LG Watch Urbane Further Detailed in New LG Ad

LG has been in the smartwatch game since the original debut of Android Wear early last year.  The pair of watches shown off were of course the round, premium Motorola Moto 360 and the cheaper, plastic square LG G Watch.  Not content with being labeled a cheaper OEM in the fledgling smartwatch market LG had […]

Bell: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Receiving 5.0 Lollipop

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was released in November 2013 to rave reviews.  Samsung carved out a new niche in the smartphone world – phablet – with a larger display, the now infamous S-Pen and software that was unique to the Note experience.  Each rendition sees many improvements and refinements and the Galaxy Note 3 […]

AT&T Launches U-Verse With Gigapower For $110 In Cupertino, California

Gigabit internet is slowly but surely taking customers by storm in certain cities around the U.S., with both Google Fiber and AT&T’s U-Verse with Gigapower service going head to head in at least a few different areas. The starter package for both will cost customers $70 a month in the locations where it’s already up […]

The First 6 Things to do with your Brand New HTC One M9

So you’ve just gotten your HTC One M9. It’s a beautiful looking device, isn’t it? There are a few things that you should do when you first open up the box and take out the HTC One M9. And we’re going to go over a few of those things right now. These are things we […]

HTC One M9 Now Available to Pre-Order on Amazon

Last week the four carriers here in the US finally announced availability of HTC’s newest smartphone, the One M9. Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile all began pre-orders last Friday – March 27th – and Verizon is starting theirs on April 1st. Now, Amazon has started pre-orders for the AT&T, Sprint and Unlocked variants of the HTC […]

Rumor: Sony Xperia Z4 Outed Via GFXBench Website

It’s a widespread rumor that Sony are preparing a new flagship smartphone model, the Xperia Z4, and we’ve seen leaked specifications and rumors for the last few weeks. We have now seen a previously unheard of Sony device, the E6553, going through the GFXBench suite of tests and in the process, revealing a good deal […]

AT&T Preparing to Deploy 2.3GHz WCS Spectrum for LTE this year

AT&T is looking to beef up their LTE network. As we’ve seen with Verizon already, AT&T is starting to run out of space or bandwidth, for all their customers. Which means they need to make more room, and using more spectrum, or bands, will help. Additionally 2GHz and higher bands hold more bandwidth for networks, […]

Verizon Rolling Out Android 5.0 Lollipop to the LG G2

It’s always great to see smartphones that are approaching that two-year old mark still getting big updates. The LG G2 is getting close to its two-year birthday, as it was announced in the summer of 2013. However, Verizon has just begun rolling out Android 5.0 to the device. So if you’re on Verizon and have […]

Chinese Authorities to Work With LG to Crack Down on Clones

Chinese smartphone users and enthusiasts alike all know how easy it is to get their hands on the “latest” device for much cheaper than the original manufacturer intended.  This isn’t some back-alley black market shady deal though, this is the work of a very sophisticated cottage industry that’s popped up with the rise of smartphones. […]

MediaTek Unveils New Helio Chipsets, Debuting Q2 2015

Over the past two years, and really 2014 in particular, MediaTek has become the face of Chinese phones everywhere.  MediaTek went from a company that produced mostly entry-level chipsets for the least expensive phones out there to producing some of the most efficient and cost-effective chips over the past 12 months or so.  MediaTek’s chipsets […]

T-Mobile Has a New Coverage Map, it Updates Every Two Weeks

The biggest complaint we hear about T-Mobile is their coverage. They have been working to change that, but many people still doubt that it has changed. And their coverage map is probably a big part of that, as it doesn’t get updated often. However, today, the company rolled out a new “next-gen” coverage map, onto […]