Sponsored Game Review: Herman’s Gaps

Herman’s Gaps is an Android game that focuses on simple, yet fun gameplay that requires you to jump through the gaps in moving brick walls. The game’s premise certainly sounds simple on paper, and indeed there’s not too much to the whole game here, but it’s the gameplay that matters. Timing is very much at […]

Sponsored App Review: SoftMaker Office HD

SoftMaker is a firm that you might have heard of, if not; they develop quality Office Software that’s not only fully compatible with industry standards (like Microsoft Office) but also fast and full of features. SoftMaker Office is available for Windows and Linux, but this new version SoftMaker Office HD is designed especially for Android […]

Sponsored App Review: Fuzel Collage

Fuzel Collage is a photo editing app that features premium frames, stickers and labels to help your photos really stand out. Featured in the “App Store Best of 2014″ by Apple, it’s now launching on Android. More than just another collage app, Fuzel is about giving you the ability to make the most of your memories. […]

Sponsored Game Review: Toy Drift Racing

Toy Drift Racing is an Android game that aims to recreate the joy of playing with Remote Control cars as a kid. You have a number of cars to choose from, as well as a number of different environments filled with collectibles and stunts to tackle. With 3D graphics, easy to use controls and an […]

Sponsored App Review: CFC Free Phone Calls and SMS

Description: Just as the title suggests, CFC is an Android app that wants to help users reduce their monthly phone bills by giving them a way to make and take phone calls for free. Users can also send and receive text messages using CFC, too. While you’re given what’s called “bonuses” to send messages and […]

Sponsored App Review: HyprKey Password Manager

  Description: HyprKey is a password manager for Android that allows you to take your internet identity with you, safely and securely. With no limit on how many accounts you can store info for, HyprKey can help you manage multiple different passwords for multiple accounts without the need to remember them all. How HyprKey does […]

Sponsored App Review: Wear Battery Saver v2

Description: Wear Battery Saver is an Android app specifically designed for Android Wear smartwatches, and particularly those like the Moto 360 that aren’t known for their great battery life. Wear Battery Saver aims to save battery by turning off Bluetooth on your watch, the biggest culprit for high battery drain on these little smartphones. It […]

Sponsored App Review: LED Blinker Notifications

Description: LED Blinker is an Android app that aims to make it much easier to help you figure out which notification is which. Using the LED light on your Android device, you can choose from a range of different colors to suit different notifications, like red for an SMS message for instance. There’s even a […]

Sponsored App Review: GAMEO GameBox

Description: GAMEO GameBox is an Android app that is all about making things easier for you. GameBox is exactly what it sounds like, it’s an icon that you put on your homescreen which shows you all of the games installed on your device, neatly sorted by how often you use them. That’s it. Wonderfully simple GameBox […]

Sponsored Game Review: Funb3rs

Description: Funb3rs is an Android and iOS game that, as you might have guessed, focuses on having fun with numbers. In Funb3rs, it’s as if the Match Three gameplay style meets Sudoku, with users having to use their brains to hit the target number at the top of the display. You need to work quickly […]

Sponsored App Review: Hotspot Shield VPN Proxy, WiFi

Description: Hotspot Shield VPN is an Android app that aims to keep you safe online. It acts as a Virtual Private Network, is free to use (with some features available to paying only customers) and allows you to connect to services you wouldn’t normally be able to in your home country. You can choose to […]

Sponsored App Review: SofaScore LiveScore

Description: SofaScore Livescore is an Android app that aims to be the most complete solution to getting sports scores live, no matter where you are or which device you’re using. Unlike similar apps, SofaScore is not only great on smartphones and tablets, but also Android Wear devices, like the Moto 360. With more than just […]

Sponsored App Review: SideLeague Fantasy Sports

Description: SideLeague Fantasy Sports gives fantasy sports fans a way to enjoy competing against friends without the commitment of a traditional fantasy league. The app allows you to play in daily and weekly fantasy sports contests in both free and pay-to-play contests with no cancellations. SideLeague’s simple interface creates the easiest way to play fantasy sports […]

Sponsored App Review: Achieve – Brain Training

Description: Achieve – Brain Training is an Android app that can give your brain a needed workout. Designed for those that enjoy using their brain perhaps more than their brawn, Achieve is an app that features five different games to exercise your grey matter; the Stroop Test, Spell Test, Odd One Out, Right or Wrong […]

Sponsored App Review: Space Shuttle Flight

Description: Space Shuttle Flight is an Android game that puts you in control of, you guessed it, a Space Shuttle. The aim of the game is to keep this Space Shuttle out of harm’s way by gradually adjusting the shuttle’s flight path either to the left, or to the right. Rather than just a game […]

Sponsored App Review: Fast Cleaner

Description: As you’ve probably guessed from the app’s title, as well as the image above, Fast Clean is an Android app designed to help you take back storage space from your device as well keep your Android phone ticking along nicely. Fast Clean does this by cleaning out your cache files, presenting you with an […]

Sponsored App Review: Inviter (SMS to Calendar)

Description: Inviter is an Android app that hopes to make it much easier for its users to manage their busy work and social lives. It’s not another calendar app however, rather it’s more of a middle man that works in conjunction with your Calendar app of choice. Whenever you get an SMS message with content […]