Android Game Of The Week: Run Sackboy! Run!

An endless runner is an endless runner is an endless runner, right? To some degree, yes. Each tends to have their own elements though and unique little quirks that make it somewhat original. The characters are one way of doing this obviously, as certain characters might make you feel more engaged than others. It seems […]

Game Of Thrones Episode One From Telltale Games Is Now Available On Android

Are you a fan of character driven narratives and story plots that unfold as you make certain decisions throughout games? Then you need to pick any of the available games on the Play Store from Telltale Games, which now includes the first episode of their Game of Thrones series adaption. The release had already hit […]

Android Game Of The Week: Shadowrun Dragonfall

Last year, Harebrained Schemes launched the reboot of the popular PC game Shadowrun, called Shadowrun Returns, a turns based strategy RPG set in a cyber punk world filled with magic, corporate espionage, and tons of weaponry. The game was set in Seattle in the not too distant future and offered up some awesome gameplay to […]

Electronic Arts Launches Casual Game Peggle Blast Onto The Play Store

This has nothing really to do with Android gaming, but as a long-time World of Warcraft player, I got my first taste of Peggle as one of the in-game add-ons you could apply. It was great. Peggle is a fun and addicting little game and it made the waiting periods of flight between locations across […]

Android Game Of The Week: The Banner Saga

The Banner Saga is a tactical RPG title that throws you right into the middle of a gorgeous fantasy Viking Epic. With a story that will engage and immerse you into the adventures within, and a tactical turn based combat system that is delightful and challenging, this is one game that should be hard to […]

OUYA Reaches The 1,000 Games Released Milestone

The OUYA gaming project was successfully funded in August 2012 and started arriving in late March 2013 for those people who had supported the project at the Kickstarter level. The OUYA device was released to the public in June 2013 and was billed as a “microconsole”. That being, a relatively small, low powered gaming console. […]

Zen Studios Will Be Adding A Venom Pinball Table To Their Marvel Themed Lineup

Zen Studios is well known for making a plethora of different pinball tables for their HD Pinball game, of which you can find many super hero and super villain themed tables from Marvel comics, as well as other tables based off popular fictional characters. Soon gamers who yearn for some pinball action on the go […]

Android Game Of The Week: Darkness Reborn

Darkness Reborn is an action/rpg hack and slash title from Gamevil, which takes the adventure, action and multiple character class variety of Dark Avenger and gives it some multiplayer-online capabilities by introducing the option to take on missions with other players in the game. In the world of Darkness Reborn, things are thrust into chaos […]

Gamers Unite, Monument Valley is Amazon’s Free App of the Day!

Mobile gamers, console gamers, PC gamers, lend me your ears.  Now is the time to unite behind a single purpose and a single game.  Now is the time to throw aside your differences, to toss out the old preferences of hardware power, input and convenience factor and just give something else a try for ninety […]