Android Game Of The Week: Seabeard

Pull up your bootstraps and hold onto your hats land lubbers’, Seabeard from Backflip studios is here to take you on an adventure over the high seas. All jokes aside, if you love adventure type games Seabeard might be worth looking into. The graphics and a little bit of the gameplay take on a feel […]

Featured: Top New Android Games Of The Week – May 7th Edition

Spellcrafter Spellcrafter is a role playing game which features gesture-based combat by way of making you draw on screen to cast all manner of deadly spells. You play as Cedric the brave knight on a quest to save a powerful mage before the evil brotherhood gets to him first, causing certain doom for all. Combat […]

Android Game Of The Week: Mortal Kombat X

Warner Bros and NetherRealm Studios finally released the Android version of Mortal Kombat X this week, and for those who are a fan of either the Mortal Kombat series or just simply enjoy the mindless, indulgent swiping and tapping on screen within Netherrealm’s action games, this will be one to keep on the radar, or better […]

Android Game Of The Week: Blood Bowl

The Warhammer franchise has been around a long time stretching across board games and video games on both the desktop and console platforms, and over the last couple of years some of the Warhammer titles have made their way over to mobile, including some new titles built and designed for mobile from the ground up. […]

Android Game Of The Week: Does Not Commute

Does Not Commute is the latest game from the people behind Smash Hit, known as Mediocre Games. Except, their games are anything but mediocre. Does Not Commute is quite the endearing little game which pieces together micro stories about all the citizens in this fictional town during the 1970’s, and all of which have somewhere […]

Featured: Top New Android Games Of The Week – April 24th Edition

Chainsaw Warrior: LotN Chainsaw Warrior is a card battler, and it looks like a pretty darn good one visually. It’s based on the original Chainsaw Warrior board game and the main goal is to save humanity from flesh eating Aztec zombies in a race against time. The game actually appears to be a mix of […]

Android Game Of The Week: Implosion – Never Lose Hope

There were actually quite a few good games that dropped this week, which made the choice all the harder in picking a game to feature. In the end though, Implosion – Never Lose Hope takes the cake. This is a hack and slash game filled with loads of action, gorgeous graphics, and tons of replay […]

Featured: Top New Android Games Of The Week – April 17th Edition

The Getaway: Traffic Racer 3D If you remember playing the original Grand Theft Auto titles, like GTA and GTA 2, then The Getaway might strike you with some nostalgia. It’s a top down view like the first two games (although angled and not completely over head) and none of the gameplay is really like grand […]

Featured: Top New Android Games Of The Week – April 12th Edition

Dragon Hills If you like old arcade games like Deathworm, then you will probably enjoy Dragon Hills. In Dragon Hills You play as a princess who is seeking to take revenge by destroying everything in your path while riding on the back of a dragon. Graphics are decent here and there is major enjoyment from […]