Featured: Top 10 Casual Games for Android

We all love games on Android, the graphics have gotten better and better over the years and our smartphones and tablets now behave more like games consoles than they do anything else. Not everyone wants to get wrapped up the latest epic however, sometimes we just want to play! That means we don’t want to […]

Featured: Top 10 Best Word Games For Android

Wordathon Wordathon is a slightly new take on a word search type game, having you connect cubes on the grid to search for as many words as you can in the given amount of time. There are four different grid types to play through and Wordathon boasts a new game every time you play so […]

Featured: Top 10 Cache Cleaning Apps For Android

Cleaning your device’s cache can be one of the most basic, yet useful actions an android user can perform. No matter what you use your mobile device for, caches build up a large amount of unwanted or unneeded data. In turn, this can cause your device to slow down and hamper performance. Therefore, keeping your […]

Samsung Galaxy S6: How the Design was Born and Developed

Samsung is very interested in letting the public know that they started at “zero” and put much thought into the design of the new Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge.  They asked the leading designers and engineers who developed the new Galaxy S6 devices from paper to finished product to give us an idea of […]

Featured: Top 10 Android Apps For Beer

Drizly Drizly is one of the very few applications you can find on your device that will let you order beer from home using the app, and have it delivered to your front door much like you would with food. For legal drinking ages of course. The app boasts a 20-40 minute delivery time, and […]

Featured: Top 10 Android Apps For Cigar Lovers

For those who like cigars, little is better than kicking back and enjoying their latest flavor. However, for those new to the scene, it can seem a little daunting. Knowing where to buy from, what to buy or even how to enjoy cigars. With that in mind, here are ten android apps which cigars lovers (both […]

Featured: Top 10 Video Player Apps for Android

These days our smartphones and tablets have more pixels than many TVs, however getting high-quality content on your device is difficult. Even when you’ve downloaded your favorite show in HD, you need a reliable player that’s familiar, easy-to-use and plays whatever it is you need it to. As such, here’s a list of the Top […]

Featured: Top 10 Android Apps For April 2015

Peership Peership is basically a community driven shipping service. The app helps you find people in your local area who are willing to ship smaller items for you for a set fee, all handled through a Facebook link. Yerdle Think of Yerdle like a garage sale for your phone. Create posts and upload pics of […]

Featured: Top 10 Best Android Apps to Find Cheap Gas

For a while, Gas was going down but it appears to be on the way back up. You probably want to find the cheapest gas around you, especially if you are in an area that you don’t frequent that often. There are plenty of apps to help you out with that, and a few of […]

Featured: Top 10 Android Apps For Musicians

Whether a budding musician or a seasoned pro, the ever-evolving world of tech means making music is becoming much more of an on-the-go experience. Gone are the days when you had to stay close to your mixing desk, home studio or amp. Now, you can find an app for just about every aspect of music […]

Featured: Top 10 Best Games For Android – April 2015 Edition

Driver Speedboat Paradise Ubisoft’s Driver Speedboat Paradise has plenty to offer from awesome looking visuals to fast-paced high octane racing challenges. There are more than six different modes to race in which gives things a little more variety than some racing titles. What’s particularly nice to see is the multiple locations with gorgeous scenery and […]

Featured: Top 10 Best Widgets For Android

Battery Widget Reborn Battery Reborn is just that, a simple battery widget to place on your homescreen so you can see just how much battery power you have left. It’s taken on a stylish Material Design look and features a circular design that can be customized with colors and re-sized to fit any part of […]

Featured: Top 10 Android Apps For Coffee Lovers

Nowadays coffee is far more readily available than it used to be. As well as the influx of coffee shops and cafés that have popped up in recent years, most major supermarkets, bars and even movie theaters have started offering their own coffee. In short, we seem to be a world of coffee drinks. However, some of us […]

Featured: Top 10 Weather Widget Apps for Android

One of the things Android had over their competitors for a while was widgets. Now iOS has widgets, but Android has thousands of them available. Today we’re looking at about 10 different weather widget apps that are available on Android. They are all really nice ones too. Yahoo Weather This is one of my personal […]

Featured: Top 10 Slots Apps For Android

Many of us use our android devices for different things. While some use them to keep in touch with friends and family, others use them to make better use of their work life. Of course, there are also those who are more inclined towards android gaming. Not to mention, there are also though who prefer […]

Featured: Top 10 Video Calling Apps for Android

Smartphones have featured a camera facing toward their users for a long, long time but only in the last couple of years have video calling apps become reliable enough to use them all the time. Now, there’s almost too much choice. Hopefully, our list of Top 10 Video Calling Apps for Android will have something […]

Featured: Top 10 Android Apps for Runners

These days it seems like it’s easier than ever before to get in shape, or stay in shape. There are all sorts of apps out there to help you lose weight, follow a program and so on, however those really into their running need a specific feature set. It’s not enough to track steps, and […]