Featured: Top 10 Drink Mixing Apps For Android

With Summer approaching, you might be thinking about all those late and lazy evening parties you will be attending or hosting. If that is the case, then it might be time to start brushing up on your drink mixing skills. With that in mind, here are ten drink mixing and cocktail recipe apps you might […]

30 Android Apps That Deliver Striking Material Design

Material Design is the new set of guidelines that Google has set forth for developers when designing their apps. It brings in bold pops of vibrant color and plenty of animations, and while Google themselves have redone most of their apps in Material Design, there are loads of other apps out there that are utilizing […]

Featured: Top 10 Flight Tracking Apps For Android

Whether you are a frequent flier, know someone who is taking a flight soon or just interested in flights then there are a wealth of flight tracking apps available. Some of these are more functional offering users the ability to stay informed on a flight progress and arrival time while some others offer comprehensive real-time […]

Sponsored App Review: RakEM

RakEM is an Android and iOS app that aims to give users control back over their conversations by offering secure and encrypted messaging that you can even delete messages with. RakEM offers users the peace of mind knowing that none of their messages or images have hit a central server, they are all kept on […]

Android Wear Weekly: Five Watch Faces for Sci-Fi Fans

Okay, so you’re a big sci-fi fan, be it Star Trek, Star Wars, maybe you’re a Whovian? Either way, it’s pretty safe to say that a smartwatch interests you, and many of you reading this probably have an Android Wear device already. Sci-fi fans will most likely already have found some of their favorite watch […]

Android App & Game Sales – March 27th, 2015

Plenty of Android apps and games sales going on Google Play right now. Townsmen Premium – $0.15 Smart IR Remote – $4.99 Guns’n’Glory WW2 Premium – $0.15 Clouds & Sheep Premium – $0.15 Little Big Adventure – $2.99 Call of Duty: Strike Team – $1.99 XCOM: Enemy Within – $4.99 NHL 2K – $2.99 Oddworld: […]

Android App Updates – March 27th, 2015: Plex, Lyft, Fitbit and More!

Plex hits v4.0, gets redesigned This week, Plex made it to the big 4.0. And the developers decided to give it a bit of a makeover, visually. In addition to the makeover, Plex also added more Android TV access and functionality in the update, which is a pretty big deal, as you’d imagine. Lyft introduces […]

News Republic Gets Version 5.0 Update Bringing New Interface and Design

  In today’s environment of constant access to news via online sources, much like ourselves here at Android Headlines, how you get that news is becoming an ever-personal experience and search.  Similarly, the race to Materialize as well as optimize apps has gained steam.  To focus on the convergence point of those two, News Republic […]

Featured: Top 10 Best Android Apps – March 2015 Edition

Tinkerplay Tinkerplay is a fun and creative little application for coming up with some interesting action figures which you can then send to your 3D printer and have them printed out. You can get every last detail right down to the moving parts and joints. You can come up with your own creations or choose […]

Top 30 Ways To Creatively Promote Your Android App

Promoting your app. Probably the hardest thing for a developer to do. There are lots of ways to promote your app or game, but which ones are the best? We’ve got a ton of ways to promote your app and they are all listed in this article. Create a website It may seem like common […]

Live Streaming App Periscope Is Finally Launched By Twitter

If you’ve payed any attention to technology news lately then chances are, you’ve heard of a little app called Meerkat. Meerkat is a livestreaming app that is available on iOS only and lets users broadcast anything their heart desires. The best part is that the app lets you tie into Twitter via your Twitter account. […]

Amazon Launches New Cloud Drive Options Including Unlimited Storage Options

When it comes to cloud storage solutions there’s certainly no shortage of places to turn to on the Internet.  Google offers plenty of storage solutions with its very own Google Drive, and of course there are some of the more original players on the market like Dropbox, Box and tons of others.  Amazon was one […]

Sponsored App Review: Looksery

Looksery is an Android app app with face tracking technology that brings amazing special face effects to reinvent the selfie. To do this, Looksery offers real-time adjustments to your image, along with Beautification, Fun VFX, 3D Animations, Live Emojis, Color Enhancements and more. Together, these additions enable you to create Live Emojis of your face […]

Google Data Saver Quietly Launched for Desktop Chrome and Chrome OS

Long ago Google launched a feature on Chrome for mobile that allows users to opt in to a program that could save them a whole lot of data over the long term usage of Chrome.  This program, simply called Data Saver, routes any requested websites from the requested website’s server through Google’s servers, which quickly […]

Google Opens Up the Use of its Safe Browsing API to Protect In-App Browsers

It has happened to even the most careful among us; we wonder into an area of the internet filled with danger around every corner, malware behind every click, phishing attacks abound. OK, maybe it is not so dramatic, but the internet is full of real danger. Most of the time when we encounter this danger, […]

FitBark for Dogs Available for Pre-Order in Canada at Best Buy and Future Shop

Who doesn’t love a puppy?  Moreover, don’t we want that puppy to lose its groove, so they need exercise just like a human.  Just as people wear their FitBit, your dog can wear their very own FitBark Wireless Dog Activity Monitor that can monitor their activity.  They were introduced this year at CES and are now available […]