LG G4 Available Online at T-Mobile May 27

T-Mobile is pulling out all of the stops when it comes to releasing the new LG G4, which promises to be a great seller for LG…and as well as T-Mobile, if they have their way.  The new LG G4 will not be available in the brick and mortar stores until Wednesday June 3, but starting […]

Some T-Mobile USA Nexus 6 Customers Receiving Android 5.1.1

Some good news for T-Mobile USA customers with the Motorola-built Google Nexus 6: T-Mobile has started the over the air software update for your device to bring it up to Android 5.1.1 and includes WiFi calling plus the usual, as-expected improvements to battery life, performance and bug crushing. The update was approved a couple of […]

Sprint Nexus 6 Reported To Receive Android 5.1.1 May 26

For owners of Nexus devices, this week has been the week of the Android 5.1.1 updates. In fact, it all actually started this week when Wear devices saw the 5.1.1 update coming through. Of course, they were all pipped to the post by Android TV, with the Nexus Player being the first device to see […]

Project Fi’s Invite Rollout to Take Until Mid-Summer

Ever since last month when Google officially took the wraps of the once-secret MVNO, now known as Project Fi, that would work to connect Nexus 6 owners to their online world and communications using a mix of Wi-Fi and LTE signals, people have been eagerly awaiting the email that invited them to order a SIM […]

T-Mobile Will Swap Recently Bought 32GB Galaxy S6 For 64GB

With Memorial Day fast approaching, there are a number of deals starting to emerge. That said, one deal which has attracted significant attention over the last twenty-four hours is one which was announced by T-Mobile. The deal is for one of the most highly sought after devices of the moment, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and […]

MetroPCS And Boost Mobile Battle It Out For Subscribers

Summer is a time for wireless carriers to introduce deals that will give the other carriers a run for their money and boost their subscriber numbers. It looks like the first two US carriers to do this are MetroPCS and Boost Mobile. Both of these carriers are owned by two bigger carriers, which are T-Mobile […]

Verizon Planning To Retain CDMA Network For IoT Devices

Verizon Wireless had been doing out it’s LTE network for a number of years now and it is confident in the new generation network, and technologies such as VoLTE (Voice Over LTE) that it is on track to introduce LTE-only devices early next year. With the introduction of LTE-only devices, this will start to free […]

Sprint Expands LTE Coverage With Rural Carriers’ Help

Sprint, like most carriers, has a vision of making its data network services reach as many people as possible across the nation; ideally, every carrier would prefer to rely exclusively on its own network, but this is extremely difficult and expensive to achieve. Several major carriers in the US have made deals with other smaller carriers in […]

T-Mobile 64GB Galaxy S6/S6 Edge At 32GB Prices This Weekend

T-Mobile is the third major carrier in the United States, only recently surpassing Sprint for the position; and with a known desire to continue growing, T-Mobile has begun offering more deals and discounts on devices sold directly by both the carrier’s retail stores or MetroPCS. Today a great new deal has been announced by T-Mobile, […]

Sprint Says It May Not Bid At Next Year’s 600 MHz Auctions

Sprint Corporation recently tied up with competitors T-Mobile and C Spire Wireless along with Dish Network and a bunch of public policy and special interest groups to pressurize the FCC to formulate regulations for the upcoming 600 MHz incentive auctions that they claim, will help smaller carriers level the playing field against AT&T and Verizon […]

Rumor: AT&T Shifting Towards All Next Upgrade Options

Additional contract rumors have yet again surfaced for AT&T.  For the second straight day, a swirling buzz has been created around the future of contracts.  Earlier this morning, news broke regarding speculation an additional program was being added to the Next program (AT&T Next 12 with Down Payment).  Bolstering additional truth to this latest payment […]

Scratch Wireless Offers Free Cell Phone Service

Scratch Wireless is the world’s first free mobile service for text, data and voice.  Scratch Wireless has collaborated with network operators and smartphone manufacturers to offer a full-featured Android smartphone and a “Wi-Fi First” approach to change the way people think about mobile service.  We normally purchase a smartphone and sign a contract to have […]

Rumor: AT&T to Launch New Next Program on May 28th

It wasn’t too long ago when you had to exercise patience in a wireless plan.  Two years was the only option you could take when upgrading a smartphone, and you accepted it.  Due to industry demands, wireless carriers have had to adjust their strategies on upgrading customers to keep them interested.  AT&T was one of […]

T-Mobile To Offer Free LG Leon For Prepaid/Non-Credit Check Plans

If you’re looking to join into a mobile carrier and happen to be tight on cash, then T-Mobile may offer an appealing deal. A recent email that was sent out to T-Mobile employees revealed that the carrier will be offering a free LG Leon LTE smartphone to select customers and plans. According to the email, […]

Sprint Broadens Direct 2 You Availability To New Areas

Sprint has been making plenty of changes to the network since their new CEO Marcelo Claure took over, mostly on the actual network side of things with a few revisions here and there to plans and service offerings. One of the newly launched programs Sprint has introduced is called Direct 2 You, which it states […]

T-Mobile: 50-Percent of Customers on Family Plans

It seems like T-Mobile is always in the news and always making changes to how they do business – schooling and challenging Verizon, AT&T and Sprint on how to conduct business.  T-Mobile took a dip in income and has tried investor’s patience on many an occasion, but as their subscriber base grows…they finally past Sprint […]

Innovative Technologies Forged in AT&T’s Foundry

  AT&T recently invited press to an event at its New York headquarters to show off some novel hardware and software they have been developing under the radar. Somewhat similar to Google’s ATAP division, AT&T’s Foundry is responsible for coming up with outside of the box applications and improvements for already existing technologies. The results […]