Huawei Honor 6 Getting its Emotion UI 3.0 Update Today

On your mark, get set, go!  That’s the sound everywhere of Huawei Honor 6 owners turning on their phones and clicking that shiny update button as Huawei rolls out the Emotion UI 3.0 update today.  The Honor 6 has been rocking Emotion UI 2.3 for a few months now while some other Huawei phones had […]

Make The Most Of Holiday Moments And Memories With These Five Tools

As we head into the holidays tomorrow morning and in the coming week with New Year’s Eve, there’s likely going to be many shared memories and plenty of family fun, special moments, and photographs, home movies, and all manner of things you’ll surely want to preserve for as long as you possibly can. In today’s […]

Samsung Remind Us The Galaxy S5’s Waterproofing Includes Snow

There were two notable smartphone flagship releases in 2014 that offered a waterproof, or at least a water resistant, device: the Sony Xperia Z3 range and the Samsung Galaxy S5. Now, Sony have used waterproofing technologies for their flagship devices for some time but the Galaxy S5 was Samsung’s first mainstream waterproof device. And with […]

2015’s US Carrier Competition: It’ll be An Exciting Ride

2014 is drawing to a conclusion, and 2015 is a week away; how are the US carriers lining up against one another for the coming twelve months? First, let’s take a quick look at 2014 as it’s been a remarkable year from a competition perspective. We’ve seen almost one hundred and fifty pricing actions or […]

US ITC To Investigate Samsung’s Nvidia Complaint

Samsung is having a lot on their plate at the moment. Company’s profit is significantly dropping lately due to weak sales, U.S. is basically the only market Samsung managed to avoid a drop in sales in the last couple of quarters. This is not the only thing Samsung has to worry about at the moment […]

Samsung Closed Company’s ‘Experience Store’ In London

Samsung is having a tough year, after a long time of dominance and constant profit jumps, the company has faced profit dips in the last couple of quarters this year. Their profit is down all over the world, except for the US. Samsung’s profit took a 50% dive in China, for example, just to give […]

Rumor: Xiaomi Is Developing Company’s Very Own Operating System

We’ve been getting a lot of Xiaomi news lately. The company had a great year and they’ve recently stumbled into some problems in India when Ericsson sued the company for allegedly infringing on eight of their patents. Xiaomi got a partial ban for selling devices in India (though the full ban will start in January) […]

Google, Microsoft Combine Voices To Stop Hotels Jamming Wi-Fi Hotspots

  In my time, I’ve had to deal with hotel Wi-Fi services. It doesn’t feel any better putting through a charge for Wi-Fi through expenses when the service is slow, unreliable and only available in one corner of my room, the bar or restaurant. Many times, I’ll simply tether my Chromebook or tablet with my […]

Google’s Santa Tracker Helps You Keep Tabs On The Bearded Gift Bearer

Unless you’re a scrooge who hates Christmas and says Hum Bug all day long day in and day out(John.. ahem)then you should probably take a look at Google’s awesome Santa tracker web page so you can keep tabs on old St. Nick while he gets himself and his team of helper elves ready for the […]

Smartwatch Comparisons: Sony SmartWatch 3 vs LG G Watch R

Introduction We have a good one for you today – The new Sony SmartWatch 3 (SW3) goes up against the new LG G Watch R.  Rectangle versus round. Plastic versus stainless steel.  LCD versus POLED display.  We have it all in this comparison.  While the devices – both excellent by-the-way – will perform the same tasks and […]

US Carrier’s Report Cards 2014: Sprint

  Sprint had a pretty interesting year. They started the year with a new owner, in Softbank. They tried to merge with T-Mobile US, and pulled out, and also got a new CEO. All that in just a year, pretty crazy, right? Well we’re going to grade the carrier in a few areas and see […]