Featured: Top 10 Best Android Apps – March 2015 Edition

Tinkerplay Tinkerplay is a fun and creative little application for coming up with some interesting action figures which you can then send to your 3D printer and have them printed out. You can get every last detail right down to the moving parts and joints. You can come up with your own creations or choose […]

Featured: Top 10 Best Apps To go Apartment Hunting

Hunting for a new apartment can be a daunting task. But with the internet and now smartphones, it’s become much, much easier. You can even use Google to help find apartments in the area you want to move to. But there’s also a bunch of apps that will help you find that perfect apartment, and […]

Featured: Top 10 File Manager Apps For Android

Sliding Explorer Sliding Explorer seems relatively new, and it features pretty much anything you could find in your standard run of the mill file explorer. It also comes with a snazzy Material Design style UI so it looks good. It features root access for those that have rooted devices, and it you can use it […]

Featured: Top 10 Screenshot Apps For Android

You might be wondering what is the point of downloading a screenshot app? After all, most smartphones now do offer the ability to take a screenshot. However, that is only the function. There are many apps out there that offer an enhanced screenshot service. Similar to why you would download a calendar app in spite of […]

Featured: Top 10 Android Apps For Dog Lovers

For those who love dogs, sometimes you just need those extra dog fixes while out and about. With that in mind, there are a number of apps available which can give you a quick dog fix while on the go. These include cute images of dogs, wallpapers and games. Not to mention, there are also […]

Featured: Top 10 Best Zombie Games for Android

Whether or not you’re a big fan of horror films and Zombie flicks, it’s hard to deny that killing Zombies when playing games is simple, yet addictive fun. With blockbuster releases like Dying Light available on the PS4 and Xbox One, it’s understandable you might have become addicted to slaying the walking dead. As such, […]

Featured: Top 10 Best Apps For March Madness 2015

On Sunday, the NCAA revealed the four regions for the NCAA Tournament which starts this week. All 68 teams have been announced and they know who they’ll be facing first. Now that March Madness is officially about to begin, how do we keep up all the madness? Well we’ve got quite a few great apps […]

Featured: Top 10 Puzzle Games For Android

Unmechanical Unmechanical is a delightful little puzzle game that aims to tantalize the eyes, as well as the mind. Unmechanical’s quaint story of a helicopter in need of help to explore and escape the world he’s trapped in mixed together with tricky puzzles and a uniquely imaginative 3D environment are sure to please. Lyne Lyne […]

Top 10 Best Android Wear Apps and Faces Monthly – March 2015 Edition

Android Wear has grown massively over the last few months, there are now more apps for Android Wear than we’d have ever imagined there would be. Every month, we try our best to bring you a selection, a mix, of the Top 10 Android Wear apps and watch faces. This past month has been a […]

Featured: Top 10 Android Apps For Cat Lovers

Android app selections have grown significantly over the last few years and there is literally apps now for everything. If you are into cats, then there is no shortage of supply when it comes to cat based and themed apps. These includes simulators, games, wallpapers, sounds and even apps for your cat. To try and […]

Featured: Top 10 Best News and Magazine Apps for Android

You are probably interested in more than just Android news, right? Luckily there’s an app for that, or is that apps? We’ve gathered the top 10 best News and Magazine apps for Android here, so let’s take a look at them. Press (RSS Reader) Some of you probably remember when Google News died a few […]

Featured: Top 10 Trivia Apps For Android

If you are someone who quite fancies yourself at knowing all there is to know about a number of things then trivia based apps will be perfect for you. Not only do they give you the option to put your claimed knowledge to the test but they also offer you the opportunity to pick up […]

Featured: Top 10 Best Income Tax Apps

We’re fast approaching the time when we all get our tax refunds from Uncle Sam. Many have already filed, while some have not. It’s important to make sure you file before it’s too late. And there are a ton of apps that can help out with that. TurboTax Tax Preparation TurboTax has some great tools […]

Featured: Top 10 Best Racing Games For Android

Ridge Racer Slipstream Ridge Racer Slipstream carries the torch of the classic racing franchise onto Android, with high octane racing and loads of customizable cars with an arcade style feel. The game features 12 cars to collect and customize and upgrade with 300 customization options, and options for playing the game single player or with […]

Featured: Top 10 Wallpaper Apps for Android

Customization is one of the biggest draws of Android, and there’s no doubting that it’s nice and easy to customize a whole lot on your Android phone or tablet. However, it doesn’t matter how deep you go, you’re always going to need a good-looking wallpaper. Thanks to Android being more flexible than ever, there are […]

Featured: Top 10 Best Sports Apps for Android

Whether you follow the NBA, NFL, MLB, UFC, Boxing, or any other sport, there’s an app out there for you. In fact, in most cases there are a few apps for you. Today we’re taking a look at about 10 apps for Android will bring you the best in sports. Whether its video, news, stats, […]