Facebook Home’s privacy questions answered in press release

Privacy has always been a problem for Facebook and its users, its privacy support was either way too cluttered, or filled with holes. Besides this new product, almost all of their other last couple of products had been inspired from Google+’s services. Take for example the Facebook Lists which is Circles but much more complicated […]

Rumor Suggests HTC Plan to Release Mid-Range Handset With Ultrapixel Technology

About a month ago, we reported that HTC intends to bring the Ultrapixel camera to their upcoming phones that will be aiming for the middle and lower ends of the smartphone market in both price and hardware categories. Now, a month later, rumors are confirming that what they said was not just dust in the wind […]

“HDC” Launches a Faithful “Replica” of the One in China

I don’t know who would want a mock-up phone, but apparently they are not doing bad as far as pre-orders are concerned. Up until now there have been 3,700 eager Chinese customers who pre-ordered the flagship knockoff. The Huaxin company which is behind the “spectacular” HDC One is apparently expecting a big demand on the […]

Deal site SlickDeals finally publishes native app for Android

Good news for the deal hunting Android users. SlickDeals launched their app for Android yesterday announcing the event on their reddit account. So for those of you eager to get started saving money on all kinds of products, you’ll find the link to their app on Google Play at the bottom of this article. If […]

AT&T’s LG Optimus G To Get Jelly Bean 4.1.2 Treat

AT&T have finally started to roll out the update to Android 4.1.2 for LG’s Optimus G for users that I’m sure were eager to get their hands on all the goodies the new version brings. AT&T didn’t make any sort of announcement before-hand, leaving users to discover for themselves. At first, the update came to […]

Samsung Galaxy S IV clone will be launched ahead of the original

Out of the way, Samsung Galaxy S IV, there’s a new smart phone to look out for. Nah, not really. But good try though. I’m sure you all are familiar with this sort of tactic from no-name Chinese firms building (not intentionally) funny clones after popular brands of clothing (like Kalvin Clien), chain restaurants (like Burger […]

Kickstarter project MiiPC aims to bring cheap Android-powered PC for kids

Android is infiltrating in yet another market sector. This time it’s the PC orientated for kids sector. We’ve seen the Android gaming platform OUYA (which is also a Kickstarter project), the Android TV box (the Smartdroid TV Box) and the tablet dedicated for learning to name a couple. The MiiPC Kickstarter project has got some attention […]

Samsung Galaxy S IV Expected to Cost $650 in the States, €599 in EU

As April approaches and Samsung is readying its Galaxy S IV stock for shipping, we get hold of various price points the smart phone will be available at. For example, we saw a UK website offering a pre-sale for the phone at the price of £529 (which in the current market conditions means $800 or, […]

HTC Showed Off the One in Times Square During Samsung’s event

Well it turns out that HTC was out in Times Square just minutes from where Samsung made their presentation of the Galaxy S IV, letting people on the street have a hands-on with the HTC One phone. I can almost hear what HTC was thinking when they decided to do this presentation on the 14th […]

Google Airs Ad To Show Off Multiple Account Feature on Nexus 10

Google has got us used with their style of well put-together and touching commercials by now. I still think that the Google Chrome Dear Sophie commercial (the ad that actually presented Google’s services and Chrome being the thing that brought them together) is one of the best ads out there. Back to this ad. Well, […]

Samsung Orb to come to the Galaxy S4 with Android 5.0

At the Samsung Galaxy S 4 (or if you prefer, the Galaxy S IV) launch event in New York we had the pleasure to see the new device’s features in action, acted in way that reminded me of the style in which the 1950’s American commercials were portrayed for some reason (like some of the […]

500,000 Google Reader users seek refuge in RSS aggregator Feedly

As many of us are sad, disappointed or mad that Google has decided that Reader wasn’t a service they’ll want to continue offering, even though it was a rather popular one, other RSS aggregation websites are preparing for the wave of people looking for a similar experience. Feedly is one the more good-looking ones of […]

Samsung S IV gets a pre-release review

Well it didn’t take long for a close review of the Samsung Galaxy S IV to appear on the Internet. In fact it took less than a day before the official launch for this to happen. The website mobile.it168.com presents the upcoming handset from Samsung in more detail than ever. It looks as though Samsung […]

Samsung’s investment in Sharp, a threat to Apple

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to another fight between these two heavy-weights of the industry. It’s round who-knows-what, and the giants have left the lawyers and the court rooms for this one, going at each other right at the roots of the supply chain. Some could say it’s below the belt (no more puns, I […]