Huawei’s Net Profit Jumps 33% Year-on-Year as Smartphone Sales Soar

  Many, of you will be familiar with the Huawei name, especially those reading from parts of Asia, Latin America and parts of Europe. However, there will be more of you that just thinks of Huawei as the Chinese brand that releases cheap and undesirable smartphones. That’s not the case at all, and in fact […]

ASUS Brings the ZenFone 2 to France, Starting at Just €179 ($190)

  When ASUS launched the ZenFone 2 back in January during CES, many were amazed that the company could pack so much technology into such a small price tag. That’s really what the ZenFone 2 line has already become known for; its excellent value for money. The original ZenFone line of devices were affordable, and […]

WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature Now Available to All Users

  WhatsApp has become the de facto messaging platform for a lot of users these days, with the majority of young people using the service instead of SMS or something similar. Not only is WhatsApp incredibly cheap when connected to the internet, but there’s a good chance that whomever you want to talk to is […]

Rumor: Early Galaxy S6 Pre-Orders Overtake Galaxy S5 Pre-Orders

  Whether you like it or not, Samsung is a titan when it comes to the mobile industry, and along with Apple they control the majority of the market when it comes to smartphones. The Galaxy S line has been a driving force in getting Android to where it is today, and each year, Samsung […]

Sponsored App Review: Wear Contacts Copy + dialer

Wear Contacts Copy + dialer is an Android Wear app that makes your Android Wear smartwatch more useful in times of need. We all keep out contacts on our smartphones, and while many of us sync our contacts with Google or some other service, sometimes our phone dies, maybe it’s stolen, you lose it or […]

Sponsored Game Review: none*

none* is an Android puzzle game that, well, nobody really knows what it is. Basically, the game gives you a question and a keyboard to answer it with. That’s it. These questions could be about a simple equation, a word association, an opposite word teaser or something else entirely. Each time you answer correctly, you […]

Rumor: ASUS ZenFone 3 to Make Use of Fingerprint Sensor

The ZenFone 2 was announced just this January, but as is so often the case with ASUS, their Chairman Johnny Shih is already looking ahead to the next generation of the ZenFone. ASUS has been making Android tablets for some time now, and ever since the launch of the multi-functional PadFone line people have been […]

7-Day Business Suspension of SK Telecom Could Affect Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Sales

  Samsung is preparing to launch the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge worldwide starting April 10th and for obvious reasons they want things to go off without a hitch. However, there’s trouble brewing in South Korea, Samsung’s most important market, as SK Telecom faces a business suspension at a critical time of year for […]

Featured: Top 10 Best To Do List Apps for Android

We lead busy lives these days, and many of us involve our mobile devices in our day-to-day lives. To do list apps are great, and for a lot of us, they’re the only way we ever remember anything. Choosing the right to do app however, is not as easy as it seems. There are so […]

Sponsored App Review: RakEM

RakEM is an Android and iOS app that aims to give users control back over their conversations by offering secure and encrypted messaging that you can even delete messages with. RakEM offers users the peace of mind knowing that none of their messages or images have hit a central server, they are all kept on […]

Android Wear Weekly: Five Watch Faces for Sci-Fi Fans

Okay, so you’re a big sci-fi fan, be it Star Trek, Star Wars, maybe you’re a Whovian? Either way, it’s pretty safe to say that a smartwatch interests you, and many of you reading this probably have an Android Wear device already. Sci-fi fans will most likely already have found some of their favorite watch […]