Featured: Top 10 Best T-Mobile USA Android Smartphones – Fall 2014

In the past year and a half, T-Mobile has really become competitive. Not just adding over a million subscribers each of the last 6 quarters, but also getting the latest and greatest smartphones. There was a time when almost all of the flagships would not hit the magenta carrier. But now they have just about […]

Sprint Might be the Latest Offender for FCC in Phone Bill Cramming Fines

Ever looked at your phone bill and wondered why it’s higher than usual even though you never went over your minutes, texts or data?  Many times hidden charges and other fees unnecessarily wrack up the phone bills of millions around the US, and some times this sort of thing can be a deceptive practice.  That’s […]

T-Mobile Nexus 5 And Nexus 6 Android 5.0.1 OTA Update To Begin Today

When it comes to updates the familiar saying “it never rains, but it pours” comes to mind. It was only a few hours ago that it was reported that the Google Nexus 5 was expecting to get the Android 5.0.1 Lollipop update begin rolling out. However, at the time this was only for Sprint customers. […]

UK Corporate Deals: BT In Exclusive Talks To Acquire EE

BT, the UK’s former national telecommunications company, have announced that they have entered exclusive talks with Deutsche Telekom and Orange regarding the possible acquisition of the UK’s largest mobile operator, EE for £12.5 billion (approximately $20 billion) through a combination of debt and equity. If the deal goes ahead under the planned arrangement, Deutsche Telekom […]

Investors Pulling Out Of Verizon, AT&T, Sprint And T-Mobile

Investors are a squeamish bunch of people at best, but they are very necessary for companies to have the money they need to expand, upgrade and do research.  In a relatively stable business or where there is not much competition, things can go along quite smoothly. However, in a very competitive business, such as what […]

T-Mobile’s Uncarrier 8 is a Fireside Chat with Yahoo’s David Pogue

It’s about that time, time for John Legere to make fun of his competitors on stage…or not. This morning, T-Mobile announced Uncarrier 8.0 which is going down tomorrow at about 10:30am ET, so you’ll want to keep it locked on Android Headlines for all the coverage. But basically this Uncarrier event is just a fireside […]

T-Mobile USA LTE Band 12, 700 MHz Signal Spotted In Michigan

Low-frequency LTE spectrum is in demand all over the world. Low-frequency signals penetrate into buildings much better than high-frequency signals and have a greater effective range. This means that a given carrier can provide coverage for a given population using fewer masts, especially in an urban environment; or it means that a carrier can provide […]

AT&T, Verizon, Sprint And T-Mobile Lost About $45 Million In Value Over One Month

It seems like investors’ interest in U.S carriers has dropped significantly, and fast. AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint have lost $45 billion of the combined market capitalization since the middle of November. Investors are worried by the amount of money carriers spend for more spectrum, but that’s not the only thing that worries them though, […]

SoftBank Downsizing U.S. Office And Pulling Out Of Bid For T-Mobile USA

SoftBank is done with its bid to buy T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom, it seems. The Japanese company is downsizing its offices in Silicon Valley, according to people in the know talking to Reuters. SoftBank, which now owns Sprint, say they haven’t ruled out a bid to acquire T-Mobile in the future, but that right […]

Vodafone Back In The U.S. In Late 2015 As A T-Mobile MVNO

Vodafone, the British multinational company headquartered in London is the world’s third largest mobile telecommunications company when measured in both subscribers and 2013 revenues with 434 million subscribers as of Q1 2014. They operate in 21 countries and have partner networks in over 40 countries. In September 2013, they agreed to sell their 45-percent stake […]

Cricket Wireless Offers $100 Credit to Leave Specific Carriers

The ‘phone wars’…you have to wonder just how long they will continue with Verizon and AT&T both giving early warnings to their investors that there will be a gloomy look to their fourth quarters earnings and churn rates. This, of course, caused by all of the promotions being offered and those subscribers jumping ship to […]

EE Waves Goodbye To Orange Wednesday And Free Cinema Tickets

It is a sad day if you are UK based. The news coming in this morning is that EE is finally waving farewell to Orange Wednesdays. If you are like me then this is now a memorable day. The Orange Wednesday promotion started some ten years back. For non-UK readers out there, Orange Wednesday was […]

Margins Falling For Verizon And AT&T But Investors Should Not Worry

The perfect doom and gloom story – Verizon and AT&T are both warning Wall Street financial analysts that their earnings for the fourth quarter are going to be “sluggish” – I just love that word. Lower margins and higher churn rates seem to make an analyst or investor crawl up in a ball and hide […]