Amazon Echo Is A Home Music Player And Also A Google Now-Like Information Hub

Like most retailers, Amazon is not simply content with offering you other people’s products and instead places great emphasis on its generic-brand items. however unlike the generic stuff you might pick up at Ralphs or Tesco, Amazon’s own-brand is aimed at provided cutting edge technology and sometimes rather strange offerings. Today Amazon have launched their […]

Motorola Moto 360 Steel Bands Fast Approaching

The Motorola Moto 360 is the first Android Wear smartwatch announced with a round body rather than a squared off design. As such, it is the first Android Wear smartwatch that looks more like a watch and less like a geeky plaything for a Star Trek fanatic. However, being powered by Android Wear means that […]

HTC Releases Weather Application via Google Play Store

In the last few years, we’ve seen an increasing trend of manufacturers releasing their proprietary system applications via the Google Play Store. Motorola, HTC and Google spring to mind as manufacturers that are using the Google Play Store infrastructure to roll out application updates. There are several reasons why a manufacturer will divorce these systems […]

Xiaomi, Lenovo To Conquer The Western Smartphone Markets

Google get it. Xiaomi get it. Lenovo too. Samsung don’t, HTC probably don’t either and Apple; well they don’t care. What am I writing about? Inexpensive devices for the developing world; inexpensive devices for customers buying their first smartphone. Android has reached a billion users but most of these are in the developed world. Google […]

Google Nexus 6 Now Available from

Well Google Play can’t keep the Nexus 6 in stock, it looks like Motorola has some stock now. And they are selling it on their site. The same price as the Nexus 6 from Google, but you get free shipping. Which is kind of a big deal since Google likes to overcharge for shipping, unfortunately. […]

Dish Network Working With Sprint and nTelos On TD-LTE Network

Dish Network has been testing a TD-LTE network with Sprint and nTelos Wireless and may be making that network available to customers in the coming year. Dish recently had a conference call to announce their third-quarter earnings, and Dish Chairman Charlie Ergen said the company is “cautiously optimistic that that’s a real business.” They would be […]

Top 10 Best Android Wear Apps Monthly – November 2014 Edition

With the G Watch R and Sony’s SmartWatch 3 to go on sale any day now, it’s no surprise that even more Android Wear apps are appearing. Some of them are baked into already existing apps and some of them are entirely new concepts and little utilities. Altogether though, we have another decent helping of […]

Here’s A Closer Look At Xiaomi And Company’s Sources Of Income

Xiaomi is definitely the most talked-about Chinese smartphone manufacturer lately. Xiaomi is China’s number one smartphone vendor and it was recently reported that the company has reached 3rd place on a global scale. Xiaomi isn’t a public company though, so we can’t say anything with utmost certainty, for example, how much money is this Chinese […]

LG G Watch R Now Available at AT&T for $299

Earlier this week, AT&T Announced that the LG G Watch R was coming to their stores this week. They actually pulled the trigger a bit early as it was supposed to launch tomorrow, but it’s available now online and should be in store tomorrow. The LG G Watch R is a great looking watch that […]

Featured Review: LG G Watch R

Smartwatches aren’t really a new thing. Sony and Samsung have been making them for a few years. But Android Wear is fairly new. With Google spearheading smartwatches and wearables in general now, we’re starting to see more and more OEMs and other manufacturers bringing out their own smartwatch. And LG is the first one to […]

Three UK Announces Pricing on the HTC Desire EYE

Last month, HTC announced the Desire EYE along with the RE Camera. We were in New York for the event and got a chance to check out both devices. AT&T here in the US has the exclusive on the Desire EYE – and it’ll be launching next week – while Three in the UK has […]

Samsung Reportedly Launching Another Lineup of Smartphones

In addition to the Galaxy S, Galaxy A and Galaxy Note lineups, it looks like Samsung is getting ready to announce another series in the near future. At least according to a report coming out of Sammobile this morning. Many of you are probably wondering why we need another series of smartphones from Samsung. Supposedly, […]

Report: Samsung Is Investing In Virtual Reality Games

Samsung showcased a bunch of products at company’s Unpacked event at IFA back in September. Most notably, this Korean manufacturer introduced company’s long-awaited Galaxy Note 4 phablet, which many of you have been waiting for. Other than that we’ve seen Samsung showcase their Galaxy Note Edge handset, which is sort of a prototype device. Gear […]