CyanogenMod Team Working New Browser, ‘Gello’

For years now, the team behind the aftermarket Android ROM, CyanogenMod, have been adding new features and apps. Many of these features, such as the famous quick toggle settings made their way into popular smartphones and then into Android itself. Theme support was – and still is – something that CyanogenMod was known for, and […]

LG G4 S Leaks Out as Cheaper G4 With Octa-Core CPU

Since the release the of LG’s G2 a couple of years ago, LG has focused on selling one or two high-end devices for the majority of the year. The strategy seems to have worked wonders for last year’s G3, as it was something of a quiet success for the South Korean giant, leading them to […]

UK Police Seize Android Set-Top Boxes Used for Piracy

Both the Amazon Fire TV and Nexus Player options are now available in the UK, as have Roku boxes been available for years now, but that doesn’t seem to have stopped the movement of pirate TV boxes entering the UK. As Android is an Open Source platform – something we should all be thankful for […]

Sponsored App Review: Cosmic Watch

The Cosmic Watch is the first 3D and interactive astronomical Clock in the digital era. It is Swiss Made and it comes as an Android and iOS application. It allows users to see how the solar system is actually the fundamental clock work of all time measurement. The user can explore the different times of […]

Sponsored App Review: AlphaLine Security Client

AlphaLine is a security service for Android phones that features a fully-featured, yet lightweight and easy to use web interface to track, lock, send messages and more directly to Android phones. Each account has at least 5 devices to control and track, and there are different plans that offer different features including Real Time tracking, […]

Sprint’s “All-in” Plan Has 600kbps Video Streaming Limit

Earlier this week, Sprint debuted their new “All-in” plan, designed to take on both T-Mobile’s low prices and Verizon’s unwillingness to offer unlimited data. On paper, and in the hands of David Beckham, it all seems pretty good. After all, for $80 – $60 for your service, $20 for your phone – you get unlimited […]

Europe Agrees to Ban Roaming Charges by 2017

While our readers in the UK are currently enjoying some of the best weather they’re likely to see all year (including this writer) it’s still likely that UK residents and those from other countries in the EU will be heading out of their country on holiday. That means that with them will be coming their […]

Sprint Signs David Beckham to Tackle Competitors in New Ad

Recently, Sprint unveiled a new “All-in” unlimited plan that offers customers unlimited data, unlimited calls and unlimited SMS messages, all in one single plan. These plans are of course Sprint’s answer to the potentially confusing structure that T-Mobile offers, as the expensive plans of both Verizon and AT&T, of whom neither even offer unlimited data. […]

YouTube Working on New Cards, Better Notifications and More

YouTube has become one of the biggest entertainment platforms around, never mind just online. For many people, YouTube is now their go-to platform for entertaining and original content. The service has evolved from the unboxing fetish and fail videos of old into a service where original content and community engagement is celebrated regularly. It’s also […]

HTC and NorthEast United FC to Extend Partnership in India

Over the past three years, HTC has struggled in the face of Samsung’s incredible rise to the top of the Android smartphone market, however the company is far from done. They might not sell as many devices, or push quite as many high-end devices as Samsung do, but they’ve resolved to do fewer things, better, […]

Xperia Z3+ to Help Sony in Taiwan

It’s no secret that Sony’s Mobile Division isn’t doing quite as well as they have been, and in the face of Samsung and LG’s rising success, they’ve struggled a little in North America and Western Europe. In parts of Asia however, the Sony brand is very much well thought of, and for good reason. In […]

Featured: How to Keep Your Smartphone Topped Up Anywhere

With summer here, it’s likely that you’ll be heading out for the day or spending a few days on vacation. It’s always nice to get out there and see more of the world, and while you don’t need a smartphone or tablet to make time away enjoyable; it helps. We use our smartphones for cameras, […]

Sponsored App Review: InBrowser – Incognito Browsing

  InBrowser is an Android app that offers users completely incognito browsing on their Android smartphone or tablet. It runs on Android 2.1 and above, has a minimal, Material-esque look and feel to it and is as easy to use as possible. No data is saved when you close the app whatsoever, and it doesn’t […]

Google Maps to List Every Railroad Crossing in the US

Google Maps has been a cornerstone of Google’s Android offering since they debuted free, turn-by-turn navigation with the Motorola Droid years ago. It’s become much more than that, and it was always designed to be something multi-platform, and had been available on the web for some time before that. It’s available on iPhones, all Android […]

Motorola XT1585 ‘Kinzie’ Benchmarked with Snapdragon 810

It’s that time of year again, where the Summer brings a lull in device releases from the majority of the big names aside from Motorola. For the past two Summers now, Motorola has launched new lines of devices, carrying on into the Fall with new Droid products for Verizon. It would appear that this year isn’t […]

HTC’s “Aero” to Launch This November on Sprint?

A little while ago, rumors of a new HTC device started swirling, dubbed the”Aero” it was thought that this was to be a ‘flagship’ device from the company, but now it looks like this could be more of a mid-range offering from HTC. With the release of the HTC One M9, the Taiwanese company has […]

Android Headliner: When Can We Stop Worrying About Battery Life?

No matter how good our smartphones get these days it seems that we’re still held back by poor battery life. Things have gotten a lot better in this regard, but it’s not good enough, and it’s starting to become something of a serious question of where we can go next. Smartphones have developed battery life over […]