The Movement of Mobile Apps towards Gaming

Playing poker on the go has now become one of the major growth markets in the industry over the past three years. In line with global usage trends moving towards portable platforms (the mobile gaming industry is projected to be worth $40 billion by 2017), the poker community has seen some of the game’s biggest operators […]

Top New Android Games Of The Week – March 20th Edition

Frozen Synapse Prime Frozen Synapse Prime is a turn-based strategy game where you’re in command of an elite force of soldiers in an unforgiving future controlled by an evil corporation. As this is a strategy based game, you must tell your soldiers what to do as you commence battle on 40+ randomly generated maps in […]

Android Game Of The Week: Zombie Highway 2

If history has taught us anything, it’s that we can’t seem to get enough zombies in video games. Zombie Highway 2 fulfills that hunger by throwing you knee deep in zombies but with the added bonus of getting to drive right through them with an armored car fitted with heavy weaponry. The goal of the […]

Nintendo and DeNA Team Up to Bring Nintendo Gaming to Mobile Platforms

Do me a favor and go outside.  Does it feel a little unseasonably cold?  Perhaps a bit more nippy than usual?  That’s very likely because what I’m about to share with you may have very well frozen the underworld itself over.  The day that people may never have thought was coming is finally upon us; Nintendo […]

Google And Niantic Labs To Take Over Pasadena For Upcoming Ingress Anomaly

Google’s Niantic Labs is the team behind the popular augmented reality game Ingress, which brings people from all walks of life together to form a team and carry out missions and tasks in hopes of becoming the controlling faction within the game. Coming up on March 28th, Niantic Labs is taking to the streets of […]

Top New Android Games Of The Week – March 13th Edition

Quite a few games released onto Android this week, and here we’re going to cover the top games to hit the Play Store to give you something to fill up those free hours during the weekend. Land Air Sea Warfare Brings RTS Battles To Android If you love real-time strategy games, Land Air Sea Warfare […]

Android Game Of The Week: Dungeon Hunter 5

Gameloft is well known for a few different franchises, but their most popular are easily Modern Combat, and Dungeon Hunter. That leads us to the game of the week, Dungeon Hunter 5. This is the highly anticipated fifth installment in this action rpg franchise, which is a direct sequel to Dungeon Hunter 4, taking place after […]

Top New Android Games Of The Week – March 6th Edition

Warhammer: Snotling Fling This is a puzzle game set in the Warhammer universe, where you have to command your army of snotlings through 60 levels, crossing through cities and destroying everything in your path as you go. The graphics are 3D, and there’s integrated realistic physics simulation. Zombie Highway 2 Zombie Highway is back with a […]

Android Game News Weekly 03/06/15: Hearthstone, Jurojin: Immortal Ninja, Marvel Mighty Heroes, Mutant League Football And More!

Blizzard Announces Blackrock Mountain Hearthstone Expansion Blizzard’s popular card based battle arena game is getting a new expansion soon, themed after the famous Blackrock Mountain dungeons and raids from the World of Warcraft MMO. The expansion is available for pre-order March 19th for $25, check out the announcement trailer below. Square Enix Releases First Look […]

Android Game Of The Week: Blood And Glory: Immortals

Blood and Glory: Immortals is an action game that’s set in the mythical era of ancient times. The game is centered around the player as a supercharged hero who has been imbued with power by the muses to stop the onslaught of Zeus, Ares, and Hades who have unleashed their armies upon the world. The […]

The International Mobile Gaming Awards Sees Monument Valley Win The Grand Prix

Lots of exciting stuff revolving around games happened at the Game Developers Conference held in San Francisco yesterday, including the 11th Annual International Mobile Gaming Awards. During this award ceremony, various mobile games were nominated to win an award for best game in certain categories. One of these categories was the Grand Prix, and the […]

Android Game Of The Week: Overkill 3

If you’re familiar with the Overkill franchise from Craneballs, then you may want to check out their third installment which just released onto Google play back on February 25th. Overkill 3 is an action/shooter game where you play in a third person view. It looks and feels like a cover shooter where you frequently are […]