Featured App Review: Walloid

Walloid is an app that offers access to over 3,000 wallpapers, and what makes Walloid so special is that the collection of wallpapers are actually the stock wallpapers that OEMs ship with their flagship devices. Currently Walloid features wallpapers from 21 OEMs and from 7 custom ROMs. Along with the stock wallpapers, the app features […]

Sponsored App Review: RakEM Voice Calling Update

RakEM is an Android and iOS app that aims to give users control back over their conversations by offering secure and encrypted messaging that even allows reciprocal deletion on both devices. RakEM offers users the peace of mind knowing that none of their messages or images have hit a central server, they are all kept […]

Sports betting goes upwardly mobile with new Android app

The entire world has now gone totally mobile! You can now do almost anything on the move these days and that includes the thrill of online sports betting. Heck, these days you can even watch the real time live sport on your mobile handsets while sitting on a train, camping out in the wilderness (provided you […]

Sponsored App Review: Opera Mini

Opera Mini has been around for some time now, with the browser celebrating its tenth birthday this year! Recently, it’s been updated in a big way. Now the little browser that saves you money, speeds things up and helps you enjoy the web like no other has only gotten better. Opera Mini has become known […]

Sponsored Game Review: JumPo – 3D Jump Ball Game

JumPo is an endless runner type of game from the creators of ZiBo, and in this title you need to jump over spikes in order to keep going and improve your score. It sounds easy, but there are different heights of spikes to jump over and they often appear in packs of two or more. There […]

Sponsored Game Review: World Series of Poker – WSOP

We’ve reviewed World Series of Poker in the past, but now the game has been updated with some key new features to keep people playing such as multi-level tournaments named after famous cities all over the world, free chips every four hours, seasonal tournaments and more. There’s been some UI polish along with new features […]

Featured App Review: AutoMate – Car Dashboard

  AutoMate is an Android app that aims to assist drivers with relevant information right when they need it. The app does this by making the services and apps that you normally use on your device readily available to you within a single app. On top of that, these services and apps are all one […]

Sponsored App Review: Unique Widgets

  Unique Widgets is an Android app that offers complete flexibility over the look and feel of widgets on your homescreen. With many varying sizes and configurations, Unique Widgets can be used to display the time, weather, battery life and more. It can even be used to display different time zones and those looking for […]

Sponsored App Review: Solar System

Solar System is an Android app that aims to educate users, both young and old, about the universe, specifically the planets that make up our own solar system. How the app does this is through interactive displays with 3D renders that show things like how the moon effects our tides, the changing of the seasons on […]

Sponsored App Review: My Virtual Girlfriend

My Virtual Girlfriend is a Dating Sim for Android that aims to help those looking to perfect how they interact girls get better luck when meeting women in real life. Of course, there’s also the argument that games like my Virtual Girlfriend are just good fun, and there’s an equivalent Virtual Boyfriend app available as […]

Sponsored App Review: Choice Compass

Choice Compass is an Android app that helps you make decisions based on what you’re heart is feeling, it does this by using the camera on your Android smartphone to analyze heart rhythms. By capturing your heartbeats using the camera, Choice Compass comes to a conclusion by analyzing where your heart is leading. The app allows […]

Sponsored App Review: DU Battery Saver丨Power Doctor Update

We’ve taken a look at DU Battery Saver before in the past, but it’s recently been updated with a couple of big new features, and of course some more polish. This version has been fully optimized for Android 5.0 Lollipop and the new DU Aurora Engine promises to save 60% more battery life than before by […]

Sponsored App Review: Nimbus Note

Nimbus Note is an Android app that aims to bring all of your notes, thoughts, drafts and more all in one place. Whether that’s plain text, formatted writing, audio, videos or even pictures Nimbus Note brings it all together in an easy to use package with search, offline access and even protection behind a passcode. […]

Sponsored App Review: VyprVPN – Secure VPN Service

VyprVPN is an Android app and service that offers a free VPN service on all your devices, not just your Android smartphone or tablet. It offers 500MB for free, with competitively priced plans for unlimited data and more. VyprVPN not only keeps your data encrypted, but with services like Cyphr, Dump Truck Cloud storage, VyprDNS, and Chameleon […]

Sponsored App Review: MIX by Camera360

MIX is an Android app from the creators of the Camera360 app that’s all about filters for your photos. However, unlike apps such as Instagram and co, MIX is all about the science of the perfect photo filter. It’s a place to share your photos with other users interested in filters and great photography all […]

Sponsored App Review: Localwire

Localwire is an Android app that wants to make it as easy as possible to find out what’s going on near you, to connect to the people that are in your area, rather than simply connecting through one social media network. Localwire is a way of bringing local people together, and rather than posting to […]

Sponsored App Review: Nero BackItUp – Photo Backup

  Nero BackItUp is a complete backup solution for your Android smartphone or tablet. It gives 5GB of free storage to back up all of your photos, contacts, messages and more from multiple devices. You can choose to back up this data to one of Nero’s online servers, to an SD card inserted to your […]