Archos Budget Smartwatch Landing This Summer

With a sea of smartwatches forming around us, is it any surprise to hear that budget manufacturer Archos plans to enter the ring? The company has a new line of budget-priced smartwatches in the pipeline, and today we’re being told that the first offering in this series should be available around the time summer is […]

OLPC Makes Its CES Appearance With Two New Tablets For The Kiddies

OLPC is showing off two new tablets for Kids, so it must be CES 2014, where they introduced the XO-7 last year – which eventually was released as the XO, and was available for $149 through outlets such as Wal-Mart and Target. It was a wild-looking device, definitely geared toward the kids and designed by Yves […]

Hisense Announces their Pulse Pro Android TV at CES 2014

While Google TV isn’t officially dead, it might as well be. We have heard rumors that it would be renamed and relaunched in 2014 as Android TV. And it looks like Hisense spilled the beans a bit early. Hisense is showing off a nice little set top box at CES this week. Which is called […]

Lenovo Plans to Launch Multiple Chromebooks This Summer

Lenovo has made its Chromebook aspirations for 2014 clear at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The intention of expanding their Chromebook line was divulged at CES by Jay Parker, President of Lenovo’s North America operations. He said that the company intends to release “multiple Chromebook models” by summer. He clarified that these models […]

MediaTek Announces Wireless Charging Module with both Inductive and Resonance Charging

MediaTek has had a solid presence at CES 2014 this year, announcing new chipsets including one specially designed for wearable devices. They aren’t done yet, though. MediaTek has also announced a new wireless charging module that combines both inductive and resonance charging. This single module covers both types of wireless charging and will make it […]

Comigo Launches its Android Powered Duo Smart Stick at CES 2014

Comigo, founded by Dov Moran – technology entrepreneur and inventor of the USB flash drive – announced at CES their new Duo Smart Stick.  Comigo is the creator of a flexible multi-screen TV platform and they have spent their existence providing ground-breaking TV products and the Duo Smart Stick continues that tradition.  The Duo Smart […]

T-Mobile Explains Thoughts Behind The Covered ETF Move

T-Mobile hit the stage at CES 2014, with what they called “Uncarrier 4.0”, and rumors were confirmed. T-Mobile will be paying the cancellation fees for families switching to the carrier from AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. The part that was unclear in the rumors, was how much they will pay for you to switch, turns out […]

The FCC Wants More Details from AT&T’s New Sponsered Data Program

We reported that AT&T has a new idea they announced and it went by the name of “Sponsored Data”, and since its announcement, mixed feelings come in from everyone. Now, one person’s feelings have been brought to light, and his feelings matter more than many of us. This person goes by the name of Tom […]

Vizio Debuts Android Powered Speakers at CES 2014

Vizio usually has some cool stuff to show off at CES, and this year is no different. While we’re used to seeing TVs with a smattering of computers and tablets from the company, this year it’s throwing us something of a curve ball by introducing a series of portable Bluetooth speakers equipped with touch screens. […]

Lenovo Executive Says They Will Release Multiple Chromebook Models in 2014

CES brought forth some interesting information from Lenovo’s Jay Parker, president for Lenovo’s North American operations, as he spoke with CNet at this year’s show. He made it clear in no uncertain terms that Lenovo was interest in expanding their Chromebook lineup and that they will “release multiple Chromebook models” in 2014 and would offer multiple […]

Toshiba Unveils New Dual Camera Module for Mobile Devices at CES 2014

When we’re talking about the technical specifications of mobile devices, cameras are usually things that merely get a mention before we move onto more important hardware. Recently Nokia tried to make the camera the center of attention and now we’re seeing Toshiba do the same thing. The company revealed its new dual camera module, the […]