Apps That Made My Week: A Floating Browser, a New Reddit Client, and More

Every week, we at Android.AppStorm come across lots of apps that impress us far more than we could review! These posts are a chance for us to highlight the apps we’ve been enjoying recently, so that you can enjoy them too. This week: an addictive game, an Ice Cream Sandwich orientated Twitter client, a beautiful […]

Enjoy Facial Unlocking on a Per-App Basis With Visidon Applock Plus!

You’ve undoubtedly heard of Ice Cream Sandwich’s ‘Face Unlock’ feature. It was a big selling point for the Galaxy Nexus, and more and more devices with front-facing cameras advertise it as a feature. Though it’s a nice novelty of a tool, it hasn’t got a tremendous reputation. A lot of people have trouble getting Face […]

The Sims FreePlay: A Digital Dollhouse

I think it’s fair to assume that you’ve heard of The Sims. In case you’ve never actually played it, The Sims is a series of simulation games in which you create virtual people and manage their needs, home, jobs and so forth. The computer versions are known for being incredibly addictive you can lose hours […]

Keep a Closer Eye on Your Data Usage With Onavo

Keeping track of your device’s data usage is of concern to everyone who is on a data contract with their mobile provider. In the contract you’ve signed there was a specification of how much data you are allotted per month, which can sometimes be alarmingly low. If they decide you have abused your data connection […]

Enjoy Secure Browsing With Orbot and the Tor Project

With the growing concern about privacy on the web today, it makes more sense than ever to keep your identity, information, and traffic secure. In my hunt for secure browsing I discovered the Tor Project: a collection of routed computers which gives you anonymity online. Once I had enjoyed the desktop version I noticed the […]

Why Google Latitude Never Really Caught On

The Latitude application was released as Google’s answer to the ‘check-in’ craze about two years ago. It comes packaged with most Android phones, and everyone with a Google account is automatically a member. However, despite millions of people having this application on their devices, I’ve never seen people ask for Google addresses so they can […]

Through the Dark, to the Light, It’s a Supersonic Flight – Sonic CD!

There are few people who have not heard of the Sonic game series. The world’s favourite blue hedgehog was introduced over 20 years ago, has been the star of dozens of games, and been featured in yet more. One of his earlier games was Sonic CD, which became world renowned soon after it came out […]

Mobile Technology in Schools: Not Worth It

Following on from my Kids With Mobile Phones article, I’d like to share my thoughts on the continuing rise of mobile technology in education. The growing popularity of tablets and iBooks has led to their increased adoption in schools, but while they may offer the potential for a richer learning experience, they also offer a […]

EDGE Extended: The Hit Game Has a Sequel, and It’s on Android

Many of you enthusiastic mobile gamers will have heard of EDGE, the critically-acclaimed iOS game. The developers have recently not only ported this to Android, but also released its successor, EDGE Extended. What does this game have to offer that the first one didn’t, and is it in any way an improvement? Read on to […]

Ubuntu For Android: A Desktop OS In Your Pocket!

A few days ago, Canonical Ltd. revealed that they had been working to create a version of Ubuntu that runs on Android phones. As a Linux user myself, I found this hugely interesting. So how would it work, and what would it enable you to do? What Is Ubuntu? Ubuntu is a variant of the […]

Kids With Mobile Phones: Good Idea or Bad Idea?

It occurred to me recently that children born anywhere up to ten years ago are going to have a vastly different childhood to ours. My experience of state-of-the-art technology progressed slowly from Walkmans, to CD players, to a Nokia 3210, and eventually my own slow computer and laptop. Children today are getting their parents to […]

Roam Liberty City on Your Android: Grand Theft Auto 3

Over a decade ago, Rockstar Games released a follow-up to their incredibly popular Grand Theft Auto series. For the 10th anniversary, Rockstar decided to make an Android and iOS port of that game: GTA3. Does it feel as groundbreaking as it did all those years ago? Read on to find out. Everything as You Remember […]

Triple Town: A Fantastic Twist on Match-3 Games

This game was a huge hit on Kindle, Facebook, and Google+, and it’s now available for Android. So what is Triple Town? At its core its a match-3 game like Bejeweled, but with less emphasis on speed and more emphasis on strategy. This combination makes for a highly addictive, very clever puzzle game. Gameplay The […]

Technology I Want to See in Mainstream Smartphones Before 2015

There are quite a few things that I want to see announced for mainstream smartphones sooner rather than later. Huge leaps have been made in what portable technology can do these last few years: it can pay for groceries and recognise faces. Am I too optimistic and hopeful with this list…? Charging Motion-Powered Charging Granted, […]

Osmos HD: Chilled-Out Arcade Fun

Another incredibly popular iOS game has been ported to Android! Osmos HD puts you in control of a biological mote that is drifting aimlessly through space. Your task is to keep it alive, and destroy all the competing motes. Sounds like a classic formula, but how does the gameplay hold up? How Do You Play? […]

SMS Applications: How Do They Compare?

Since joining the Android family I’ve cycled through multiple programs for multiple functions. Each time I try a Web browser, for example, I always try to find another to see if it has that little extra something the current one lacks. I have been through several SMS clients, each with noticeable advantages and disadvantages. In […]

Search By Speech With Dragon Go!

Nuance Communications Inc. are a company specialising in voice recognition software. Many of you may be familiar with their Dragon line of computer software, superb pieces of kit that write your spoken words on-screen in real time. Their new program for Android, Dragon Go, isn’t exactly the same sort of software. It’s a searching and […]