Sponsored App Review: Hexlock

Hexlock is an Android app that helps users keep their apps secure and locked away from prying eyes without having to completely lock down their whole device. It does this by locking chosen apps behind either a pattern or a pin, allowing the owner of the phone to keep certain apps locked, without locking the […]

Sponsored Game Review: Shooting Birds 3D

Shooting Birds 3D is an Android game that puts you in the shoes of Elliot, a 24-year old guy who’s gone to visit his grandparents and practice his skills as a hunter. In the near future, global warming has taken the world and there are extreme highs and extreme lows. Your job is to hunt […]

Sponsored App Review: Sync.ME– Caller ID & Block App

Sync.me is a popular Caller ID and blocker app that can also bring all of your contacts together into one central place. Covering Facebook, LinkedIn and your own contacts, Sync.ME has a lot to work with, and it can help to display better images when someone rings thanks to its innovative Caller ID functions. With Sync.ME […]

Sponsored App Review: DigiHUD Speedometer

DigiHUD Speedometer is a free – as in free of ads, free! – Android app that uses the GPS in your device to approximate how quickly you’re driving. It’s designed as an app that you can use as a glanceable source of info while driving, using an LED-style, easily read display. It can display a […]

Sponsored App Review: Keek Social Video: Cool Videos

Keek is the latest social media craze to sweep the Internet, and unlike Snapchat or Vine, it doesn’t limit videos to short lengths. With Keek, you can create 36 second video status updates and give people a peek into your life. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and co are getting involved with Keek, so it’s sure to […]

Sponsored Game Review: Gunship Carrier Helicopter 3D

Gunship Carrier Helicopter 3D is an Android game that puts you in the pilot’s seat of a rescue Helicopter. Tasking you with carrying supplies across the ocean, carrying wounding soldiers to field hospitals and more. As a simulator game, Gunship Carrier Helicopter 3D asks that you approach each mission with care and calculation, rather than just […]

App Review: Experian Credit Tracker

Experian Credit Tracker is a helpful app that let’s you access important financial information like your Experian Credit Report, FICO® Score, and also helps you monitor your credit. All of your vital financial information is updated each day you log into the application. the Experian Credit Tracker app will also notify the user when it […]

Sponsored App Review: Rounds Video Chat & Group Call

Rounds is a free video calling app that offers text messaging as well as voice calls – all for free. Rounds allows you to log in with a Facebook account and ring friends right away, but you can easily use the app with contacts on your phone as well as WhatsApp contacts, too. Rounds is […]

Sponsored App Review: TextMaker HD Basic

  SoftMaker have been creating quality Office Suite applications for Android for quite a while now. Not too long ago, they announced free, “Basic” editions of TextMaker HD, PlanMaker HD and Presentations HD Basic available in the Amazon Appstore. Here, we’ll be focusing on TextMaker HD Basic, a free office app for Android that delivers […]

Sponsored App Review: BookieBoost

BookieBoost is an Android app that’s sort of like a do-it-all guide and helpful utility to those that spend a lot of time betting online in the UK. It features handy links to all of the major UK betting sites, such as William Hill, TitanBet and Paddy Power. More than that though, it collects all […]

Sponsored App Review: Baidu Browser

Baidu Browser has been around for quite some time now, and in its latest update, the team at Baidu have sped things up and further expanded features like the news and popular websites sections. Unlike Google Chrome, Baidu Browser is a browser that aims to offer you all the sort of features that you’d expect […]

Sponsored App Review: Gif Me! Camera

Gif Me! is an Android app that hopes to take fun snapshots and selfies to the next level. From XnView, a name known for creating great camera apps on Android as well as photography apps on desktops, Gif Me! is quick and easy way to create GIFs using your Android smartphone. If you’re unaware of […]

Sponsored Game Review: Lucky Swipe

Lucky Swipe is an Android game that offers players a mix of games like Candy Crush and casino classics like Bingo. Lucky Swipe is a match puzzle game that offers players exciting and memorable music along with gameplay elements from casino classics like Bingo, Roulette, Horse Racing, Blackjack and Mahjong with Yahtzee and Poker style […]

Sponsored App Review: APUS

APUS Launcher is an Android launcher that focuses on being lightweight, while also offering users all of the extra features that they’ve come to expect from third-party homescreens. APUS launcher features an emphasis on making it quick and easy to access apps on your device, as well as find new one to install. Those that […]

Sponsored Game Review: BOCO

BOCO is an Android game that’s been developed around the idea of a game that’s best played between a pair of real human beings, rather than just fighting against a computer as usual. The idea of BOCO is to be a family-friendly game, allowing players of any age to pick up and play the game. […]

Sponsored Game Review: Bunny Eggs

Bunny Eggs is an Android game that asks you to free Bunnies from their eggs in a puzzle game fashion, while avoiding harmful obstacles. In Bunny Eggs, you need to avoid things like Bottles and Cups as they will steal your carrots and once you run out of carrots; it’s game over. You can collect […]

Sponsored App Review: WLAN-o-Matic

WLAN-o-Matic is an Android app that aims to save you battery life by tackling one of the most power-hungry features on our smartphones these days; WiFi. Now, there’s no denying WiFi is great, after all it saves our data allowance when we’re at home, it makes downloading big games and updates viable and it’s much […]