How To Root The Samsung Galaxy S6 Or The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Okay, here you got a brand new Samsung Galaxy S6 or a shiny new Galaxy S6 Edge, but you can’t quite get it to do exactly what you want, or maybe you want to go into the system sounds and change them to… Oh, let’s say you want to replace the sound files for the […]

Android How To: Set up the HTC One M9

Whether its your first time setting up an Android phone, or your 100th time. It’s still an important part of buying a new smartphone. We’re going to show you what the set up process is like on the HTC One M9 today. Please note that this is the T-Mobile version, so there are parts here […]

Using the Flashlight App on the HTC One M9

You may not realize it, but one of the most popular apps on any phone is the flashlight app. Some phones, don’t have one and you have to go looking in the Play Store for an app. The HTC One M9 doesn’t actually have a flashlight app per say. HTC has added the flashlight toggle […]

Android How To: Pin apps in the Home Widget of Sense 7

One of the features of HTC’s new skin, Sense 7, is the new Home Widget. It sits on your home screen, and some of you may not even know it’s a widget. Basically what it does is it looks at where you are and figures out what apps you use. So when you’re at home, […]

Android Customization Weekly: How To Install OxygenOS On Your OnePlus One

It may have been a long time coming but all that is irrelevant now. If you have been waiting on the OnePlus homegrown OS, OxygenOS, then the wait is over. OnePlus have now released the download which can be used to install OxygenOS on your device. This is a manual download only, meaning there is […]

Android How To: Take a Screenshot on the HTC One M9

Believe it or not, our most asked question on any device is how to take a screenshot. So we’re showing you how to do that today. On the HTC One M9 it’s quite simple to do actually, and many people do it everyday, or close to everyday. And it’s actually the same as any other […]

Android How To: Unlock The Bootloader On The HTC One M9

HTC’s upcoming flagship for 2015 is only weeks away, and while it may not be the most groundbreaking smartphone to launch this year, there will undoubtedly be a good number of loyal HTC fans and those just generally interested in picking up the device, perhaps as their first HTC product either ever or in some […]

Android How-To: Root Your LG Device Running Android 5.0.x Lollipop

As many more of us Android users have been receiving our,Lollipop updates, especially outside of the Nexus family of hardware, it’s time for a root guide for those of you folks with LG devices that have gotten (or shipped with) Google’s sweetest OS yet, Android 5.0 Lollipop.  You’ll need to know a few things before […]

Android How to: take a screenshot on the Xiaomi Mi Note

We’ve got our hands on the Xiaomi Mi Note smartphone that was announced earlier this year. We’ll be doing a nice and long review in the very near future, but figured we teach everyone how to use a few things in MIUI in the meantime. This is MIUI 5.2.7 Beta, but it’s very simple to […]

Android How-To: Remove and Replace the OnePlus One StyleSwap Back

When the OnePlus One was announced one of the defining features of the phone was that the back was removable and could be swapped out with any number of back covers that were going to be made available. From the get go you could choose from Sandstone Black, a dark grey back with a rough […]

Android TV: How To Set Up Your Google Nexus Player

Last week we talked about the many ways you will be able to pick up Android TV in 2015. That said, the only way you can currently pick up Android TV today, is with Google’s own Nexus Player. The Nexus Player is currently available through the Play Store and priced at $99.99. For this, you […]

Android How to: Take a Screenshot on the BLU Vivo Air

Taking a screenshot, probably one of the first thing a new Android user is searching for how to do. With the BLU Vivo Air it’s really easy. Although it’s not immediately apparent to most people that haven’t been using Android forever. So that’s where Android Headlines comes in. We’re here not just to bring you […]

Android How To: Root the Motorola Moto Maxx

The Moto Maxx is the phone that we all want here in the US. It’s an amazing smartphone. Essentially the Droid Turbo, but not exclusive to Verizon. Currently, it’s only on sale down in Latin America, but you can buy it here in the US, if you’re willing to shell out some decent cash for […]

Android How-To: Remedy Nexus 6 MMS Issues

If you happen to be one of the proud, the few, the Nexus 6 owners, then you must seriously be enjoying the size and power of the thing.  You may also have noticed that, if you use a certain carrier for service, and use the new addition to Google’s app family Google Messenger, you’ll have […]

Android How To: Add Trusted Places and Devices in Android 5.0 Lollipop

Android Lollipop has been sitting in some of our pockets and sleeves for a while, while for some it might still be months away.  To you who haven’t yet gotten your ticket to the Material Designed, ART-only, Android 5.0 club, we wish you the best in timeliness of the OEM that’s holding it from you. […]