Canadian Galaxy S6 Buyers: Free 6 Month Google Play Music

As reported earlier this month, an ad-supported version of Google Play Music was made available to the US customers, but not in Canada.  However, if you live in Canada and are in the market for the new Samsung Galaxy S6, then you are in luck – Samsung and Google have teamed up to offer a […]

Rogers’ Suretap Wallet now Available on other Networks

  It was February 2014 when Rogers announced they would be introducing their ‘Suretap Wallet.’  A couple of months later they actually made Suretap official and moved forward, allowing Canadians with the right device and circumstances to make payments at certain retailers.   Rogers’ latest news is that the Suretap Wallet is now expanding to Bell and […]

MTS Will Jettison Legacy CDMA Network Next Year

Manitoba Telecom Services, better known as MTS, will start the process of dismantling and finally shutting down their legacy CDMA network by the end of 2016 in an effort to completely switch over to LTE.  They have already started to decommission some individual sites and will continue to do so.  CDMA is still around, although […]

A Beer Fridge from Molson Unlocks with Voice Translation

We all like a nice cold beer right? Especially on a hot summer day. Molson, who is a popular brewery in Canada, has worked with Google to create a new Beer Fridge. But what’s so special about it? The fact that you can unlock it with voice translation. So it’s not just using your voice, […]

Rogers-Mobilicity Deals puts WIND in a Great Position

It was only yesterday that Rogers announced that they were buying Mobilicity with the blessings of the Industry Minister, and while all of the ramifications of this deal are yet to be known…one thing’s for sure…WIND Mobile certainly ended up in a position of strength.  The main focus is on the sale of Mobilicity and […]

OpenMedia Claims Mobilicity Deal will Raise Prices

OpenMedia, the outspoken and self-proclaimed Canadian protector of “our online rights,” has come out against the merger of Mobilicity and Rogers Communications saying, “Canadian cell phone users will pay the price for government’s broken promises on the Rogers/Mobilicity deal.”  They believe this sale will mean fewer choices and higher prices – that are already “increasing […]

It’s Official: Mobilicity has Accepted Rogers’ Offer

As a follow up to yesterday’s story – it is official, Mobilicity accepted Rogers’ offer of $465 million and has filed the necessary court documents to get the proceedings under way for approval.  Both companies plan to go to court to get the deal approved, but the government may still step in to stop the […]

Fake Galaxy S6 Sold to Unexpecting Man

There are a couple of unfortunate facts about this wonderful world of ours – one of them is that some people will do anything to make a buck and another is if a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is…or let us shorten it to simply ‘buyer beware.’  This is a tale […]

Vancouver Area Telcos Evaluated and Scored

Just like the U.S. has their Big Four – Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint, Canada has their Big Three – Rogers, Bell and TELUS.  There are always studies being done to determine which carrier is the best at what they do – RootMetrics continually performs studies, but the latest one looks at their overall performance, […]

Sources Say Mobilicity Accepted Offer From Rogers

The excitement surrounding Mobilicity continues – a couple of days ago we reported that both Rogers and TELUS were in the process of bidding on entrant Mobilicity…and apparently with the government’s blessing.  Then earlier today, Obelysk Inc., a company controlled by Mobilicity founder and Sirius XM Canada majority shareholder John Bitove, wrote the government requesting […]

Proposal: Mobilicity to Remain as an MVNO to Benefit All

Just the other day we reported that according to The Globe and Mail, Rogers and TELUS were both vying to purchase the troubled Mobilicity for around $300 million.  TELUS had already made an offer that was turned down by Industry Minister James Moore, but now the government may be softening its demands.  It seems that […]

Sony Xperia M4 Aqua Drifts Over to WIND Mobile

Sony’s new mid-range smartphone, the Xperia M4 Aqua, has been making its way throughout Canada over the past few weeks – the latest ‘beach’ it has quietly landed is on WIND Mobile’s website with no fanfare whatsoever.  It first made its way to Videotron and next it popped up on Bell and Virgin Mobile’s website, […]

Rogers & TELUS Bidding On Mobilicity With Gov Blessing?

Mobilicity is in the news once again and according to The Globe and Mail, it looks like Rogers and TELUS may be in the process of bidding on Mobilicity for around $300 million – and that they actually have the government’s blessing this time around.  Mobilicity, as you may know has been under court-ordered protection […]

Alcatel OneTouch Becomes Official Partner of Toronto FC

Just a few days ago, Alcatel OneTouch announced that the Idol 3 will be making its way into Canada on Bell, TELUS, and Videotron at the end of the month. Following a pretty strong launch here in the US back in April and May. The Idol 3 has been widely acclaimed as one of the […]

Samsung Galaxy S6 /S6 Edge Platinum Gold on WIND Mobile

For not being one of the ‘Big Three’ networks in Canada, WIND Mobile is certainly moving forward as if it wants to be one of their ‘elite’ carriers.  Just a couple of days ago it was announced that WIND Mobile would be one of the first carriers to offer wireless services on the Toronto subway […]

Recent Study: Canadian Wireless Costs Higher Than Ever

Studies…we all love a good study, especially when it involves the Canadian carriers.  Ther are very few countries whose government interferes with their wireless mobile service in an honest attempt to add competition in an effort to lower prices…but from the studies, it is difficult to see any real progress.  Just last week, J.D. Power ranked […]

The LG G4 has Arrived in Canada

It has been a long time coming, but the new LG G4 has finally arrived in Canada.  It was back in April the LG G4’s specs and availability were announced, although all we knew was that it would be sometime in June and no firm pricing was given.  Finally, in May, they firmed up the […]