Fallout Shelter Is Looking At A Tentative August Launch

News of Bethesda’s upcoming game in their popular post-apocalyptic franchise, Fallout 4, was announced back at the beginning of E3 in June. Bethesda didn’t just officially announce the next major game in the Fallout series though, they also released a mobile game called Fallout Shelter in which you’ll be tasked with managing a few people […]

Top New Android Games Of The Week: June 26th

It’s a good week for gamers, as there are more than a few releases of new mobile titles to contend with this week. Should you be in want for something fresh to play through the weekend, we’ve got a wrap-up of some of the top new games as well as an app that’s related to […]

Android Game News Weekly June 26th: Humble Bundle, Vain Glory, And More!

In addition to some new games which launched this week, there are other bits of exciting news regarding upcoming games and existing games which mobile gamers may want to take note of. We’ll go over the bigger stuff first as always, then provide quick little mentions of everything else. Humble Bulky Pix Mobile Bundle Adds […]

2K Is Having An Independence Day Sale On Mobile Games

Let’s face it, some of the best games on mobile come from seasoned AAA game studios and publishers like 2K. Not all of them mind you, as there are many amazing mobile games from indie developers too. If you fancy some of the bigger name publishers and game studios though that are typically seen on […]

NVIDIA GRID Store Launching in August, Beta Extended

When NVIDIA announced the first SHIELD device a little over a year ago, the company also introduced GRID. Which is their cloud-based game streaming service. GRID renders 3D games in the cloud, which means you’re going to need a pretty decent WiFi connection to use GRID. The Cloud Gaming GaaS has been in beta for quite […]

Top New Android Games – June Edition

During E3 which is one of the biggest video game conferences during the year, a fair bit of video game related news spills out over the internet. Not all of it relates to mobile and what does is usually about upcoming games rather than ones just now launching, but that doesn’t mean there are no […]

SteelSeries Outs Stratus XL Controller For Android

When it comes to gaming peripherals for Android devices, the selection of controllers has grown quite a bit over the years, but there is little choice available from big name brands like SteelSeries and others. The good news is that is about to change as SteelSeries announced a brand new controller that will be compatible […]

EA’s E3 2015 Mobile Roundup

The annual video game conference known as E3 officially kicked off today with plenty of news about upcoming games and many of which were likely very exciting to see and hear about. EA is one of the world’s most well-known publishers when it comes to their expansive lineup of games across many platforms, with their […]

Android Game of The Week: Angry Birds Fight!

Rovio has been branching out on different types of games for a while now, even though most of them have somewhat centered around their popular Angry Birds franchise. The latest in this growing line of games is Angry Birds Fight!, a non-traditional Match 3/puzzler mixed with some PvP elements thanks to the included online multiplayer […]

Top New Android Games Of The Week – June 12th

Too busy this week to catch up on any of the new games that have launched onto the Play Store? Worry not as we have you covered. We’ve rounded up a handful of the latest games which have launched during this week so you have something to play over the weekend. We won’t judge if […]

Android Game News Weekly June 12th: Humble Bundle, Age of Wushu And More!

Gaming is an age old pastime for some of us, for others it’s a temporary escape into worlds of wonder and chaos, filled with adventure, action, sadness, and pretty much any other emotion you can feel in real life. Here’s the latest batch of fresh gaming details just in case you missed any of them […]

App Annie/IDC Highlight Mobile Gaming On The Rise

Mobile gaming is big business, it’s also grown extremely popular over the last couple years. In 2015, mobile gaming is seeing a huge rise in popularity, with consumer spending being a key focus of the driven growth, and those which include online multiplayer as part of the package in particular are seeing the bulk of […]

Rovio Launches Match 3 Puzzle/RPG Angry Birds Fight!

Rovio is best known for the original Angry Bids titles, but they have had had a few themed versions of Angry Birds as well as a few spinoff titles which don’t follow the physics based format, such as Angry Birds GO, Angry Birds Epic, and Angry Birds Transformers. Now, they have just released a new […]

Twitch Adds Private Messaging and Better Language Support

The gaming industry has undergone a massive change in the last five years. Once the reserve of kids and enthusiasts, gaming has never been more mainstream, and the diehard fans now have more avenues to express themselves, with many of them becoming content creators in their own right. Twitch has been the driving force behind […]

AH Weekly Poll: When Would You Most Likely Read Gaming News?

Here at Android Headlines we cover plenty of stuff from the latest in Android powered tech to the newest smartphones and tablets from a wide array of OEMs across the globe. We also happen to cover Android games on a weekly basis, because we all need a little escape now and then. What we would […]