Motorola Introduce New Scout 5000 Smartcollar For Dogs

There are a few reasons why mankind and dogs have adapted to live together. Some say it’s because humanity was ruled by cats in Egyptian times and dogs helped free us from their slavery. Others say it is because dogs and humans are pack animals and enjoy company. For many, a dog gives us the […]

Toshiba Demonstrate Their Take On A Glass Wearable, Out Later This Year

We’ve seen many, many devices demonstrated and shown off at CES 2015, or Consumer Electronics Show, over the last week. One of the new products showcased is Toshiba Glass, which is Toshiba’s take on an eye-wearable product, which the company is going to be delivering to enterprise customers later this year. The product is similar […]

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015 Wrap Up

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) took place in Las Vegas, like it does every year. The show is now over and we’ve seen a ton exciting stuff shown off by various companies along with a bunch of announcements. We worked hard in order to deliver all sorts of news your way and give you a glimpse […]

Polaroid Announces Two New Budget Tablets, The L7 And L10

Polaroid, the company which is best known for making cameras, has announced a bunch of stuff at this year’s CES in Las Vegas. Other than announcing the Polaroid Socialmatic 14MP WiFi Camera, which is interesting looking, they also announced a range of smartphones, Polaroid Flip, Polaroid Selfie and Polaroid Snap smartphones. If you thought that […]

HyprKey is Taking Pre-Orders for their HYPR-3 Biometric Mobile Wallet

The future of payments is definitely through our smartphones – something we carry with us everywhere, much as we used to carry a wallet around.  In the “old days” we had to pay with cash, then we evolved into paying with a check (much to the disappointment of those in line behind them), next we […]

Toshiba Announce Their New SD Cards Which Come With NFC Built-In

NFC has come a long way over time and nowadays simply seems to be everywhere. The more products we pick up, the more we are starting to hear about ‘NFC included’. Most of these products do make sense and kinda seem to fill in. That said, some products, on the face of it, seem like […]

Net Neutrality at CES Takes a Turn as Congress May Upstage FCC Chairman Wheeler

Just so our readers are all on the same page, let’s define exactly what Net Neutrality means.  According to Wikipedia, it is the tendency not to side in a conflict (physical or ideological), which may not suggest neutral parties do not have a side or are not a side themselves.  In colloquial use “neutral” can […]

Samsung Round Smartwatch in the Works with MWC Release Likely

A couple of years ago, many were asking themselves if smartwatches and other wearables were ever going to have a place in the tech world…and as we all know, that question has been answered with a resounding, ‘YES!’  Many people are still not buying until the second and third generations fall by the wayside – […]

The Android Headlines Podcast #90 CES 2015 Recap Is Live

We’re back! It’s a new year and we have a new Android Headlines Show lined up for you. CES 2015 is happening right now, and we’re talking about all the crazy new stuff that we’re seeing there. That’s right, Nick is on site at CES, working his butt off and having a ton of fun. […]

LG-Made Audi Smartwatch Runs Open WebOS, Not Android Wear

CES has provided a ton of exciting tech stuff this year and the show is still on-going. We’ve see a lot of different tech being displayed and have covered a ton ourselves. No matter what kind of tech you like, you had something to see at this year’s CES. From the smallest gadgets and smartphones, […]

CES2015: Hands On With The Polaroid Flip

Polaroid was in full force at CES this year showing off three of their newly announced android smartphones. We were there also and able to check them out first hand. Not to mention we were also able to snap a few images for you guys to see. One of the phones on offer by Polaroid […]

CES2015: Hands On With The Polaroid Selfie

One of the big surprises of this year was Polaroid and their sudden entry into the smartphone domain. Coming from being a camera manufacturing and suddenly pushing out android devices is no mean feat. That said, the former-camera-now-smartphone company were present at CES with their new andorid devices. As such we were there to get hands on […]

CES2015: Hands On With The Polaroid Snap

Polaroid is another one of these companies who constantly seem to be surprising folk these days. Known for being a camera focused company. Following on from this, they then seemed to stop halt their camera endeavors and suddenly turn to smartphones. Now, at CES, Polaroid are here and touting their latest range of smartphones. We […]

CES 2015: Hands On With The Yale YRD340 Keyless Entry Smart Lock

We’ve covered our fair share of news on home automation, so we were pretty excited when we got to check out some of the smart home products from Yale, a company that specializes in home locks, and more specifically today during CES 2015 we were able to get some hands on images of the Yale […]