TMSC Talks 16nm Processor Manufacturing Details

In the semiconductor, or chip, industry, small is good when it comes to application processors. The smaller the processor, the lower the power consumption and therefore the lower the temperatures or waste heat. This is because a smaller die size requires less voltage in order to drive the electrons around the processor. Power consumption is […]

Xiaomi Will Launch Smartphones in the US, but No Date Set

  Xioami, the Chinese company that has experienced explosive growth over the last couple of years is slowly, steadily expanding into the West. They’ve already started to lay the groundwork of building their brand presence in the US and Europe by opening up an accessories store, selling things like power banks, headphones and more. That’s […]

Meizu M2 Note Specs Surface, Display Size Seems Off

Meizu will announce their much rumored ‘Note’ handset on June 2nd. The company has announced the event in Beijing a while back, and we’ll be there to cover it live. The company’s VP, Li Nan, has already said that the ‘Note’ handset will be announced and that it will sport a physical home button, and […]

Net Neutrality Debate In India: Google Blinks First

Google is reportedly scrapping its plans to provide free data to users by introducing zero-rating platforms in India out of fear of public backlash. With the launch of Android One handsets last year, there were reports which suggested that Google was looking to tie-up with carriers in India with a view to creating a platform […]

Motorola Might Open Up An Assembly Plant In India Soon

We’ve been talking about the Indian smartphone market quite frequently lately. That is the second biggest smartphone market in the world, and it’s growth-rate is quite staggering. Analysts say that the Indian smartphone market is where the Chinese market was a couple of days ago, which means that its development is off the charts. A […]

XOLO’s Online-only Brand “Black” to Compete With YU, Xiaomi

  Since the Chinese brand Xiaomi set up shop in India not too long ago, things have started to change rapidly in the region. While Indian brands like Lava’s XOLO, Intex and Micromax continue to release smartphone after smartphone in quick succession, things have started to change. Micromax launched their YU brand a little while […]

OnePlus One Bamboo StyleSwap Cover Launched In India

OnePlus is a China-based company which has introduced only one handset thus far, the OnePlus One. Interestingly enough, this handset alone was more than enough for OnePlus to make a name for themselves. The OnePlus One was one of the best smartphones last year, and the company is expected to launch its successor in the […]

Huawei P8, P8Max, P8 Lite To Reach India In Q3

Huawei has announced quite a few devices in the last two months. The company has showcased three P8 devices, the mid-range Honor 4C offering, and two mid-range Android-powered tablets. That being said, the P8 line of devices is actually the company’s flagship line. This series of handset consists of Huawei P8, P8Max and P8 Lite. […]

Ulefone Be Touch To Receive Android 5.1 Update Soon

Ulefone is not exactly the best known Chinese smartphone OEM in the world, but the company is trying to change things and make a name for themselves. This China-based company is known for manufacturing really solid and yet affordable handsets. One such device is the Be Touch handset which Ulefone announced last month. This is […]

Meizu M1 Note 2 Leaks, Shows Off A Physical Home Button

Meizu has announced that they’ll hold a press event in Beijing on June 2nd, and we’ll be there to cover it live. The company has also released quite a few teasers regarding that event, and it seems like they’ll be launching several devices on said date. As far as handset launches go, the Meizu M1 […]

Worldwide Android News 29/05/15 – Sony, Oppo And More

Wiio WI3 Is A Mid-Range Handset Which Sports A 4,000mAh Battery Wiio is an India-based company, and chances are you haven’t heard of them if you live outside of Asia. That being said, Wiio has launched a new, affordable mid-ranger for the Indian market, the Wiio WI3. This handset sports a 5-inch 960 x 540 […]

Google I/O 2015 Day 1 Wrap Up: Android M, Android Pay, Android Wear & More

  Day 1 of Google I/O is over and the keynote speech has long been done since this morning. There was quite a bit outed by Google, including the official announcement of Android M and some of its features, the availability of the developer preview which starts today, and the introduction of Android Pay, which […]

Android M and Every New Feature Straight from Google

Google’s unveiling of Android M today was hoped for and even expected given that we’ve seen a new version of Android at Google’s yearly I/O conference for quite a long time now.  With any new operating system version comes a massive changelog that takes a long time to dissect and understand, and Android M is no […]

Android M Default Wallpaper Ready for Download

Android M’s announcement and developer preview earlier today took much of the media, and its reader’s screens, by storm, and for a good reason.  After Android L was shown off a year ago, people wrote for days about how the design language was vastly different, and they weren’t wrong.  L, and later Lollipop, brought a […]

Android Wear’s ‘Always On’ Now Supported By Runtastic

With each passing day Android Wear inches closer to becoming a more robust and fully featured platform for wearables, something which is made ever the more possible with a growing list of apps. As of now there are currently over 4,000 Apps for Android Wear, with Google promising many more on the way as the […]

Android M Adds System UI Tuner And Other New Features

Android M may still be months away from the official release to devices, but that isn’t stopping plenty of users from rooting around in the software as Google made the developer preview of Android M available today to those who use the Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 9 devices as well as the Nexus player. […]

Android M Offers Android TV Improved Bluetooth And Storage

While Google’s annual I/O event took place today, for those interested in Android TV there was not much news offered in the keynote presentation. In fact, the only real android news that came through today was that Google are working on a ‘Channels’ feature to be implemented soon which would allow Android TV devices to […]