LG G Watch R To Get WiFi Feature Later This Year

When Google introduced us to the Android 5.1.1 update for Android Wear, we were impressed with the new menu that cleans up both launching apps as well as calling your favorite contacts, but we were more interested in the WiFi feature. Essentially a way to “fill the gaps” when your watch is no longer connected […]

Android Wear Weekly: What to Expect from Google I/O 2015

Android Wear has had an interesting year, with some big announcements on both the hardware and software side of things. So, what can we expect from Google I/O next week? A complete redesign of Android Wear is very unlikely, as we just got a big update in the form of Android 5.1.1 not too long […]

LG Offers G4 With Extra Battery, Charger And SD Card

Samsung and HTC launched their spring flagships a few months ago, and the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, as well as the One M9 have been selling like most new flagships do in the United States: rather well with two-year customers, not so well with tech fanatics.  The latter is partly true because tech-savvy folks […]

Android Auto: What do we Expect from Google I/O?

With Google I/O around the corner, and Android Auto being out for a few months now, it’s time to take a look at what we might see from Google about Android Auto at their annual developer conference. We’re not expecting a huge update to Android, like we saw last year with Android L. And that […]

Android OTA: Device Updates & Firmware Weekly – May 22nd Edition

  LG G Pad 8.3 LTE Gets Lollipop on Verizon   One of the better tablets from the last few years, the G Pad 8.3 is finally getting Android 5.0 Lollipop on Verizon. This gives the G Pad 8.3 on Verizon Android 5.0.2 and brings with it some performance boosts and generally improves the whole […]

Computers With Common Sense – A Close Possibility

Will we ever witness a computer with human-like intelligence? Yes, says Professor Geoff Hinton, a leading AI scientist. According to him, computers can develop ‘common sense’ in the next decade or so and from then on, no dream will be too big. Around two years back, Professor Hinton was hired by Google to develop intelligent […]

Google Play Services 7.5 Teardown Shows Hints of Google I/O

Google just recently released a new version of Google Play Services, which is version 7.5. It’s now rolling out to devices everywhere, as usual it’s a staged rollout though, so if your device doesn’t have it just yet, hang tight it’s coming. As usual, Android Police has decided to teardown the APK and see what […]

Google Ad Chief: Larger Phones Lead To Greater Revenue

Advertisements have always been and will continue to be the main source of revenue for search engines, however, it has been a particularly hard nut to crack even for network giants as Google. While speaking to Wall Street Journal at the ad:tech conference 2015 at San Francisco, Sridhar Ramaswamy, Google’s Ad Chief confirmed that mobile […]

Samsung’s New LTE Tab “CHOPIN” With Intel’s Atom + 4 GB RAM

Intel is no doubt the strongest player in the Personal Computer industry with the majority of the shipments. Netbooks are mostly powered by Intel’s Atom processors which are efficient and consume lesser power than the other series of Intel. Ultrabooks and most of the Notebooks are powered by the Intel i3,i5,i7 processors nowadays. Intel provides […]

Exclusive AH Deal: RevJams Active Bluetooth Earbuds Only $37.99

  Bluetooth earbuds and headphones have become pretty popular lately. Mostly because they can be used wireless, so you can go for a run with Bluetooth earbuds and not worry about getting pulling your phone out when your hand hits the cord. RevJams has some pretty interesting and popular Bluetooth earbuds, including the Revjams Active Bluetooth […]

T-Mobile’s WiFi Calling Should Hit the Nexus 6 this weekend

When Google announced the Google Nexus 6 back in October, many of us wondered about WiFi Calling, as it hadn’t been part of any of the previous Nexus devices. Primarily because it wasn’t a T-Mobile branded device, and only T-Mobile branded devices had WiFi Calling. However, T-Mobile and Google have been working to get WiFi […]

Sprint’s LG G4 Launching on June 5th

Finally. Finally we have word on when the LG G4 will be available on the US. This morning Sprint sent over word that they will be releasing the LG G4 on June 5th. We haven’t heard from the other carriers just yet, but we expect to hear from them rather soon. Sprint is offering the […]

Samsung’s Content Unit Witnesses Layoffs

The last couple of weeks hasn’t been good for Samsung’s Media Solutions Centre America, which takes care of the company’s Milk Music and the lesser known Milk Video services. Reports are in that the unit has been witnessing significant layoffs and many key executives have moved out already. The fact that Samsung executives are made […]

Fiber Users Involved With Piracy Fined By Google

Google is a company that strongly fights against piracy acts, mainly due to the fact that the company itself has been the target of numerous lawsuits that accuse the world’s most popular search engine, of contributing to said illegal acts. Up to this point, Google has only taken relatively small actions against piracy, like removing […]

Google to Push Chromebooks More in Emerging Markets

  Chromebooks have been something of a quiet success for Google; they haven’t become a mainstream hit, but they’re clearly giving Microsoft something to worry about. The irony about the Chromebook is that devices which don’t cost a lot, have great battery life and aren’t prone to viruses and such are successful in emerging markets and […]

Nokia In No Hurry To Sell HERE Maps

Nokia has been mentioned quite frequently lately. The Finnish company seems to have a lot going on at the moment, they’re trying to expand production and availability of their Android-powered N1 tablet, and they’ve purchased Alcatel-Lucent recently, though the deal won’t go through for another couple of months. After selling their Devices and Services business […]

Google Needs To Focus On Corporate Chromebook Sales

Despite Samsung taking a decision to exit the European Chromebook market and focus on tablets, they were still the second highest global Chromebook manufacturer in 2014, clocking up 1.7 million units. However, according to Gartner, this puts them at the number two spot behind Acer’s 2.0 million units. HP is showing as the third most […]