Google Mobile Image Search Design Change Being Tested

With Google’s annual I/O event less than a week away from starting, next week is going to see a ton of new features, services and offerings being unveiled. There is already wide speculation as to what will be announced at the event, although, until it is announced, nothing is known for sure. That said, was […]

Featured: Top 10 Job Search Apps For Android

In recent times, the economy has been somewhat inconsistent to say the least. This has resulted in many people needing to find a new job, a second job or just more hours elsewhere. Whatever the reason, if you are in the market for a new job then there are android apps which can help. Below […]

Featured: Top 10 Navigation Apps for Android

Android is definitely known for Google Maps and of course, Google Maps Navigation, but Android is so much more than Google. There are tons of other apps out there that have very little to do with Google, and when it comes to getting from A to B on your own, there are some excellent GPS […]

Sponsored Game Review: Back To Back

Back to Back is an Android game that asks its players to deal with a simple premise; counting to ten. Of course, it’s not that easy as you have to count from 1 to 10 across a grid of numbers in a random order with obstacles in front of them. Each time you count to […]

Android App & Game Sales – May 22nd 2015

There are tons of great apps and games on sale this week through the Google Play Store. Let’s take a look at a few of those: ai.type Keyboard Plus + Emoji – $2.05 VideoShow Pro – Video Editor – $1.99 Memory Booster – $1.55 Dark Parables: Briar (Full) – $0.99 Toolbox Pro Key Manager – […]

Android App Updates – May 22nd, 2015: Imgur, AllCast and More

Telegram updates to v2.9 This week, another up and coming messenger app, Telegram got a pretty nice update to version 2.9. It brought in custom stick sharing as well as Android Auto support. So now you can see your messages on Android Auto, as well as reply to them while you’re driving. Which is just […]

Sponsored App Review: Rocket VPN – Internet Freedom

Rocket VPN is an Android app that offers users the ability to stay safe and secure online, while also unlocking content that might have been geographically locked to them. It offers 500MB of free bandwidth and servers dotted all over the globe, allowing those in Europe to access US content as well as many other […]

Top Android Games Of The Week May 21st

If you’re always on the hunt for new games to tackle over the weekend, each week we bring you some of the best new games that released in the current week. Here are our picks from this week’s games which have launched onto the Play Store. Sunburn! This is an interesting one, and seemingly another retro […]

Featured: Top 10 Games May 2015 Edition

Each month we try to round up the best games that have recently launched and throw them into this list for you to check out. There were quite a few great games that came out in the month of May, so we narrowed it down to the top 10. There’s a bit of action, a […]

Shazam Adds Support For Android Wear In New Update

Shazam is one of the first and most popular music apps out on the market. It started as a humble song-recognition software, but quickly added more features to keep up with the always increasing competition. Now, it does a whole lot more than just identify the songs you are listening to; the application has a wide number […]

Google Makes Chrome For Android More Open Source

Google has finally made most of Chrome for Android open source, making it more possible than ever for people to take the code from the Chrome for Android apps and use it to build their own browsers. Google states that making this possible took lots of hard work and some huge changes to make it […]

Sponsored App Review: Hexlock

Hexlock is an Android app that helps users keep their apps secure and locked away from prying eyes without having to completely lock down their whole device. It does this by locking chosen apps behind either a pattern or a pin, allowing the owner of the phone to keep certain apps locked, without locking the […]

HTC Launches its Mail App in the Play Store

If you happen to own a Nexus device, you have the easiest possible version of the individual system app update process, where, instead of an OTA update rollout process, an app that came pre-installed on the device is updated to add and improve functionality.  That’s only because everything that’s in your /system/app partition is Google, […]

Sponsored Game Review: Shooting Birds 3D

Shooting Birds 3D is an Android game that puts you in the shoes of Elliot, a 24-year old guy who’s gone to visit his grandparents and practice his skills as a hunter. In the near future, global warming has taken the world and there are extreme highs and extreme lows. Your job is to hunt […]

Cyanogen Introduce Platform SDK for Aspiring Developers

  Since launching as a standalone company as Cyanogen Inc. back in 2013, the open source community surrounding Android has changed dramatically and while Cyanogen OS is indeed different to downloading and installing CyanogenMod onto your device, there are phones launching with Cyanogen in parts of the world these days. The aftermarket Android-based OS has […]

Motorola Update Camera Application Adding Manual Exposure

Motorola has now released two Moto X devices. Each Moto X is a flagship device with a difference; both models eschewed the usual flagship stance of stuffing itself with the latest and greatest hardware components and instead biased themselves more towards functionality. The Moto X models came with some truly innovative and elegantly beautiful software features, […]