Swappa Brings Used Phone Sales To Android

Selling your old and pre-owned devices whether they be smartphones, tablets, or smartwatches is something which can be done a number of different ways. Commonly used online markets like eBay and Craigslist have served as a means for selling off old devices for years, but one of the easiest and fastest, as well as painless […]

Google Fixes Data Cap Issue With Google Photos

Google’s newly reported photo service which made its debut at Google IO this year was met with plenty of excitement for more than a few reasons, including what was probably going to gain it the most attention, unlimited free storage of all your photos. The app and service has been available to users for about […]

“OK Google” Preferred Apps Remembers Command Choices

Google, in general, is always coming up with some neat features to improve the end-user experience. None more so than the Google voice command and action service, known more commonly as “OK Google”. This is fast becoming one of the most well-known features on an android device and with good reason too. As “OK Google” […]

Yahoo Aviate Introduces Smart Stream In New Update

Yahoo has been facing numerous major changes in the way they operate ever since former Google employee, Marissa Mayer, stepped up as CEO of the company. Yahoo is known by some of its services, such as Tumblr, Yahoo Mail, and Yahoo Weather; unfortunately, not a lot of people seem to acknowledge one of its most […]

Social Media Is Important For App Marketing

We’ve covered all kinds of ways to better promote your app, from Android Monetization, to building a following for your app, and even hyping it a bit before it’s ready to go. We’ve talked before about using social media to market your app, but how important is it really? It’s actually very, very important. Consider […]

Some Users Reporting Data Cap With Google Photos

Back when Google introduced Google Photos at this year’s IO developer conference, it was listed as an unlimited photo storage service which users could place “unlimited” amounts of photos into to back them up or use as main storage. Unlimited means unlimited, but according to Android Police a number of users have been reporting reaching […]

Sponsored App Review: Blackjack

Blackjack is an Android game that, as you might have guessed already, aims to offer the casino classic no matter where people want to play it. What’s refreshing about this is that there’s no need to gamble real money, and you can play offline. Any purchase of chips automatically removes ads, and you are also […]

CyanogenMod Team Working New Browser, ‘Gello’

For years now, the team behind the aftermarket Android ROM, CyanogenMod, have been adding new features and apps. Many of these features, such as the famous quick toggle settings made their way into popular smartphones and then into Android itself. Theme support was – and still is – something that CyanogenMod was known for, and […]

Facebook Refines Android Tablet Application UI

Facebook has moved to become one of the largest and most significant social networks in use around the developed world today after being founded in early 2004. It has over 1.4 billion monthly users of the service around the world. Although Facebook was originally designed with a desktop or laptop computer running a full version […]

Google’s Traffic Info Available In 12 New Indian Cities

Google has announced, that Tuesday onwards, Google Maps will show real-time traffic information in 12 new Indian cities in addition to the twenty-two, which already has the service. The new cities where the service is being rolled out include Kolkata, the capital city of the eastern state of West Bengal, and widely considered to be […]

Sponsored App Review: Cosmic Watch

The Cosmic Watch is the first 3D and interactive astronomical Clock in the digital era. It is Swiss Made and it comes as an Android and iOS application. It allows users to see how the solar system is actually the fundamental clock work of all time measurement. The user can explore the different times of […]

Sponsored App Review: CMe

CMe is an Android app that aims to make social media a little more social, rather than about the media part of things. CMe is about inviting your friends to connect with you using a messaging application like WhatsApp, with the ability to share images and files as well as suggest places near you for you […]

YouTube App Has Added Support For HFR Videos

Displays in mobile devices like smartphones are getting to be higher quality at a very fast pace. It was about four years ago when we got displays with 720p resolutions, resulting in a pixel density of more than 300 ppi, with a Full HD resolution in a 5.5-inch screen it results in more than 400 […]

Google Fit Updates For Users And Devs

Google, along with nine new partners, has released updates to the Google Fit app that could prove beneficial to users as well as software developers. With additions such as new data trackers and nutritional information, users have greater opportunity to track their progress and make necessary changes in order to reach their fitness goals. Google has […]

Facebook Opens Up Messenger Payments Nationwide

It seems that just about everyone wants a piece of mobile payments, whether it be through physically paying for goods and services with your mobile device or by giving users the option to send payments to other people digitally using their phone. Facebook’s option became the latter, having introduced their person-to-person payment option for Messenger […]

Google Improves Web Publishing Formats For Sheets

Google Sheets is part of Google’s productivity suite of applications, linked with Google Drive. Sheets is the spreadsheet manager and joins the word processor, Docs, and the presentation application, Slides, in offering customers a free, online-based alternative to the more mainstream, established desktop productivity software. Indeed, it’s fair to say that Docs, Sheets and Slides […]

Google Translate Community Help To Get Better Results

Google Translate is one of the most useful tools from the company, it launched in 2007 and since then, it has improved in many ways. It currently works with 90 languages, it lives online right from the Google search bar with commands like “translate x to y” where “x” is the desired word and “y” […]