Featured: Top 10 Best Android Drawing Apps and Games

No matter if you’re using your finger, a stylus or you’re a fancy Galaxy Note owner, there are plenty of apps and games out there that can improve your artistic abilities as well as give you chance to have fun with it. From apps that teach you how to draw, to games that connect you […]

Sponsored Game Review: Herman’s Gaps

Herman’s Gaps is an Android game that focuses on simple, yet fun gameplay that requires you to jump through the gaps in moving brick walls. The game’s premise certainly sounds simple on paper, and indeed there’s not too much to the whole game here, but it’s the gameplay that matters. Timing is very much at […]

Sponsored App Review: SoftMaker Office HD

SoftMaker is a firm that you might have heard of, if not; they develop quality Office Software that’s not only fully compatible with industry standards (like Microsoft Office) but also fast and full of features. SoftMaker Office is available for Windows and Linux, but this new version SoftMaker Office HD is designed especially for Android […]

TAG Heuer Has Been Working on a Smartwatch for Months, Could Make Acquisitions

LG’s G Watch R (pictured above) is arguably one of the best looking Android Wear watches released to date, and it – along with the Moto 360 – is a great example of how smartwatches can be elegant. Having said that, it’s pretty clear that “LG” doesn’t carry anywhere near the same amount of brand […]

Todoist Updates Its Android App With Android Wear Support

There are plenty of todo list apps for Android, but one of our personal favorites is Todoist, and I use it every day to get my job here at Android Headlines done properly. It’s not a miracle worker of course, but I’ve tried Evernote, I used to use Wunderlist a lot, but the only one […]

Sponsored App Review: Fuzel Collage

Fuzel Collage is a photo editing app that features premium frames, stickers and labels to help your photos really stand out. Featured in the “App Store Best of 2014″ by Apple, it’s now launching on Android. More than just another collage app, Fuzel is about giving you the ability to make the most of your memories. […]

Google Stars Gets Material Makeover Online

  When Matias Duarte stood up on stage during Google I/O 2014 and introduced Material Design, it was pretty clear that this was a fresh design for all of Google, and not just Android. Over the last five years or so, Google has become a company that cares about design and while Search and GMail […]

Holiday Gift Guide 2014-2015: Top 10 Best Wearable Tech for Him

Wearable technology has taken off massively over the past couple of years and while it’s still mostly focused on strapping things to your wrist or tracking your movements, there’s more to it than that. If you have a man in your life – be it your other half, your son or just a friend – […]

Sponsored Game Review: Toy Drift Racing

Toy Drift Racing is an Android game that aims to recreate the joy of playing with Remote Control cars as a kid. You have a number of cars to choose from, as well as a number of different environments filled with collectibles and stunts to tackle. With 3D graphics, easy to use controls and an […]

With Its Latest Update, Netflix Now Lets You Control Movies and TV Shows from Your Wrist

  While Frank Underwood, Francis to us, would be displeased concerning Netflix’s overall progress updating their Android app, we’re pretty sure he’d approve of this latest update. Android Wear owners will know how easy it can be to control media from your wrist, with Google Play Music offering some pretty decent controls, and Chromecast controls […]

Featured Review: Olixar Babyboom Mini Bluetooth Speaker

  These days, Bluetooth speakers are available from any brand you choose. With some seriously powerful options available, right down to more conservative ones and as such it’s hard to know what’s worth your hard-earned dollar. A lot of the time, it comes down to what sort of physical size you want in a Bluetooth […]

Trending Google Searches of 2014 Include Flappy Bird, the Galaxy S5 and Robin Williams

  Each year, Google publishes their trending searches for the last 12 months and while these used to be called Google’s Zeitgeist, they’ve renamed things to “Google Trends”. Broken up into different categories, this year’s search trends certainly make for interesting reading. As always,  the main trends are of course those associated with major news […]

Sponsored App Review: CFC Free Phone Calls and SMS

Description: Just as the title suggests, CFC is an Android app that wants to help users reduce their monthly phone bills by giving them a way to make and take phone calls for free. Users can also send and receive text messages using CFC, too. While you’re given what’s called “bonuses” to send messages and […]

OnePlus and Waves Partner to Bring MaxxAudio to Cyanogen and the OnePlus One

  Before the OnePlus One launched, the company made some lofty promises, I’m sure we all remember the frequent posts concerning the capabilities of a device that didn’t yet exist. Since then, OnePlus One has continued to improve and refine certain parts of their experience. One area has been audio, with a partnership with JBL […]