Sponsored App Review: SlickDeals – The Best Deals

SlickDeals, for those that have been living under a rock for the past decade, is a website and forum that runs the best deals on the web. If there’s a type of deal that doesn’t feature on SlickDeals, then it’s not worth knowing. Their Android app has come a long way in recent years, and […]

Sponsored App Review: Textra SMS

  Many of you might already know Textra SMS, it’s been around for years now, and has been providing users an alternative – often better – experience to the SMS app installed on their Android smartphone. It’s gone through a number of revisions, and now fully embraces Material Design, easy and varied customization options and […]

Sponsored App Review: addappt: up-to-date contacts

  addappt is an Android app put together by early employees from Microsoft as well as LinkedIn that aims to bring order to the chaos that is your contacts book. More than just yet another contact organizer, addappt ticks all the right boxes that you’d want it to, but it also allows users to express […]

Sponsored App Review: Voice Cross Trainer

Voice Cross Trainer is an Android app that hopes to keep singers’ voices in tip-top condition. Put together with key advice from hit UK vocal trainer, Kim Chandler, Voice Cross Trainer features a wide range of exercises. Included too, are introductions from Kim for each exercise as well as an audio walkthrough for each exercise. Voice […]

Sponsored Game Review: Arithmetis

Arithmetis is a game that aims to turn simple arithmetic into a challenging puzzle game. The aim of the game is to complete equations by placing the numbers as well as their operations in a grid, when you successfully create an equation it disappears from the grid and you’re awarded a certain amount of points. […]

Sponsored App Review: WiFi Exposure Meter

WiFi has become something that the vast majority of us use regularly, day in, day out. We use at home and at the office to get online, and many of us use it while out and about to get online for free at coffee shops and local stores. WiFi is quite literally everywhere these days, […]

App Review: Fanly – Sports Feeds by Team

Fanly is an Android app that aims to be the one and only Android app that sports fans in North America will ever need on their device to find out everything they want about their favorite teams. Fanly covers the NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAAF, MLS and the NCAAB all in one app, broken down by each […]

Sponsored App Review: izi.TRAVEL Tourist Audio Guide

  izi.TRAVEL is an Android app that aims to bring the world closer to you, and help you learn more about the places that you visit all over the world. It does this by bringing audio guides and trip maps from all over the internet into one, gorgeous app that uses Google Maps for the […]

Sponsored App Review: Slovoed Dictionaries

Slovoed Dictionaries is an Android app that is packed with dictionaries for over 180 dictionaries, translating back and forth, with common ones like English-to-German, French-to-English, Spanish-to-German and so on. Besides those, there are 35 or so branded dictionaries like English Chambers, Spanish VOX, Arabic Malayin, Irish Focalbeo, Turkish Redhouse, Collins and Enciclopèdia Catalana. You can access […]

Sponsored Game Review: Push IT – Sokoban Puzzle

Push IT is an Android game from the same developer behind ZiBo and other arcade style Android games. This is a new take on the classic puzzle game, and is all about being as simple as possible to enjoy. It’s good fun, and doesn’t expect too much from its players. While Push IT features ads in […]

Sponsored Game Review: Crime Coast

Crime Coast is an Android game that puts you in control of your own private Mafia, as well as your own criminally crooked city to build from the ground up. Think of Sim City meets Game of War and you’ll get the idea. The premise is pretty simple, you steadily build up a crooked Empire, […]

Sponsored App Review: PGPTools

PGPTools is an Android app that exists to do pretty much what you think. It handles both the encryption and decryption of messages using PGP keys. It can generate PGP keys as well as keep a list of public and private keys protected by a password of your choice. You can also import and export […]

Sponsored App Review: Tribeway

Tribeway is an Android app that hopes to revolutionize the way that we communicate and how we share things with each other. With Tribeway, you can chat for free just like WhatsApp however, you can also video call friends and share things in real time on a call. You can share a cluster of images […]

Sponsored App Review: News Kit

News Kit is a new newsreader application for Android that aims to be simple, customizable and enjoyable. With the ability to customize a panel of news that steadily rotates with fresh news, News Kit is like an interactive dashboard of news that you can control and create. With many apps out there like it, can […]

Sponsored App Review: Styler Watch Face Creator

Styler is an Android app that puts millions of watch face combinations at your disposal. It makes creating you own watch face from scratch super-easy, including custom images as well as battery and weather information. Not only that, but Styler gives you the ability to choose from a great selection of presets that come with […]

Sponsored Game Review: Escape Challenge 014

Escape Challenge 014 is an Android game that blends point and click adventure with hidden object puzzle solving. One title in a long running series, Escape Challenge 014 is a game that asks you to imagine that you’ve been placed into a hellish dream world, and tasks you with getting out by solving puzzles and collecting […]

Sponsored App Review: Flipd – Remove Distractions

Flipd is an Android app that aims to curb your smartphone addiction, and even others’,, by Flipping them Off. No, this is not some app that sends a middle-finger to your friends, but more an app that encourages users to put their phones down and either get on with what they were doing, or just […]