AH Primetime: What was Missing at Google I/O

Yesterday and today…okay, mostly yesterday, was the annual Google I/O Conference in San Francisco – you know, the one we wait for all year long to see what Google has in store for us in the upcoming year.  During the keynote address, they talked about new platforms for TV, our automobile, wearables (Android Wear), fitness […]

Android L Fulfills Photographers’ Dreams with DNG Raw Picture Support

Smartphones and other tech are quickly converging on eachother.  Smartphones have already replaced a number of stand-alone devices like calculators, MP3 players, flashlights, point-and-shoot cameras and so much more.  This Swiss Army Knife of inventions never ceases to amaze, and always improves with every iteration.  Now Google is taking the smartphone photography game to a […]

Google’s Chromecast Will Use Ultrasonic Sounds For Pairing With Devices

Chromecast is about as easy to install and cheap as you can get a technical dongle.  For only $35, you can stream Netflix, YouTube, HBO GO, Hulu Plus, Pandora, Google Play Movies and Music and more.  You buy it, plug it into any HDMI port on your HDTV, give it power by either hooking up […]

Google’s Project Tango in Pictures, at Google I/O 2014

Google announced Project Tango earlier this year, which was a pretty weird project. It’s basically doing all kinds of 3D stuff and getting 3D information for Google Maps. Google made a 4.7-inch smartphone that has tons of cameras on it as well as a tablet with NVIDIA now that has amazing specs. Like a Tegra […]

DodoCase Selling Google Cardboard VR Headset for $19.95

Google always does something wacky with their products.  It’s sort of a hallmark of the company and one we’ve come to expect with every unveiling.  At this year’s Google I/O 2014 Google gave away a new “product” to attendees; the Cardboard VR Headset.  While this was a little strange at first the actual product is […]

Side-by-Side Comparisons Show the Massive Visual Overhaul in Android L

Over the years Android has gone through some pretty significant changes.  Going from what looked essentially like a mobile Windows 98 back in the Android 1.x days to some slight refinements with Android 2.3 Gingerbread, and then again with a major overhaul in Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to what we know as the Android […]

The Fine Print Behind Android Apps on Chrome

Google I/O 2014 showed us plenty of new things coming from Google. Android Wear, updates to Android TV, and Android L. Though there was one announcement that seemed to be a continuation from last years I/O. The announcement involved users being able to run Android apps on their Chromebooks, which run Chrome OS. Some may […]

Gameloft Optimizes 9 Games for Android TV

  Gameloft is well known for developing games on Android. They have even developed award winning games like Despicable Me: Minion Rush, and Asphalt 8: Airborne. While Android aims to give the same experience across multiple devices, including your television, Gameloft aims to do the same with Android games. They have announced a list of […]

Did HTC Just Troll Us with a HTC Nexus 9 Render at Google I/O?

Google is one great company, with an even greater sense of humor. If you don’t believe us, check out some of the Easter eggs they’ve stuffed into Search and Google Now. The second day of the annual Mecca for developers is currently ongoing at San Francisco, however we are still reeling from the information overload […]

Unreal Engine 4 Rivalry Demo Show Extreme Graphics Capabilities of Tegra K1

Over the years mobile processing power has increased exponentially, going from what used to be equivalent to a mere calculator to what is now nearly the equivalent of a home PC.  CPUs and graphics processors (GPU) have come a long, long way in the world of mobile and can now offer us not only video […]

Android L’s New Roboto Font Now Available For Download

Google has given a little taste of their new Android software called Android L-for now. The new Android version has many different new designs integrated inside. In fact, it was even said that Android L may be the biggest Android software update ever released. Even though the update may be the biggest update, it’s made […]

Android Wear has Its First Six Apps

The first day of Google’s I/O Developer Conference may have concluded, and we may know about and have access to Google’s SDK (software development kit) for the Wear, TV, Auto, and others, but we are the last to the party.  Companies like Pinterest and PayPal have had access for a while before now, and have […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 Google Play Edition?

What?  Remember the last time ‘wolf’ was called, when the Galaxy S4 was temporarily (the image only) for a brief moment, and we didn’t know when this would actually become a thing?  Well, it may be sooner than you think, because it showed up again, twice, in the same photo, showing the same interface that […]

Android Wear Notifications Will be Sent to Google Glass

We could not make it through the first day of Google I/O without some mention of Glass…one of Google’s proudest accomplishments.  Google is working on Glass and we may even see a public launch by the end of this year, but Google did not want to focus on Glass at the I/O Conference…there were too […]