorer edition specs anymore, but that doesn’t mean development has stopped for the units that are already out there and still connected. A new Glassware application has surfaced for the head worn wearables today called Fessenger, which is essentially Facebook Messenger […]